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Date: Nov 12 2007

Themes: Music, Tech


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

It’s like a dream come true. One of the biggest bands in the world makes an album and says you can have it, just pay them however much you’d like. It’s such a far cry from the rest of music industry which is panicked over decreasing CD sales and determined to crack down on file sharing.

But in a changing world, why not try something new if you’re able to? Since forming in 1986, Radiohead has been at the forefront of music, mixing rock and electronic sounds into a style that appeals to a lot of people of different ages. But now, with the release of In Rainbow, they’re leading a coup in the music industry as well. Listen to Jason and Devan talk about it.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jason:  So I heard they made the last CD today. The last one. They pressed it. They’re not gonna make anymore.

Devan:  More CDs? In general? Period?

Jason:  Nope. No more. They’re done.

Devan:  No way. You’re kidding.

Jason:  Well yeah. But it might as well be the case.

Devan:  Why’s that?

Jason:  Because CDs are over, man. You know what Radiohead did?

Devan:  I heard about that. The new album…

Jason:  Yeah, they released their album online for free…

Devan:  Well, actually…

Jason:  You can pay as much as you want.

Devan:  Yeah, you can pay as much as you want for it. I heard that people are paying an average of $10 for it. But it goes straight to Radiohead because they don’t…it’s not on their label.

Jason:  Wow, they’re probably making so much more money…

Devan:  Seriously. They’re getting all the money for it! It’s crazy.

Jason:  Wow. People are paying an average of $10. Why do you think that is?

Devan:  Because people are insane about Radiohead. They love them.

Jason:  You think it’s just out of loyalty?

Devan:  I think it’s out of loyalty to the band and probably because they think it’s really cool what they’re doing. They’re letting you pay however much you want for it. I think people think that’s how much they deserve to get.

Jason:  I think it’s cool. I heard Trent Reznor is going to do it, and maybe some other people.

Devan:  Really? So do you think this is like the new way of how music is going to be done?

Jason:  Maybe. I don’t know. But I definitely think it’s exciting. It’s cool to have something new happening, at least.

Devan:  Have you heard the new Radiohead album?

Jason:  Yeah, it’s actually really good.

Devan:  Yeah I heard it too. I like it a lot. It’s real good. But I didn’t pay any money for it.

Jason:  I don’t own it, I just heard it. And I liked it. Yeah.



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Jason jokes with Devan that no more CDs are going to be made. It’s not true, but Devan seems to believe him for a moment. It doesn’t seem too far-fetched considering that record companies are selling fewer and fewer CDs all the time. And considering that Radiohead just offered their new album online for whatever price you want to pay.

Interestingly enough, Radiohead has actually made more money letting their fans choose how much to pay than they would have from a normal CD release because all the money goes straight to them. There is no middle man. Plus, the average amount people have chosen to pay is $10.

Devan thinks that people are paying that much simply because they love the band so much. They also appreciate the risk Radiohead is taking by releasing their album this way and want to support that.

Jason mentions that he’s heard that other artists are planning to release their recordings the same way. He’s not sure if it will catch on, but he likes that bands are trying something new.

How much would you pay your favorite band for their album if they let you choose the price? How do you think music is going to be distributed in the future?



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I don’t like the band =_=

12:54 PM Jan 19 2013 |




good one!!

Tongue out

10:01 PM May 30 2012 |



yeah radiOheaD i want perfecT soUL::: yes…  Cool


05:11 PM May 30 2012 |

little DNA

little DNA

Viet Nam

radiohead: 1 of my favourite bands ever


02:59 AM Jun 20 2009 |




I love this band…if u didnt hear their musics yet, u must try it, just perfect!

11:45 AM Nov 28 2007 |



I like it….

02:55 AM Nov 20 2007 |

master_of puppets


i love this band

02:54 PM Nov 18 2007 |




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10:03 AM Nov 18 2007 |




I actually looking for a girl friend its easy to impruv english when you are dating with some body who have interest please called me by mail

10:03 AM Nov 18 2007 |




I like what they did.  It's very clever and inspired and I think I'll download it myself.


10:35 PM Nov 17 2007 |


Russian Federation



10:24 PM Nov 17 2007 |




 I like it

04:33 PM Nov 17 2007 |




hello ,everybody i want to make some freinds.someone that would like to make friends with me add me

03:49 PM Nov 17 2007 |




hehe ,me too


03:41 PM Nov 17 2007 |




are there songsto amr diab?

he is afamous song in middel east

03:03 PM Nov 17 2007 |



I find it  so fast. I cann't follow.

07:46 AM Nov 17 2007 |


Christmas Island

so pity

06:02 AM Nov 17 2007 |




 the downside,though,is there's gonna be a phemomenon worldwide that many ppl will  become jobless due to spreading use of new technologies in daily life ,being it in homes and factories,business or whatever,especially for a country with huge populations here in china. it sure will be a nightmare for those unskilled ,less-educated ppl,so another issue concerning social stability coming right up?

06:36 PM Nov 15 2007 |




ok computer ,composed of melodic rock ,ambient,and electronics, is classic as well as a landmark record of the 1990s.i even own the original cassette that i bought when studying in high school. and u guys should know members of radiohead are schoolmates, from Oxford, England. they are not American!!!!!!!!!!!! moreover,the lineup of the band has never changed ever since their career started..this is very rare for a rock band,and also another reason i like'em. and ,yeah, i 've got limewire which is p2p software for downloading musics,it's quite convinient!!! 

the point is we are already living in a  new awesome century which means future is not far from us anymore,it's already coming !! learn it  pls and enjoy all the benefits technologies have brought and  will bring to us ! 


06:11 PM Nov 15 2007 |

Noah Lee

South Korea

I do not know this band exactly. However I love the song dreams come true. Especially I like the song’s lyric lines.
MP3. Recently, it is true that most people are using the MP3, and record companies finally are selling fewer and fewer.
Yes Radiohead who found new way to sell the album was smart. I belive that CDs will probably disappear soon like the tape.
I understans the people who buy the album beacause I think the album is worth buying and hearing.

07:16 AM Nov 15 2007 |

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