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Date: Oct 04 2007

Topic: Business English

Author: rhyme_reason


Learn the vocabulary in English to talk about the evolution of your jobs since you began working:

If your 'career has its ups and downs' , it has good moments and bad moments.

  • My career has had its ups and downs but I'm doing very well at the moment.
  • His career has its ups and downs but he remains as enthusiastic as ever.

If your 'career has blossomed', it has done very well.

  • She started out as an office junior but since then her career has blossomed .
  • Since I improved the level of my English, my career has blossomed.

If you have had a 'brilliant career', you  have a very good one.

  • She's had a brilliant career with top jobs in several Wall Street firms.
  • When you look back on your brilliant career, you must be very proud.

If you have had a 'colorful career', it has been interesting and exciting.

  • His colorful career has taken him to many exciting locations.
  • As an accountant, you won't have a very colorful career.

A 'demanding career' is one which takes a lot of effort and/or time.

  • He has had a very demanding career in finance with little time to spend with his family.
  • I don't want a very demanding career. I want plenty of time for my hobbies.

A 'distinguished career', is one which is respected for its extremely high standard.

  • He had a distinguished career in the Ministry of Finance before moving to the private sector.
  • You haven't had a very distinguished career so far, have you?

If you spend your 'entire career' doing something, that is all you have done.

  • I have spent my entire career working for the one company.
  • I don't want to spend my entire career doing nothing but research.

If you have a 'flourishing career', it  has grown and developed successfully.

  • She has had a flourishing career as a designer of children's clothes.
  • I don't seem to be having much of a flourishing career in this company.

A 'glittering career' is one which causes excitement and admiration.

  • His glittering career as an actor has brought him wealth and fame.
  • The boss began her glittering career with the firm as a humble receptionist.

A 'modest career' is one where there are no notable achievements.

  • He has had a very modest career in our auditing office with no real successes or failures.
  • You've had a very modest career so far with very little in the way of achievements.
(Notice though that to 'be modest about your career' means that there are notable achievements but that you tend not to talk about them.)

A 'promising career' is one which promises great success in the future.

  • She has started a very promising career in the City and we are sure she is going to do well.
  • I seemed to have such a promising career when I was starting out but it has all gone badly wrong.

If you have a 'varied career', you have done lots of different jobs.

  • I've had a varied career so far, from policeman to actor.
  • We're looking for a candidate with a varied career as this job requires a range of skills.


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i want build my carrier to the accounting and financial keys

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Good lesson  

After working for about 20 years – I have come to the end of my career and I am becoming an entrepreneur…

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