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Random Guy

Random Guy

Date: Sep 18 2000


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

John is talking to Anne and Erin about the party and the random guy who was hanging around. They report that he smelled bad and people were worried about him stealing stuff, but Anne thinks says that he was a nice guy.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.






John:  How’re you doin’? How’s the party?

Erin:  It’s been fun.

John:  Fun? What the…what’s been cool about it so far?

Erin:  We’ve had this strange character come to the party?

John:  What was he all about?

Erin:  He was all about getting free beer and pretending he knew everyone here.

John:   Wh…Why’d he even show up here? Who was he?

Anne:  His name was John and the guy was in disguise.

Erin:  He had a mesh Hawaiian shirt with 80’s sunglasses.

John:  80’s sunglasses? Or 80 sunglasses?

Erin:  80’s.

Anne:  80’s sunglasses.

Erin:  The big sunglasses with a full on ‘fro.

John:  Seriously?

Erin:  Yes.

Anne:  But the thing of it is we loved his presence because…

Erin:  ...he was conversational.

Anne:  Yeah, and he added some spice to the party.

Anne:  Did he steal anything from the…

Anne:  No, but everybody was very paranoid.

Anne:  People we’re worried…ya know..it’s so…it’s really not very nice because people should not have um not trusted him that way. What did he really ever do to…besides smell.

Erin:  He smelled like B.O., but like…

Anne:  What were you saying? “Pit stick?”

Erin:  Yeah, he needed some pit stick.

Anne:  Erin’s been all night saying, “pit stick, pit stick, pit stick.”

John:  Why? He didn’t smell very good?

Erin:  No. He had the body odor smell.

John:  OK…

Anne:  We’re not going to expand on that, but…

Erin:  He needs some…

John:  He needs some…What happened? Did he take off?

Erin:  Yeah he took off.


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When you have a party in America it’s not uncommon for uninvited people to show up. Maybe they heard about it or maybe they heard the music and talking and decided to drop in. Sometimes it causes discomfort for the guests. People are worried about the person stealing stuff, starting fights, and drinking free alcohol. The host usually has to decide whether to make the person leave or welcome him. In this case, people were worried, but were too afraid to do anything. Some people talked to him and some jus ignored him. In this conversation, Erin and Anne are making fun of the guest’s hair and bad body odor, but also defend him because he was a nice guy. Have you ever had a random guy show up at your party? Have you ever crashed a party? Come to the ‘Life Goes On’ and tell everyone what you think!



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random party guys are great

09:53 PM May 31 2006 |

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