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Date: May 28 2021

Themes: News, Work

Grammar: Comparing Quantity


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Even though we often complain about our jobs, nobody wants to get fired. If you have to lose your job, it should at least be for something crazy, like having an affair with the boss’s daughter or setting fire to your cubicle. But often, when businesses start losing money, they have no choice but to lay off a bunch of their employees.

Times are tough for a lot of people right now, and Devan is worried that she might lose her job as a waitress. Listen to talk to Marni about what she should do.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Devan:  So I think I’m getting laid off at my work.

Marni:  Oh no! Really? Why?

Devan:  ‘Cause it seems like they’re phasing me out. They’re only scheduling me two days a week, and I used to work four. And it’s been really slow lately ‘cause of the economy, ‘cause people aren’t going out to eat.

Marni:  Yeah, I think you’re, uh…Sounds like you’re gonna get the ax. It’s the recession, I mean, it’s happening, and it’s sad. It’s hitting all industries. It’s hitting people in office jobs, it’s hitting people who’re in the service industry...

Devan:  Yeah. I think I’m gonna have to file for unemployment, but unemployment checks are never for as much as you would normally make, so I’m pretty worried about it.

Marni:  Right. And there’s always the…And then you have to get a job and look for a job, and who wants to do that. So do you think you’re gonna get a pink slip or…

Devan:  I don’t know, I hope not. I open my locker at work every day hoping there’s not gonna be some pink slip waiting there for me telling me I’m not gonna have a job anymore.

Marni:  Well, best of luck to you, and hopefully…Maybe it’s a wise idea to start job-hunting now so you can be one step ahead of them.

Devan:  Yeah, I think I’m going to start looking for new jobs today.


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Devan is worried that she’s going to get fired from her job. Her boss has been giving her fewer shifts lately and she’s noticed that there’s been less business at the restaurant where she works.

Marni feels sorry for Devan. She says a lot of people have been losing their jobs lately because the economy is so bad.

If Devan does get fired, she can get unemployment benefits from the government. But those don’t last forever and they’re not worth as much as a real job. Plus, looking for a new job is really annoying. So Devan really hopes she’ll be able to keep her job, but she’s going to start looking for new jobs just in case.

Have you ever lost a job? What happened? Are you worried about the economy?



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Yeah well.. This is a pretty sad subject but it is a global reality =/

The best thing for us to do now is hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

11:32 AM Feb 03 2010 |




I've never lost a job, but actually I'm worried about the economy because I'm an intern and it directly influences in becoming a regular employee here.

02:55 PM Feb 02 2010 |



Serbia and Montenegro

We must living with a hope that will come better time for all. I always said tomorrow is a new day!!

01:20 PM Jul 14 2009 |


Russian Federation

i've never had a job, i'm just studying in my third year, but in the view of the downturn, i'm reluctant to seek for a job one of these days, as my parents have set themself firmly against my unemployment.

07:47 PM Jun 16 2009 |




Ive never lost a job, actually i used to quit a job that i cant stand, like if i see i dont have chances to progress in the company or make more money or even if im sick of the people there, i just quit. But now its being really hard to find a good job, not just to me, for everyone. So im going to study more to get a good job.

10:24 PM May 28 2009 |



Yeah.. Layoff is the most important problem these day particularly in this Economic Crises period…because the whole world passaing in a hard time … so hope it will be good..

10:34 AM May 15 2009 |



Layoff is the bad thing, crisis can optimize financial and factory structure, crisis can remove unused parts in the industry. After layoff, you may find a better job and higher salary.

09:26 AM Mar 17 2009 |



I had been laid off last year ,cause my boss sold out my factory . He laid off all the employees in China.

I am very worry about the enconomy , Every day I watch tv news , there's no good news about the enconomy . In fact , it's very hard to find a new job now , cause many industries are downsizing and many factories have been closed .Times is very tough ,but I think we will find a way to pass through these difficulties . It's going to be better . Tomorrow is always fresh …....

09:04 AM Mar 17 2009 |

mazin moon


hello,instead of living in the shadow of yesterday walk in the light of today and the hope of tomorrow,

05:49 PM Mar 16 2009 |



I ever got laid off once in 1997. Because of the recession of Thailand. But I was pretty lucky I could get a new job in a short time.

07:46 PM Mar 15 2009 |

mazin moon


  • we have to be an optimistic people to cross the global crisis and there is a downturn so i think that all governments must do something to help people .

05:44 PM Mar 05 2009 |



after this economic crisis everyone should worried about his job

02:00 PM Mar 04 2009 |




i am out of work now, not because of the recession, but i want to find a new job, hope i can get the job which i want soon.

12:37 PM Feb 25 2009 |



global recession,it results that i cannot find a job.God bless me!

07:39 AM Feb 21 2009 |




Now I realize the advantages of governmental service – I work for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and sure they will never lay me off or even get me a pink slip

12:14 PM Feb 19 2009 |




 Yes, we are living tough times nowadays. This crise it makes you be scared and anxious. You must be really happy if you have a job in these days, and you sholud aim to keep it. It were a lot of layoffs until now in my country too, and their number is still increasing. People are really nervous and you can feel the tension in the air. It;s not good, and nobody knows what will be coming.

I try to be optimistic and hope that everything it will be alright, and maybe wait for those people from gouvernment to do something wise.

 "Life is not about waiting the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain." 


08:58 PM Feb 15 2009 |



South Africa

Life is all about that…But somethings you don't reciprocate to the gesture..I too has the same probs…I think life is all about that. Things aren't smooth all times… But keep your head straight and before you know it, everything is yours…

I like these lesson..

Keep it up…


03:01 PM Feb 13 2009 |



why can't I hear the voice of all the audio

02:45 AM Feb 13 2009 |



The economy crisis is the result of greedy managers and the philosophie to make more and more money. The Banks covered debts with debts. They had debts to other people, and they covered their debts, with money they get (as we have seen, money that they didn't get) from other people. 

And as the people couldn't pay there credit, the Bank couldn't cover their debts. That is just, a small particular reason for the finance crisis. 

 Maaaan, every second word on TV-News is finance crisis and how companies try to get rid of their employees:)

But never forget, after a crisis their will always come a boom, soon That's the way, economy works

09:16 PM Feb 12 2009 |



economic recession greatly affects every one of us. What we can do here, is to work even harder with less complains and just be competetive

12:01 PM Feb 12 2009 |

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