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Lead Someone On

Lead Someone On English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Apr 27 2010

Themes: Romance, Soap Opera, Work

Grammar: Phrasal Verbs


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Mason has a crush on Ella and he thinks she likes him too. But it might just be wishful thinking, because Jason’s not so sure. Ella hasn’t directly said that she likes Mason or that she doesn’t like him. She did tell him a big secret, but she also acts awkward around him.

The situation is confusing and it’s been going on for months. Mason decides to ask Devan for advice. He needs to find out if Ella is playing hard to get, or just leading him on.

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Devan:  Mason, Mason, Mason.

Mason:  Hey boss!

Devan:  My only loyal minion, how are you?

Mason:  Oh, you know, just, you know, making sure everything is tidy. So… I think Ella is kind of leading me on.

Devan:  No… what do you mean, like, she’s acting flirtatious but-

Mason:  I’m getting some serious signs here. I mean, exhibit A, she remembers my name.

Ella:  What’s up, Mason?

Mason:  Alright, exhibit B; she accepted my Facebook friend request. Exhibit C; she asked me to join her Facebook Mafia.

Devan:  These are not leading you on, Mason. These are just things that normal friends do.

Mason:  Really?

Devan:  So what are some other examples of things she’s done?

Mason:  I mean, she smiles at me, sometimes, and she combs her hair quite often when I’m around…

Devan:  I really don’t think she’s leading you on. Have you tried to ask her out?

Mason:  Well, she’s obviously leading me on because, right, every time I ask her out she’s blowing me off, she’s just trying to be, like, super coy, and it’s like, “Hey, maybe you want to come watch all of Battlestar Galactica with me tonight” and she’s just like “Oh, I already saw Battlestar Galactica”, but then when I ask her something about General Adama she has no idea what I’m talking about, so I know she hasn’t seen Battlestar Galactica.

Devan:  I only see the side of her leading you on where she’s not going out with you. I don’t see the side where she’s flirting with you.

Mason:  Okay, okay, okay, how about this? She told me a secret.

Devan:  What kind of secret?

Mason:  Oh, big secret.

Devan:  What do you mean a big secret?

Mason:  Juicy secret. Huge secret! I mean, like, if people knew this secret, blow your mind.

Devan:  Well, you have to tell me!

Mason:  I can’t do that.

Devan:  But now you’re leading me on by telling me that there’s this big secret and then not telling me what it is! That is leading someone on! What she is doing with you: not leading you on. This is leading me on. Now tell me that secret!


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Mason tells Devan that he thinks Ella is leading him on. Devan is not convinced. She sees lots of ways Ella hints that she doesn’t like Mason, but doesn’t see an indication that she likes him. It’s clear to Devan that Ella doesn’t like Mason, and isn’t leading him on.

Then Mason mentions that Ella told him a huge secret. That changes everything. Maybe she is leading him on after all. Devan wants to know the secret but Mason won’t tell her. Now Mason is leading Devan on by telling her he knows a secret, but not telling her what it is!

Have you ever been led on? How did you resolve it?



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raulsbSuper Member!


Yes i was lead on couple of times bewfore , but the only think that i needed to do was totally ignored the person who did that to me, it always wokrs.


my best

03:36 PM Sep 29 2011 |




I hate childish games! And led someone on is like a childish game hehe

08:26 PM Jun 01 2010 |



no, it cannot play.

03:46 AM May 04 2010 |



Yes I have once with my boyfriend, but I straight forward try to raise a statement from him, and finally he told me that he wanted me to be his girlfriend. 

03:27 AM May 04 2010 |

rebel lee

rebel lee


I have been led on once.A very pretty girl smiled to me a lot,and she acted kinda awkward everytime around me.So I thought she really liked me.But one day,I don't know what happened,she stopped smiling to me anymore.I konw she was way out of my league,so I just let her go.Until now, I don't konw if I made the right decision or not.Maybe I should have asked her out.

01:17 PM May 03 2010 |


Saudi Arabia

My friends often lead me on when we start talking about travelling and visiting some amazing spots which let me buy a ticket and take off to that place to see it.

  It's kinda good marketing to lead someone on.

thank you,


08:45 AM Apr 30 2010 |



I have been led on by my cousin. He said he knows something about me that others doesn't know. I tried hard to get him to tell me what it was but he wouldn't tell what it is.

02:28 AM Apr 28 2010 |




mason , if u dont see a relevant signal from ella , u have to leave her bcs  if u are almost over her u will break her balls and u nerver u'll have an apportunity with ella.

so , i suggest , leave ella breathes !!!

10:00 PM Apr 27 2010 |


Russian Federation

I don't remember if I have ever been led on.

06:21 PM Apr 27 2010 |




yeah… I've been led these last days…

And I am not good with it. Sometimes I blow my mind. How I am a coy guy, I prefer pretend my feelings, you know, I usually play hard to get. To flirt with someone can be exciting for some people. For me it's a tragedy.

I don't know how to led anyone on, but I think every girl can do it with me.

I can't even ask her out to find out. :)

05:44 PM Apr 27 2010 |


Åland Islands

please,could someone explain me what "lead on" means exactly?

03:54 PM Apr 27 2010 |



i wanna a girl to lead me on  too;P ohhh and if someone is interested to join my mafia on fb too ….....im level 375…..:P

03:49 PM Apr 27 2010 |




sometimes maybe i had been led on i am sure! it is a funny thing to be led on!

personnally ,i think they are just making fun of me ,kidding me ,rather than teasing me most of the time .  when i happen to this situation,i believe i will not take it seriously,

in the point of my view ,if someone leads you on oftenly, that hints you are a hamony man ,you are a guy who is easy to get along with , and i would like to make friends with this kindda guy ! i am do sure this is a cool guy!

09:24 AM Apr 27 2010 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

 lead someone on.it's interesting and it makes your life full of fun happening!....

07:15 AM Apr 27 2010 |


United States

Lead someone on….with shoes or handbags !

05:34 AM Apr 27 2010 |



United Kingdom

lol that was soo funny! I mean he's like yeah she's mad about me but she's so not hahaha. well now I really can't remember if I've been led on but  the one thing I'm pretty sure about is that I always lead people on hehe I just like to be a little bit misterious ;), moreover I think it must be very hurtful to realize the one you love doesn't feel the same way you do :/

04:25 AM Apr 27 2010 |


United States

its really kind of silly….it was High School. Had a girl 2 years younger pretty much jump my bones at a party to get invited to the school prom.  I invited her and regretted it !  I consider it "leading someone on".....false expectation is a good definition for it.  Ok….out with it…everyone elses stories now ! :-) 

03:55 AM Apr 27 2010 |




woo, now i have also been led on, i really want to know that secret~

03:32 AM Apr 27 2010 |




tell me your stories lol

03:07 AM Apr 27 2010 |


United States

Leading Someone On….the embarrasing stories I could share!

02:33 AM Apr 27 2010 |

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