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Crowd Surfing

Crowd Surfing

Date: Sep 15 2008

Themes: Music, Pop Culture


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Ever since crowd surfing became common in the ‘90s, the image of a person sitting on top of a large crowd at a packed concert has become very familiar. When you’re crowd surfing, you’re at eye level with the band, and for a moment it seems like they’re playing just to you. But if you’re in the front and trying to watch the show and you constantly have to pause to hold people in the air, it can get kind of annoying.

Of course, crowd surfing can be dangerous too. Some people have died from stage diving and surely a lot more have been hurt. But the risk is part of the fun too. Listen to Jason and Beren talk about crowd surfing.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jason:  If I’m ever in a band where, like, every single show you play there’s crowd surfing, like you’re that popular, I’m gonna make it widely known that I don’t want people crowd surfing because I think it’s dumb.

Beren:  Do you think it’s dumb because people could get hurt?

Jason:  Yes. It sucks. I’ll just be watching the band, having a good time, and then all of a sudden this kid just plows into my neck and my neck hurts for like a month afterward. That’s happened a few times. Maybe it’s just because I’m a little taller than the average person so I’m an easy target...

Beren:  Yeah. There’s something to be said about crowd surfing though. It adds an extra…I don’t know…kind of absurdity to any show, especially if it’s not a giant show with a big band it’s always hilarious to be watching a local band or just at a tiny club and somebody’s getting passed around by their friends.

Jason:  No, yeah, I see what you’re saying. That’s a little bit different if it’s like a local show, it’s just a few people crowd surfing and you’re just like, “Whoa, it just got so crazy in this bar that someone had to crowd surf!” You know?

Beren:  Yeah. That’s the best. Or house shows, too. I’ve seen people crowd surf and it’s always funny.

Jason:  More what I’m talking about is a big show where if you want to be up front you just have a constant stream of crowd surfers.

Beren:  I don’t know if I’ve been to a show like that since I was like 16 at Warped Tour.

Jason:  Alright, fair enough. I’ll give you that. But what do think about bands crowd surfing? What do think about when the artist jumps off the stage.

Beren:  Always fun. You usually get dropped too. I almost did it once but I forgot to do it by the end of the set and also I had a strange after thought, like, “I’m glad I didn’t do that. What if the crowd had parted?”

Jason:  Oh yeah, there’s always that, the comical crowd parting where you just fall on the concrete.

Beren:  Yeah, or whoever is directly under you can’t handle your weight and the momentum collapses. It could have gone horribly, horribly wrong.



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Jason said that if he were a famous musician, he would ask his fans not to crowd surf because he thinks it’s dangerous and ruins the show for the people near the front.

Beren points out that crowd surfing adds something to the atmosphere. It makes the show seem like a crazy party. She and Jason agree that crowd surfing is cool if only one or two people do it at a small show, but that it can get annoying at bigger shows.

Sometimes artists crowd surf at their own shows. Beren is in a band and thought about stage diving one night but was scared that the crowd would suddenly get out of the way and drop her!

Have you ever crowd surfed? What was it like? Do you like shows where there is crowd surfing?



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Crowing Surfing -I like but not much…I dont know about it:(

05:48 PM Sep 17 2008 |



wonerful place

07:56 AM Sep 16 2008 |



This is a good place,I come here the first time!Nice to meet you !

07:54 AM Sep 16 2008 |


VOLTSSuper Member!


It will be great watching Madonna get stage diving in your show 18 of dezember in Sao Paulo.

05:11 AM Sep 16 2008 |



Hm crowed surfing – I tried this some times at festivals at beginning of 90th. It works and it was an easy way to come closer to the stage :-)

06:21 PM Sep 15 2008 |




well, it is crowd surfing. thanks !

05:13 PM Sep 15 2008 |



United States

A famous Chinese singer died cuz of  stage diving and   crowed surfing. He was a very very talented vocalist . he did stage diving in one concert and the fans parted and dropped him. He was seriously injured and needed to be send to hospital immediately . Unfortunately, the crazy audiences crowed him and he failed to be send and died.

05:02 PM Sep 15 2008 |



United States

I just went to the crowed surfing several weeks ago.

Some Rock,Jazz bands hold a party together in a night club in this city.Most of them were from Europe and some from America. It was cool that we danced together.

04:54 PM Sep 15 2008 |




Is Beren speaking too out loud???

my built-in speakers almost exploded.

I don't like the crowd surf.for it's about no diestination…..

01:29 PM Sep 15 2008 |




i can't understand what Beren said T_T

10:09 AM Sep 15 2008 |




i don't like Marni accent i can't understand what she said T_T

10:04 AM Sep 15 2008 |




I've never done nor crowd surf nor stage dive. I prefer to watch and jumping on my little space, than jump on the heads of people, who may be don't want to hold you) but in party like warped tour I think also do that, especially when the AVA will play))

03:32 AM Sep 15 2008 |




this lessone reflects jason's style !!

yeah yeah i will go to see the linkinpark's concert in wuhan ,  of course the jumping like surfing is necessary in there , how ever as far as i concerned , the ppl in the 1 line cannot move for any inch coz the crowed behind them r POGO so horribly …

anyways , heaps of passion will be roused !

01:14 AM Sep 15 2008 |

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