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PDA English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Apr 28 2009

Themes: Romance, Soap Opera

Grammar: Past Perfect Progressive


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

When people are in love, they want to kiss and hold each other tight. But where’s the best place to do that?

Public displays of affection, or PDAs, can be cute, like when you see a young couple holding hands in the park. But they can also be gross, like a drunk couple totally making out on the street.

Some people think public displays of affection are a harmless and fun way to express love. Others think love is better expressed in private. It turns out that in Jason and Devan’s new relationship, there is one of each kind of person. Watch the video to see which is which.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jason:  Thanks for taking me to see Slumdog Millionaire. I’d been wanting to see it.

Devan:  Isn’t that movie great?

Jason:  Yeah.

Devan:  Hey…

Jason:  Hey…I don’t…Just…

Devan:  What?

Jason:  I’m not really into public displays of affection, you know?

Devan:  What do you mean?

Jason:  PDA. I just think it’s really, like, I don’t know…It’s, like, gross, you know. I see people kissing on the street, I’m just kind of like, “Get a room!” you know?

Devan:  When I see people on the street, I think, “Oh, what a happy, cute couple showing their affection for each other.”

Jason:  It seems to me…It just seems mushy and weird…

Devan:  What?

Jason:  Yeah, you know…

Devan:  You won’t even hold my hand in public?

Jason:  Well, I mean…OK, I’ll hold your hand, yeah.

Devan:  What’s wrong with that?

Jason:  It’s OK, I guess. It’s just a little weird. I’m just not used to it, you know?

Devan:  You really don’t like to kiss in public? I want the whole world to see our love.

Jason:  Um, we can just tell them about it when we meet them…

Devan:  Like right now? Hey world, we’re in love!

Jason:  Oh my God.

Devan:  Like that?

Jason:  Uh…


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After having a nice time seeing a movie, Devan wants to hold Jason’s hand and kiss him on the sidewalk. Jason pulls away and they start to argue. He doesn’t like public displays of affection, but Devan thinks her boyfriend should want to hold her hand.

Eventually, Devan convinces Jason it will be OK if he holds her hand. He says he’s just not used to PDAs. He says people will know that he and Devan are in love once they get to know them. So Devan decides to get to know everyone in the area by shouting about how much she loves Jason!

Naturally, he’s a little embarrassed. Do you like public displays of affection?



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why not? Isn't comments a place for discussion? express one's opinions?

11:43 AM Apr 28 2009 |

love some one


it depends on the person and his culture

11:41 AM Apr 28 2009 |



It's ok to me. However, people need to know the most apropriate place to do it, without extremes. When things warm you must get a room.

11:13 AM Apr 28 2009 |



PDA – showing affection in Public, its absolutely wrong. A couple can express his/her love in private and that also after marriage. If any body showing love in public, that mean they are not true lover, Its is just display.

 I am sorry if i hurt anybody.


10:47 AM Apr 28 2009 |



pda is kiss or hold each other  tight  in a public.

 I think on the one hand  it's not good on the other hand when u love ur girlfriend u can't stop urself and u show in public "it's mine, don't look my girlfriend wrong eye" .

10:18 AM Apr 28 2009 |




PDA means Personal Digital Assistant,

I don't know the mean used in the Dialog,

can you tell me ?

09:05 AM Apr 28 2009 |




why do you(sofree) write so many words? what do you want to show us? you are a
professor of affection ?

09:00 AM Apr 28 2009 |




I like it ,but i won’t do it,ahaha….

08:53 AM Apr 28 2009 |




I think it's part of the different culture, these years it turns out a little weird. Usually the Westerns are more open than the Easterns,  cos the Easterns are more conservative. but as far as I know Chinese enjoy the PDA now, if you two are in relationship, you don't even hold hands in public, that's absolutely not right, people will think what happened? are you going to break up soon? 


Some western guy are just like Jason, they don't hold hands or kiss in public, but when with friends, he says "I love her", while Chinese would not say it in public.  China developed a lot, very fast, this is part of it. Some Chinese girls can easily have sex with a guy met for less than a week. They think it's cool, they are open. NO, it's not, it makes you cheap, and you watched too much western movies. In movies, they only have 100 minutes, but you have a life time.


If you have faith in your relationship, you don't need PDA to show off, why you want the whole world know you,  you are not Obama.  But if my bf like it, I'm ok…lol

08:42 AM Apr 28 2009 |




it's fine~~I really don't care couples make out or something in the street~ but i won't do that~I am shy boy.

07:52 AM Apr 28 2009 |


Viet Nam

I like PDA, just because it's also one of ways to show your love it doesn't matter. honestly, in my country, people think making out in the public is absolutely rude. But it's love, why do you feel ashamed of your love, i feel proud of showing my love./.


06:45 AM Apr 28 2009 |




it depends on a person and his culture, i mean if from childhood adults tell you that showing any kind of PDA is wrong when you get older you are not show affection to other person

i think that there is nothing bad when you show your  affection to other personWink

06:22 AM Apr 28 2009 |


Viet Nam

its really hard to say it is possible to PDA or not. The thing is that people must behave by the limit of their culture. i mean, depend on your culture and people around you do, so you can show your love or not. for example: if you are in westen contries like au or usa. PDA may be accepted but if your are in asian country [expecially on east asian] you must not show your love.

however, in some case, you can do something such as holding hand or hug each other. you just be careful about kissing and be too exciting in love …

thats my opinion

05:14 AM Apr 28 2009 |


Viet Nam

i thik,when people in love, they don't care other people's feeling. they òten blind in love. they can do everything, kiss, hug, ect at anywhere and anytime they want. to me, i llike tradition of love. nowaday, people love eacher too fast. today meet, tomorrow kiss and say good bye immediately. oh . i like the loving must contributed by struggle, chalenging,.. it 'll forever

04:10 AM Apr 28 2009 |

Rita Reis

Rita Reis


Well, Iam brazilian and if a man acted as Jason did here in Brazil, that would be gross. I like PDA.

03:39 AM Apr 28 2009 |




I don't like PDA. It makes me gross. Love is independent on the PDA, I think.

01:50 AM Apr 28 2009 |


United States

well… who cares about it when they are in love. they may hold tight and displays of affection.

i think it is natura except for something like gross^^

01:48 AM Apr 28 2009 |



I think if the couple love eacher in deep, they will not care other people's feel,sometime they cann't hold their feeling and kiss eacher in public. The other will understand them.

01:01 AM Apr 28 2009 |

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