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A Quick Coffee

A Quick Coffee English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Feb 12 2008

Themes: Romance, Soap Opera


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Remember last week when Amanda agreed to go on a date with Jason, but it had to last only 30 minutes? What would you do for a date with only half an hour? Jason went with the classic low-key date: coffee.

Watch Amanda and Jason hang out at the coffee shop. You might have to pause it in the middle and rest if it gets too awkward for you!

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jason:  It’s awesome you live so close to this little coffee shop. It’s a really cool spot.

Amanda:  Yeah, I come here a lot…with…

Jason:  Is it a good place to study?

Amanda:  ...you know, guys.

Jason:  Huh? Do you like to come here to read and stuff?

Amanda:  They have Wi-Fi so I bring my laptop and update my profile and do all that stuff.

Jason:  Yeah, yeah. Cool.

Amanda:  I haven’t really seen you out there on some of the match-making sites.

Jason:  I’m sort of a real-life kinda guy. I like to meet people in real life.

Amanda:  Oh, like this? Yeah, that’s cool.

Jason:  Yeah, I mean we met by chance through our friends and everything. I feel like that’s the best way to…

Amanda:  Do you mind if I work on my laptop or is that…

Jason:  Uh, I guess, that’s…

Amanda:  I don’t have to. It’s just so weird being here and not, you know?

Jason:  You could show me some of the sites you’re talking about, if you want.

Amanda:  Um, no that’s OK. It’s cool. We don’t really have to go there. Let’s just say that we did.

Jason:  OK.

Amanda:  Yeah…do you…I can’t really see the clock from here.

Jason:  Quarter after.

Amanda:  What?

Jason:  It’s quarter after.

Amanda:  Oh, gosh.

Jason:  Do you have, like…

Amanda:  Time flies, right? When you’re having the best coffee in the world and really connecting. But, OK. So, do you want to pull up the car or do you want me to?

Jason:  Uh, yeah. It’s my car, I guess, so I’ll go get it.

Amanda:  Because if it will go faster, I’ll do it. I’m a really fast driver.

Jason:  It’s probably…I don’t want to have to explain how to drive it.

Amanda:  Oh OK. Cool. Hurry. K.



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Jason says it must be cool to live so close to a nice coffee shop. Amanda says she goes there a lot, adding under her breath, “with guys…”

She says she also comes to do work on her laptop because they have wireless Internet. She updates her profiles on various social networking sites, some which are dating sites. She says she doesn’t really see Jason on the dating sites. He prefers to date people he meets through friends in real life.

Amanda asks if Jason would mind if she pulls out her laptop. He says that would be OK. Maybe she could show him some of the sites she just told him about.

When Amanda finds out what time it is, she abruptly asks Jason to get the car. She offers to do it herself if it would be faster.

How do you think this date went? Do you think Amanda and Jason will go on another date?



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this site is really cool…..you guys out there if you need your English to be polish you need to be in this site .i'm sure you grammar,vocabulary well be improve ….... 

06:54 AM Feb 15 2008 |




poor Jason…...

05:14 AM Feb 15 2008 |


Solomon Islands

Cool hi taiwan boy..

..,Maybe you are right..some of which are dating sites. Or you can omit ''which" and add ''s'' to some then the sentence re-reads..,Somes are dating sites.

These two sentences are mean the same..

bye,,from solomon Ebaby friend in Taiwan.


03:48 AM Feb 15 2008 |

nono ksa

nono ksa

Saudi Arabia



i didn't like it she was nervous   

10:44 PM Feb 14 2008 |




tank you for your support.

hehe…i made a mistake…it's nervous not nerverous…..

i'm so sorry…

06:04 AM Feb 14 2008 |



Åland Islands

that boring

08:09 AM Feb 13 2008 |




  absolutely  low-key  date

01:17 AM Feb 13 2008 |




oh.. she don´t like the guy, so that´s why she´s forced the conversation and finished before to try to get conected with he.. That´s a pretty bad situation for a man..!!

06:18 PM Feb 12 2008 |




oh.. she don´t like the guy, so that´s why she´s forced the conversation and finished before to try to get conected with he.. That´s a pretty bad situation for a man..!!

06:18 PM Feb 12 2008 |



oh…its going bad

05:58 PM Feb 12 2008 |



United States

If i was Jason,I will be bored with Amanda cuz her cruelty.

03:47 PM Feb 12 2008 |



Time passes slowly when we are talking to people who we don’t want to have a relationship with.

03:44 PM Feb 12 2008 |

speaker for the dead


They are two kinds of person.If they talk deeply,they cant get well along with each other

03:20 PM Feb 12 2008 |

huang qiang


I agree with danio03! I think they are a little nerverous

02:28 PM Feb 12 2008 |



hi danio03

02:25 PM Feb 12 2008 |



hi danio03 good luck

02:24 PM Feb 12 2008 |




    It is no doubt that Jason and Amanda won't go on another date.How boring the date is!Do you think so?

01:31 PM Feb 12 2008 |




 To Want to fly:

    I made the same mistake,but I know why the answer is low key now.Do you notice that the question is“A coffee date",not " The coffee date"?

01:29 PM Feb 12 2008 |

want to fly


I think the first answer is awkward.

Why is it low key?

12:15 PM Feb 12 2008 |



Poor Jason… In my opinion, when Jason wanna date with Amanda next time, Amanda has to come straight to the point she don'y like him at all. But when they're dating, Amanda hints frequently. Jason can't be ignorant of that, right?

11:18 AM Feb 12 2008 |

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