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Date: Jan 10 2008

Themes: Family, Pop Culture


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

“We take care of our children. ...[T]hey’re sheltered from everything as much as possible.”

- Footballer David Beckham on raising children while famous. (Close Up)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

hidden, protected, coddled, cared for

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

You know the kid who, by the time he finished school had still never kissed anyone, maybe never even thought about it? That kid was sheltered.

If you often hear swear words or slang words in your own language and you don’t know what they mean, you might be sheltered too. Someone who is sheltered is protected from the bad elements of the world, usually by his or her parents.

Saying someone is sheltered is generally a bad thing to say about him or her. It implies a lack of wisdom and experience. Most parents who shelter their children do so unnecessarily. They’re just afraid to let them grow up.

But when you’re as famous as internationally known athlete David Beckham and his wife Victoria Beckham, who you may know as Posh Spice, it’s pretty necessary to shelter your children a little. You don’t want reporters and cameras around them all the time, so you have to hide them from the world a little bit to make sure they grow up healthy.


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

“My brother is a little bit sheltered. He’s afraid to take the bus.”

“Mark was a little bit sheltered growing up, so when he moved out, he partied a lot.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

zeus2006 a life in which someone has been too protected by their parents from diffucult or unpleasant experience.
by zeus2006Super Member!
laraxu be proteced from any attack, danger and being hurt
by laraxu
it means to be secured or to be kept from danger
by curious_kimia
Marsei11e take care , guard from something
by Marsei11e
lathy I think maybe it means "cover",i mean his children are protected from things around which can make harmful for them.
by lathy
Happyeng I think the meaning is "be protected".
by Happyeng
shandyren Be sheltered means be protected from any hurt,take good care of them,be well considered from everything.
by shandyren
sowthistle it means to protect, not to let happen something unpleasant.
by sowthistle
leeloo25 David beckham and her wife protect their children of the showbiz
by leeloo25
ljiljana I think it means keeping someone safe; not allowing outter world to impact someone or something as much as possible
by ljiljana
nevillepc protected, like someone in a safe place
by nevillepc
mean protected and kept away from something
by o0oherzcheno0o
As shelter is a structure that protects you from the wild weather(e.g. storms), sheltered means PROTECTED, they're safe like in a shelter...
by adrianalucia
protected,be kept away from something not so good~
by icingblue813
protected from dangers
by puellanigra
samiman to have a protection from possible harsh surrounding .. someone does that
by samiman
rula1 It means that our children are in a secure place.They are safe .We do everything for our children to keep them secure ,safe and away from dangers
by rula1
scarlett19 I guess it means try to protect kids from everything bad in their minds
by scarlett19

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I was so sheltered when I arrived in high school but then my friends helped me to be more social and have more information about every thing. I had a lot of information about a lot of things but I hadn’t heard about a lot of things too. things that I was sheltered about were not very good things but my friends told me about them because they said I have to know bad things to refuse them and that sheltered people are easy to anoy and abuse by bad guys and now I think they were right.

love my friends 

03:50 PM Apr 30 2015 |




I think, It means proteced from any bad thing, Thanks for good lesson.

08:57 AM May 26 2011 |




put hand up who never was sheltered from anything …i was too , but , fortunately in a right and fair way…..great people my parents….

05:20 PM Dec 02 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

In my childhood I was sheltered by my dad from anything that thought to be harmful for my soul .

12:20 PM Nov 23 2010 |

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thewaytoyourhartSuper Member!


I think it can mean something like protect someone from something bad, or dangerous.

09:42 PM May 20 2010 |




Thesedays in my country more parents tend to shelter their children tooooo much! That even become a social problem.

They love and be worried their children excessively, and if a tiny acccident happen to their children for bad, they try to complain so wildly. They are called as "Monster Parents."

06:55 AM Dec 11 2009 |




robert Pattinson was shattered  from the paparazzi.

05:39 AM Oct 02 2009 |



i sheltered from the bad person.

04:07 AM Aug 22 2008 |



Ever my heart needs be sheltered but now i am growing up.

06:55 AM Mar 06 2008 |




protect the beloved from bad influence

07:11 AM Jan 25 2008 |




parents always worry about their kids, so I think it’s natural for them to shelter their kids B=)

09:20 AM Jan 16 2008 |



Can Ebaby explain what pedestal means in the following sentence:it doesn’t look like IBM can point to any single stroke of technological genius as the source of its recent success, but that didn’t prevent them from using their pedestal to publicize new innovations.

08:36 AM Jan 15 2008 |


Saudi Arabia

i think its mean to protect our children from all things bad that surronded them by meshoo

04:19 PM Jan 14 2008 |




they don;t want to see their kids from the possibily of any dangerous and doing wrong habits

03:53 PM Jan 14 2008 |


United Arab Emirates

i love this guy

02:02 PM Jan 14 2008 |



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Regards rothy blessing

10:46 AM Jan 14 2008 |



it means here : to be saves from any danger

05:12 PM Jan 11 2008 |



yes,all are correct.

07:51 PM Jan 10 2008 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

It’s something under wich someone is safe!

05:15 PM Jan 10 2008 |



Most of the people SHELTERED about their personal lifes. I have sheltered my first visit in EnglishBaby.com gosh that is great.

03:08 PM Jan 10 2008 |

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