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"Devil's Advocate" Notes 1 (mainly for Iranian Learners)

"Devil's Advocate" Notes 1 (mainly for Iranian Learners)

Date: Mar 17 2008

Topic: Vocabulary

Author: hamid777



"Devil's Advocate" Notes 1


Scene 3:


1.     immaterial:unimportant,irrelevant بي اهميت، بي ارتباط

2.     Goes to motive.: در ارتباط با انگيزه س

3.     overruled: has been rejected    overrule =/= sustain

4.     exhibit: ضميمۀ پرونده

5.     timely fashion: روش مناسب از نظر زماني -à Present them in a timely fashion, or not at all.

6.     hog: خوك، گراز

7.     pancake:نان ساجي، نان شيرين و پهن( مثل كلوچه)

8.     credibility:اعتبار( در اسناد)

9.     bias: prejudice, tendency, leaning تعصب، طرفداري

10.                        sustain: support ; confirm حمايت كردن، تأييد كردن

11.                        go along: cooperate; follow همراهي كردن، موافق بودن

12.                        lowlife: immoral person

13.                        adjourn: موكول به روز ديگر شدن، به وقت ديگر موكول كردن، خاتمه يافتن( جلسه)

14.                        contemp: (اتهام) اخلال در نظم دادگاه

15.                        pack up: دست از كار كشيدن  -à Pack it up baby .You need a drink.


Scene 4:


1.     front-load: forego the bullshit and get to the point  گذشتن از، پيش رفتن=/= back-load -à Let's front-load the ceremonial bullshit.

2.     squeeze:به زور جا دادن، تپاندن

3.     party pooper: a person who is no fun -à Why don't you quit being a party pooper?Have yourself a drink.

4.     shop talk: business talk صحبت كاري

5.     sue: تعقيب قانوني كردن

6.     retrain: از دست ندادن

7.     lodging: محل سكونت، مسكن

8.     lump-sum payment:پرداخت نقدي، يكجا

9.     verdict:رأي هيأت منصفه


Scene 5:


1.     refute: رد كردن، تكذيب كردن

2.     cast sb out: اخراج كردن، بيرون راندن -à We refute you Satan, and cast you out.

3.     Romans: پيروان كليساي كاتوليك

4.     Every dog has his day.: Everyone has some good luck in his life. هر كسي پنج روزه نوبت اوست.

5.     get over it: به پايان رساندن

6.     all the way:هميشه، تا آخر -à I like her all the way.

7.     Babylon: امپراتوري بابل قديم

8.     dwelling: مسكن، اقامتگاه -à " Fallen, fallen, is Babylon. It has become a dwelling place of demons". Revelation 18

9.     look over: check -à Wouldn't hurt you to look over.

10.                        mighty: strong; powerful; great نيرومند، مقتدر، بزرگ -à " Thou mighty city, in one hour has Thy  mighty judgment come. And the light of a single lamp shall shine no more".

11.                        I've gone the extra mile with you on this.: زيادي بات راه اومدم تو اين قضيه.؛ زيادي بات همكاري كردم.

12.                        repo: repossess دوباره مالك شدن( به خاطر عدم پرداخت كامل وجه يا افساط)

13.                        Just get yourself on schedule. فقط طبق برنامۀ زمان بندي عمل كن.

14.                        get off my back: stop bothering me

15.                        sweat: عرق ريختن، مشقت كشيدن؛ (كنايي) بيخودي زور زدن -à Let her sweat a little.


Scene 6:


1.     juror: عضو هيأت منصفه

2.     set aside: باطل كردن، الغا كردن، كنار گذاشتن

3.     prior opinion: افكار گذشته، پيشفرض

4.     saving and loan industry: صنعت وام و قرضه  -à Do you think as a juror you'd be able to set aside any prior opinion you might hold about saving and loan industry?

5.     confer: رايزني كردن، مشورت كردن

6.     prosecutor: دادستان

7.     dump: get rid of, throw out از شر چيزي خلاص شدن -à Dump him!

8.     fuck up: screw up, act foolishly

9.     dreadlock: بلاتكليفي؛ بن بست

10.                        defendant:مدافع، مدعي عليه، مشتكي عنه، متهم

11.                        next big thing: the thing which is most famous or biggest

12.                        squeeze:آب ميوه گرفتن -à Maybe in Florida, you are the next big thing. This is New York. We're not squeezing oranges here./

13.                        woe betide: واي به حال ِ، بدا به حال ِ -à And woe betide the creature who steps into his garden.

14.                        frailty: weakness; fragileness سستي، ضعف اخلاق، نا استواري اخلاقي

15.                        horseshite: تپالۀ اسب(دشنام)

16.                        walk:walk out كاري را ناگهان ترك كردن، قهر كردن از كار -à Either you put a stop to this happy horseshit, or I walk.

17.                        pass: دور انداختني -à - She's my first choice.  - She's my first pass.(= I don't want her.)


Scene 7:


1.     every now and then: sometimes, from time to time, occasionally, every once in a while هر چند وقت يكبار، گاه گاهي

2.     get right: be correct -à Every now and then, she gets one right. ( حق با اون ميشه)

3.     Something's up.: طوري شده؟، مشكلي پيش اومده؟

4.     deliberate: discuss

5.     The man is as guilty as can be.:

6.     let off: free, release, set free -à Wasn't a jury anywhere gonna let him off.

7.     sack of shit:  ( فحش ركيك) كيسۀ اَن، گوني گُه



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