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Get Over It

Get Over It English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Apr 07 2009

Themes: Pets, Romance

Grammar: Count and Noncount Nouns


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

How long does it take to get over someone? A breakup can leave you upset for months or be forgotten about by the end of the day. A lot of factors contribute to the aftermath of a relationship, like how long it lasted and whose decision it was to end it.

Mason and Marni both got dumped recently and they’re still bummed about it. Jason notices his friends are down and tries to help them come up with some ways to move on.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.







Jason:  You guys don’t look so excited to be alive today.

Mason:  Yeah.

Marni:  It’s true.

Jason:  Did I miss something? Is something…

Mason:  No. It’s the same old thing, man. Breakups.

Marni:  Uh!

Jason:  You too?

Marni:  Yes!

Mason:  Single life. I mean you…I know this is kinda weird, but you got over Amanda.

Jason:  I did.

Mason:  How’d that work?

Jason:  Well, I didn’t have Amanda ever so that helped. But, uh…

Marni:  Yeah. That’s different.

Mason:  Believe me…

Jason:  It was still hard.

Mason:  ...you have no idea how much that helps.

Jason:  Not having had her?

Mason:  That woman, she lingers.

Jason:  Yeah. I bet.

Marni:  Oh man.

Jason:  But I don’t know, like…Let’s see. It actually took a lot of work to get over her, or my desire for her, you know. Like I…I made out with some random people. Have you guys tried that at all?

Marni:  No.

Mason:  I got no prospects.

Jason:  I don’t really highly recommend it. I actually got a new dog.

Mason:  Really?

Jason:  Which ended up working out, although I do feel like it was a kind of reckless to get a new pet when I was so depressed.

Mason:  Excellent for picking up chicks though, the dogs.

Jason:  Yes.

Mason:  I’ve played that card.

Jason:  Totally. And I don’t know. Sometimes you can use a breakup for, like, a big lifestyle shift that you’ve been thinking about having for a while, you know, if you’ve ever been like, “Maybe I should travel or, like, shave my head or…”

Marni:  Yeah. Yeah.

Mason:  Hmm.

Marni:  Maybe.

Mason:  Hmm.

Jason:  None of those sound very good?

Marni:  Hmm.

Jason:  How long do you think it takes? Is it like….I’ve heard, like, one month for every year or, like, twice as long as the relationship, some people say.

Mason:  I know. Wanna see my pictures of Amanda?

Jason:  No. Oh yeah, dude.

Marni:  No.

Jason:  That’s the…You gotta get those off your phone.

Mason:  This is us at the beach.

Jason:  OK. Not only should you not be showing these to me, but you can’t…

Marni:  Yeah. You gotta get rid of those.

Jason:  You can’t have pictures of your girlfriend around.

Marni:  You need to burn them.

Jason:  No, no.

Marni:  They’re on your phone. Maybe you need to burn your phone. I immediately destroyed all photos, all evidence.

Jason:  We better take this for the rest of the day.

Marni:  Yeah.


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Mason and Marni seem sad, so Jason asks what’s wrong. They’re both feeling blue because of they each recently got out of a relationship.

Since Jason once had a crush on Amanda, Mason asks him how he got over her. Jason says it helped that he was never actually with her (although he came close). But he tried making out with a stranger and getting a new pet. He suggests that Mason and Marni might use this opportunity to make a big change in their lives.

But Marni and Mason are too depressed to reinvent themselves. Mason still carries photos of Amanda on his phone! It may be a while before he gets over her. Have you ever had to get over someone? How did you do it?



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when i lost my girlfriend,i was upset too.

But my friends found the change of my feelings .

And they helped me. they told me that I should throw her photoes and letters into the dustbin . I did so……

And now I have been well !!

10:04 AM Apr 27 2009 |




it is impossible to get over somenoe you are always thinking about.one can not help doing so. so please treasure what you have already had.

11:36 AM Apr 25 2009 |



Sorry,Now i feel so ashamed.So sorry.All you say i just maybe know half.So ashamed.My english is poor,so i want to communicate everybody even foreigner friends,it will bring my english improve. i wish everybody can forgive my english so poor,but i am studing english ,you will see my english become good later on.Please give some encourage and courage,i am capable of try my best.I wish you know i say

09:08 AM Apr 24 2009 |




I agree with everybody.Getting over someone is diffictult.I must spend much time to forget our memory.when I think that he do anything with other person,I always feel sad.

02:24 PM Apr 22 2009 |



Getting over with someone is really difficult.. Especially if you've been together for like 4 years. The most painful part is we had to breakup because of our "situation" and love was never a problem to us nor money.. Up to now, still haven't moved on, and I have no plans of moving forward. I'm crazy… Madly, deeply in love with my ex!

01:09 PM Apr 22 2009 |




12:34 PM Apr 22 2009 |



Yes ,

 i agree up folk.

 i think so

10:03 AM Apr 22 2009 |




It's difficult for me to get over someone I like.

It makes people sad and hurts others.


01:29 AM Apr 21 2009 |



I think get over someone is too hard.

02:01 PM Apr 20 2009 |



I appreciate your opion  we have to lose something if we are going to the rainbow's end  Tongue outI need friends like you very much 

06:21 AM Apr 20 2009 |



we must get over a failure in order to welcome a success come on my friends

06:17 AM Apr 20 2009 |



Speed really slow

06:11 AM Apr 20 2009 |



i have never suffer such a situation,because i have never had a love affair with girlsTongue out

03:17 AM Apr 18 2009 |



Hi…..i´m from Brasil I´m learning english, I need help to study,,,,,,do you have video lesson english?



05:54 PM Apr 16 2009 |


South Korea

I need to get over life of U.S. I lived for 5 years in U.S.It was so impressive!  Now I am in Seoul big city~I miss rural life of U.S.

01:15 PM Apr 16 2009 |



what does it mean fave around


03:10 PM Apr 15 2009 |



after five years it is really hard to get over him:(

07:30 PM Apr 14 2009 |



to get over someone is really difficlut.

06:35 AM Apr 14 2009 |

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