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He's Just Not That Into You

He's Just Not That Into You

Date: Mar 25 2009

Themes: Romance

Grammar: Second Conditional


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Everyone has different feelings and experiences when it comes to dating and love, but most of us can agree on one thing: it’s not easy. It’s hard enough to meet someone you like who likes you back. Building a lasting relationship with that person is even more difficult.

He’s Just Not that Into You is a new romantic comedy with an all-star cast. In the movie, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston, Scarlett Johansson, Drew Barrymore and other hot young stars play characters who are all searching for love…and failing to find it. Ella recently saw the film. Dale wants to know if it will teach him anything about dating. Listen to them talk about the movie.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Dale:  Have you seen He’s Just Not That Into You?

Ella:  I did, I went with a couple of my girlfriends and we went to the movie and just had a huge time.

Dale:  And so is it like a chick flick?

Ella:  Definitely a chick flick. A guy would enjoy it ‘cause they could probably relate to the male characters. But, I don’t know, it was really fun. It was kind of confusing ‘cause there was like eight different storylines going on, and it was kind of choppy. But you saw all different aspects of love. You saw people like the newcomer, and then you saw the married couple, and then the cheating, and then you saw the guy who knew his way around and the girl who was completely confused, and…it was really interesting.

Dale:  Do you think a guy like me could learn something from this movie?

Ella:  Possibly.

Dale:  ‘Cause I haven’t seen it yet, so I’m thinking is it more for the male side or the female side? Even though it is a chick flick, if a guy like me just watched it, I would learn and walk away with something?

Ella:  I think it’s more directed towards the females, and how guys play the game. All the rules of attraction that are going on. You get dumped, and then how you get over it. It just covers every aspect of relationships.

Dale:  Right on.


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Ella recently saw He’s Just Not That Into You with a big group of her girlfriends. She enjoyed the movie even though the plot was a bit confusing.

Dale thinks that the movie sounds like a chick flick. He isn’t sure if it would be an interesting movie for a guy to watch. But if the movie can teach him something about dating, he’d like to watch it. He must need some help in that area.

Some people say dating is like a game, with rules that you have to play if you want to find love. Do you think that love is a game? What advice would you give to someone who was looking for love?



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MasbararSuper Member!


Dating is a part of the love.There are the rules.But I think it’s better to be natural,not to play.Because if one day the relationship becomes more serious,the problems can occur and can hurt.So it’s better to not play.

Love is the best feeling in the world.

09:12 PM Oct 07 2012 |



Saudi Arabia

im vert found of the  tune  for thats  sssong

08:19 PM May 09 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

you  know there  os  a song that  i like  so much

maybe because  THE TUNE

 i liked  so much

but  i dont know  well the  lyrics   

and  there  in the  lyrice  chidesh 


so  i dont like  the lyrices 

and  also  in lady  gaga 

i think there  is  song 

08:16 PM May 09 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

i didnt  like  thats song 

but  he  have  great  voice 

of he  song other song  with other tune  maybe 

i didnt  mean  thats  song 

 i was  not know  about it

 i mean  that there in some song 

 in  the  lyrics 

love  game 

and i didnt  like  it 

i didnt know  that  this  title  come  also with song 

and  moves


08:08 PM May 09 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

i hear  that  also  in  some  song 

and  i didnt  like  it

 love is  not  like a game 
 game   is  somthing  that  u  play  game 
but  love   is  somthing  play  u
Love is not a game 
You are not looking for it
but ot comes to you  ' suddnenly

my advise  is  dont  look  for  love



05:30 PM May 08 2011 |



love is a painful game..if you do not know how to play the rules,quit and get out!

05:03 AM Jan 03 2011 |

1 person likes this


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

love is the most important things in every bodies life,and i think being fall in love with some one is really hard…......................................................

09:09 AM Apr 11 2010 |

1 person likes this




It's a true story act as a movie,Cinderella's story only exsit in fairy tale.Every girl want to seek the other half really suits her till life end but often get hurt and go on.someone just still maintain the broken relationship do not wanna change.Love should be the precious thing in the world but you just need to love yourself same as love other ones.When he's just not that into you,you just let him go and restart your new life.

03:57 AM Jan 26 2010 |

Paul Taco


hi.     how are you?

where are you from?

03:59 PM Jan 20 2010 |

Anya Lanskaya

Russian Federation

Замечательный урок! :)

11:13 AM Oct 04 2009 |

1 person likes this




It is depressing to realize that someone you loved doesn't love you back.

I think twilight saga is a chick flick.

03:52 AM Oct 02 2009 |

1 person likes this



Well, I must say I thought THIS LESSON FANTASTIC to discuss with my students, so I hope you hold it there on your site, so I can find it anytime I need it again.

06:09 PM Apr 29 2009 |




03:40 PM Apr 04 2009 |


South Korea

I don't think that love is a game,because love is one of  man's/woman's greatest emotion.Thus, emotion can't be a game

01:19 PM Apr 03 2009 |

1 person likes this


South Korea

I don't think that love is a game,because love is one of  man's/woman's greatest emotion.Thus, emotion can't be a game

01:19 PM Apr 03 2009 |




11:47 PM Mar 31 2009 |



hey how are you?

11:46 PM Mar 31 2009 |



how are you?
can you help me to learn english

11:45 PM Mar 31 2009 |


Russian Federation

Rules of dating are very difficult for me. I prefer to be honest with people and don't play games.

07:35 PM Mar 31 2009 |



he is just not that into you

12:13 PM Mar 31 2009 |

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