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Fear of Heights

Fear of Heights English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Mar 28 2008

Themes: Friend


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

You’re reading this on a computer, so you’re probably sitting in a chair. Take your feet off the ground. Feels pretty safe, right? Now think about how you would feel if you’re feet were dangling over the edge of a cliff, if your chair was right up against the edge.

It would be pretty scary. But why? You’d be no less stable than you are right now. How often do you just up and fall out of a chair? Almost never. So why would you worry at the edge of a cliff?

But that’s not how fear works. It isn’t logical. No matter how much you tell yourself that you’re safe at the top of a tall ladder or near the edge of a roof, something in your gut tells you you’re not safe.

Watch this video of Marni and Devan hanging out on the fire escape. They’re clearly safe, but Marni starts to get scared because she has a fear of heights.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:  Wow. We are…This is really cool, but we are really up here.

Devan:  I think it’s great.

Marni:  Do you? I have to be honest with you. I am afraid of heights. This is kind of freaking me out a little.

Devan:  Really?

Marni:  Yeah, a little.

Devan:  Are you afraid that you’re going to…fall!

Marni:  Yeah I am! Let’s not do that again.

Devan:  I wonder, like, if you fell from a really, really tall distance, like from the Empire State Building or something, would you die while you were falling, like from the pressure, or would you not die till you hit the ground if you fell from that high?

Marni:  These are questions that I hope I never have to answer. But I freak out. I love the view, but I get really freaked out about losing my balance…

Devan:  You lose your balance, get woozy when you’re up this high?

Marni:  Yeah. And I’m just gonna tumble over and die.

Devan:  I’ve never had that problem. I love being up high. But my mom, we went on a hike on a mountain one time and we had to call the fire department to get her down because she got so freaked out that she just sat there and we had to call the fire department.

Marni:  Kind of like a lost kitten.

Devan:  Yeah. Because it’s a lot easier to get up than to get down. Once you get up that high…you just trek up, but once you’re up there, you’re just kind of stuck.

Marni:  Yeah. OK, I think I need to go in. All this talk of fear of heights is making it worse.

Devan:  Uh, the window broke so you’re going to have to climb…

Marni:  You’re funny. OK. I’m going in.



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Marni and Devan are eight floors up on the fire escape. It’s a cool place to hang out but it makes Marni nervous because she’s afraid of heights.

Devan teases her a little, shoves her lightly and asks if she’s afraid of falling. Marni asks her not to do that again.

So Devan decides to get a little more subtle. She starts talking about what it would be like to die falling from a building.

Devan has never had a fear of heights, but her mother’s fear was so bad that she had to be brought down from a mountain top by the fire department! Sometimes going down is scarier than coming up.

Nonetheless, Marni decides it’s time to get off the fire escape. Devan jokes that the window is broken so they’ll have to climb to the roof.

What’s the highest place you’ve ever been? Was it scary or fun?



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S01142923Super Member!


I’m always afraid of height. One time I was on a ski lift with my feet dangling. As soon as I looked down and saw how high I was at, I started to cry my eyes out.

01:36 AM Jul 17 2019 |



Height is a fear sometimes, its a success sometimes, 

Many people is afraid of hights physically ,but  on the other hand, They want to be high places in their work life as career. :)

and people isnt afraid when They look at heights, they are afraid when they look at the ground from heights..:) 

people is very interesting..many of them dont want to live in the high buildings, but they want to live on the clouds ,especially nine clouds.:))

09:52 AM Apr 26 2014 |

1 person likes this



even thinking of it makes me feel dizzy , I lose my balance and stumble when I stand on a table or go up a ladder. 

06:56 PM Apr 26 2013 |

1 person likes this



The highest place I’ve ever been was on the mountain “Zugspitze”, which is the highest mountain in my country. And fortunately I’m not afraid of heights. I like having a great view and looking down and see everything so little. I think it is a pity when you are scared of heights because then you can’t do things like that. But in my opinion it is normal to have fears, although it isn’t logical and not useful to have them. I for example hate using the elevator as I think I could be stuck in there.

09:35 AM Sep 10 2012 |




Samirah, oops!! a recurrent dream, what past experience  it might be hidden in your subsconcious  that come up to the surface on your dreams. Embarassed

04:59 PM Apr 16 2012 |



Saudi Arabia

i often dream of falling down from a tall distance .hhhh

04:51 PM Apr 16 2012 |

1 person likes this



I actually have this fear of heights . when I get up tall bulildings, I just cant look out of window,because I get freaked out  and woozy and I start to think that I am gonna tumle over. That is so bad and does not allow me to look at views from heights, but I just cant stop it.

06:40 PM Dec 10 2011 |


El Salvador

i must admit it : i am afraid of heights too….. especially at night… it just freaks me out! 

05:10 PM Mar 19 2011 |




It is funny to tease somebody who is in fear of something

10:35 AM Apr 10 2010 |

1 person likes this



I was afraid of heights when I was little and cried loud when my Uncle took me there to the edge of the top and did pee-pee ha ha ha. And now it's still going on me but not that do pee-pee anymore …... 

10:06 AM Mar 22 2010 |

jessie li

jessie li


This reminds me of my shame experience.we have a training program on jumping  a 1.1meters distance at the 10 meters high from the groud.i think it's so easy when i stand on the earth ,when it's my turn ,i just dangle over and timid much.finally i jumped ,it's actually so easy ,maybe next time i can  jump without hesitation

01:30 AM Jan 15 2009 |




I am enjoy to stay on a high place as peak,so i can have a bird’s eye view of anything,that’s very beautiful.

02:02 PM Jan 13 2009 |


ola3Super Member!


I'm amfraid of hights tooWink

02:53 AM Jul 03 2008 |




I'm not scared of heights. It's cool, I like it.

08:41 AM Jun 18 2008 |




I'm not afraid of heights. Actually, I like it a lot because it makes me feel free.


07:11 PM Jun 17 2008 |




its fun to have been in the high place that you can see the view especially at night you can see the light,windy and so on honestly it totally freak me out .i am afraid of heights, the highest place i have ever been is SOGO shopping mall in Malaysia its totally freaking me out hehe 

05:30 PM Jun 16 2008 |


South Africa

Wow they are so brave to get that high.As when you look down, you feel loke your going to fall.

11:27 AM Apr 17 2008 |



I think , I lost balanse

02:42 PM Apr 07 2008 |



I think it's people's instinctive reaction when you are standing on an height that beyond your balance system can bear it.But falling from the height is very exciting,too!When your mood is so low,it;s a proper way to releasing presure and 热viveing yourself again。

09:39 AM Apr 07 2008 |




going up empire state building really freaked me out but it was a great experience and i dont regret it


08:50 PM Apr 03 2008 |

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