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Date: Aug 31 2009

Themes: News, Party

Grammar: Past Progressive Tense


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Rain and cold. Not enough food. Bad sanitation. Huge crowds. Sounds like a disaster, not a party, right?

The 1969 music festival known as Woodstock faced all these challenges and more. Still, the festival was a great success. In three days, 32 musicians, including legends like Jimi Hendrix and The Who, performed for a crowd of 500,000 people. Woodstock was attended by hippies who wanted to end the war in Vietnam and bring peace, love, and freedom to the world. It’s now considered one of the most important events in music history.

This summer marks the 40th anniversary of Woodstock. Listen to Marni and Dale talk about what Woodstock means to them.


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Dale:  It’s the 40th anniversary of Woodstock.

Marni:  Yes it is. Were you ever a flower child?

Dale:  Actually, I wasn’t a flower child. But you know, I’m amazed at how great they put that together. I mean, they were expecting 100,000 people, it turned out to be 500,000 people. Rain. And everybody just got along.

Marni:  I think it was a pretty monumental time and I still think that it is poignant today because it was a time in our history where we were at war, and people were very conflicted. Nothing like this had ever happened, where people came together and, you know, through all these trials and tribulations just made it happen.

Dale:  They tried to do something similar like that in 1999, and I remember just hearing the nightmares about it.

Marni:  Yeah. Well it’s interesting, ‘cause it’s definitely associated with the whole hippie movement, and everybody was on acid and whatever. You know, you can paint that picture. I just heard this really interesting thing, though. They actually wanted Roy Rogers to close the show, because they thought it would be so interesting if he played “Happy Trails.” But of course, Jimi Hendrix playing the Star Spangled Banner is still so famous.

Dale:  It’s still amazing.


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Neither Marni nor Dale was alive when Woodstock took place. But they are still impressed and moved by the event. Dale can’t believe how successful the festival was, in spite of the rain and huge crowds. Everybody worked together to make it a positive and memorable experience.

Marni points out that Woodstock took place during a difficult time in America’s history. Many people were angry about the war in Vietnam. Woodstock was a symbolic event. It stood for peace, harmony, and freedom. It’s also associated with the hippie movement, free love, drugs, and rock n’ roll.

One of the most famous moments from Woodstock is when Jimi Hendrix played the Star Spangled Banner on his electric guitar. Marni heard that this almost didn’t happen, because a different singer was originally supposed to play when Hendrix did.

Do you think Woodstock is still relevant today? What does Woodstock mean to you? Do you know anyone who is a flower child?



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i want help pleas

03:05 PM Aug 31 2009 |



Czech Republic

You are definitely right, Rahma :)

01:14 PM Aug 31 2009 |




Yeah!!! i mean in my case i love this music!!!.. and i think that in the world have a lot of people to enjoy this music because is fantastic!!!


An Yeees!!! i know a flowwer child…. Me!!!! 


hahahaha!!! Yeaah!!


Happy B-Day ASKO!!! =D

12:48 PM Aug 31 2009 |



Woodstock was great in his own time. Today we can find so much good and better festivals. But the most are without political messages. For two weeks i enjoyed one with elektronic music. http://www.wald-frieden.de/gallery/bildergalerien/displayimage.php?album=289&pos=318 

12:46 PM Aug 31 2009 |




I know a lot about that festival. That was really great. In my girlhood I dreamt to be there)))

09:39 AM Aug 31 2009 |




I can protest war without drugs….I don’t support this event of course sex,freedom and peace its good but a lot of people after that had become drunks and addicts.So as you see its not so cool for people’s life but may be it gave some start for developing music bands and new drugs:). As for me it means the chance to spend a good time.

04:53 AM Aug 31 2009 |

Rahma MD

Rahma MD


I think the first one is correct :

"We were listening to music all night". The subject is "we" and "to be" for we is "are/were". 

How do u think?

01:06 AM Aug 31 2009 |

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