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Do SOMEONE A Favor...

Do SOMEONE A Favor...

Date: Oct 22 2007

Topic: Idioms and Slang

Author: sakuralanguage


It's time to learn a new phrase today! Laughing 

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  • do SOMEONE a favor....

it means that you do something for someone, as a big help or a request.


Bienne: Would you do me a favor, Nao?

Nao: Sure, name it.

Bienne: Could you turn the air conditioner on please, it's a bit stuffy in here.

Nao: No problem.


NAME IT = tell me.

A BIT STUFFY = a bit hot.


  • Do SOMEONE mind [doing] SOMETHING?
  1. A polite way to ask someone to do a favor for us.
  2. Similar to Would/Could  SOMEONE [do] SOMETHING [for SOMEBODY]?
  3. (Casual way to ask a favor) Similar to Can SOMEONE [do] SOMETHING [for SOMEBODY]?


  • Do you mind cooking dinner for me and my friends? I have few friends coming over for dinner.


  • Does Mark mind if I take some of his old clothes and give them to some charity?



  • Do you mind making examples so the others can understand what I'm trying to explain?



  • Do you mind behaving nicely?

visit http://sakuralanguage.blogspot.com

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