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Date: Aug 06 2019

Themes: Fashion, Health


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

People have always done strange things to their bodies to fit their society’s idea of what it is to be beautiful. And from long necks to small feet, those ideas seem to be pretty random.

In some places it’s considered beautiful to have pale skin, but in the US, everyone wants to be tan (probably so people will think they’re a movie star from California). And there are easier ways to get tan than sitting in the sun. There’s a whole industry of artificial tanning.

Amanda is thinking of going to a tanning salon. Listen to her talk about it with Marni.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:  Do you ever go to tanning booths?

Amanda:  Well, actually, I have this huge wedding coming up, so I was gonna go fake and bake maybe 30 times or so.

Marni:  30 times?!

Amanda:  Well, here’s the deal…

Marni:  What?!

Amanda:  It’s actually reasonable because the package that they sold me was unlimited visits for one month, so I’m not gonna go once, I’m gonna go every day.

Marni:  You can’t go every day. You’re gonna bake your insides.

Amanda:  Well, she said I needed to build a base. I don’t know what means, but…

Marni:  OK, this woman, whoever talked to you, is crazy. You can’t do that to yourself. That’s not healthy. Skin cancer? Have you heard of it?

Amanda:  No, she said these are safer tanning beds.

Marni:  Oh please.

Amanda:  That the types of rays were healthy and innocuous.

Marni:  Uh-huh. OK. I would just be very leery. I would do some more research because you cannot go 30 times. You don’t to be that tan. I mean I used to tan all the time when in high school.

Amanda:  Yeah, you could use a tan.

Marni:  I know. I’m pale. I’m sickly white. But you know what? No wrinkles. No skin cancer.

Amanda:  Do you think I should get a refund because she didn’t say anything about skin cancer at all?

Marni:  That’s something to consider.

Amanda:  She said it would be slimming and it would make me more popular.

Marni:  Well, of course she said that. She wanted to sell you something. She wanted to sell you fake tans.

Amanda:  Oh my God. I was totally taken.



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Amanda wants to get tan for a wedding she has coming up but Marni is worried that it’s dangerous to get a fake tan too fast. They decide it would be good to do more research into the risks of cancer before tanning for 30 days in a row.

Marni used to tan but now she doesn’t because she likes not having any wrinkles and not having to worry about skin cancer. Have ever tried tanning? Did you use the sun or a tanning bed? Have you ever tried anything strange or dangerous to change your appearance?



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South Korea

Nowdays, many people try to make up to be beautiful and attractive. i can understand what they think, but if they just wanted to persue their beauty and then didnt care about their body like doing the tan or using the strong cosmetics, it would bring up many problems on their body in some way. In my mind, beauty is depens on how they think about themselves. it could be one way to get a confidence instead of relying on other stuff

06:38 AM Sep 17 2012 |

Majid Zarif

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

In my idea tanning and other thing that girls and women use to make themselves more attractive is harmful for them and in my opinion considering that I’m a boy the girls and women are more attractive when they have their natural appearance without any cusmetic stuff or tanning .

12:41 AM Aug 28 2012 |



I’m naturally tanned :) and I think it’s not so healthy to have fake tan.

09:25 AM Feb 18 2012 |




I think that tanning is so unhealthy.  After fake tan we have such consequence as cancer, wrinkles and absolutely artificial appearance

08:59 PM Nov 18 2009 |



United States

Moderation is key in everything in Life, right? You can't live well without sunlight. After all, it does provide Vitamin D that is necessary for your health and well-being.


All we know now about the health problems created by UV rays and living and photographic evidence of what sun does to the skin after years of exposure, why would anyone want to "tan"? You either get skin cancer or look like a shriveled up old rotten apple!


I laid in the sun when I was young. We didn't have as much evidence of the negative aspects of it, only advertising that pushed it for commercial reasons. I'd hope people now would see through all of that and consider their health. 

05:20 PM Sep 20 2008 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hi all of us
i think its not important that have a beautifull aprreance its important that we have a beautifull heart that can touch beautty,if we can know us we can find our selves and love another people even they havenot good face ,but because that we are human

04:47 PM Sep 11 2008 |




that's right, what your said reminds me of that movie<destination> where both of them are killed in the tanning, it's awful!!! take care of yourself, Amanda, please don't be hard on yourself.haha

08:45 AM Sep 10 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

For myself I don't like tanning but I like to see it on ppl may be one day I do it.

11:53 PM Sep 08 2008 |




i have been tan now because of the militery training.but i hate that.hate hate hate!i wanna my original color.

01:53 PM Sep 08 2008 |




i  love  meself  ,i  like  my  black  skin  

07:20 AM Sep 07 2008 |




If your skin is smooth and healthy, there's no need to change the color. However, some girls think it would be more beautiful to have a white face and body. That's why the "whitening product" usually sells good in my country.

06:01 AM Sep 07 2008 |

Monique Fernandes


Most of Brazilian girls want to be tanned, but I don't care about that! My skin is white, but I think I'm not thaaat white, and for me is ok, just my arms are getting tanned now, because I spend too much time in the sun!! Here people don't need to use the artificial tanning, just go outside and prepare to get dark!! =P

10:06 PM Sep 06 2008 |




I think that to have very tanned skin isn't so good. Yes i Know tht people look much more beautifully but if they have to brown skin they look very unnaturaly….

03:53 PM Sep 06 2008 |




I think just keep the body clean will be ok. 

09:17 AM Sep 06 2008 |



Though I'm not like sitting on the beach and sunbathing for hours but I do it every time I'm at the sea :D I love the colour my skin turns into :)

06:22 PM Sep 05 2008 |




04:20 PM Sep 05 2008 |


zeus2006Super Member!


natural of everthing is beautiful.

04:03 PM Sep 05 2008 |



     i was moved when i saw the word above.if "above"really means chest,i agree the comment above.suggest you do more sport actions.

10:03 AM Sep 05 2008 |




i like pale skin.because it can let you look beautiful in china.but every people have their suited skin.

i also want t o keep fit to change my appearance.such as eat less food.chinese all do this.

08:30 AM Sep 05 2008 |



your above means your chest?

if yes,in my opinion ,that's not a "big or small"problem.but just a "harmonious "issue.

i suggest you have more sport activities,which may solve all your problem.

07:20 AM Sep 05 2008 |

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