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Pen Pal

Pen Pal English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Sep 15 2009

Themes: Soap Opera

Grammar: Count and Noncount Nouns


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It’s common for people who are kidnapped to bond with their kidnapper, believe it or not. It’s called Stockholm syndrome and named after a famous case in which some hostages in Sweden later defended their captors.

Earlier this year, Beren was kidnapped by her evil twin. She was saved by Dale and Ella some time later. But since then, she hasn’t really been around much. It’s understandable. She’s been through a lot. But watch as Marni discovers that Beren has been busy corresponding with a pen pal...in the pen. Who could it be?

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Marni:  Oh, Beren! How are you? Oh my God. How are you?

Beren:  I’m good.

Marni:  Yeah?

Beren:  Yeah.

Marni:  We haven’t seen you in so long. Where have you been?

Beren:  I’ve been…busy. Really busy. I was in Costa Rica working on coffee…

Marni:  Really?

Beren:  ...making espressos…

Marni:  Making espresso in Costa Rica?

Beren:  In Venezuela?

Marni:  They’re two different countries.

Beren:  I went to both, I went to both.

Marni:  OK.

Beren:  I just got back.

Marni:  Well, wow. It’s so good to see you. We’ve missed you…

Beren:  It’s good to see you too! I should go…Like, really. I’m busy. But it was good to see you.

Marni:  OK, well, you dropped…

Beren:  No, no, no…ah!

Marni:  This is…This is from the prison. This is…Is this from your…

Beren:  She writes to me. I never write back. It’s just one of those things. It’s interesting. I’m curious about prison life.

Marni:  You’re just writing? Corresponding?

Beren:  I’m not…Well, it’s not a correspondence if it’s one-sided. I just keep on receiving the letters.

Marni:  So you’re not visiting her…You’re visiting her!

Beren:  It’s my sister!

Marni:  She’s not your sister. She’s your evil twin!

Beren:  Can I have that back?


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Beren hasn’t been hanging out with her friends much. When Marni runs into her, she drops her mail and Marni discovers that Beren has been exchanging letters with her evil twin who is in jail for kidnapping her. It turns out that Beren has also been visiting her evil twin!

Clearly, it is not healthy for someone who has been kidnapped to stay in touch with his or her kidnapper once it’s all over. But Beren’s case is complicated. She was kidnapped by her sister, who she never knew she had.

And how much trouble could Beren’s sister really cause while in jail? Do you think it’s OK for Beren to visit her?



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United Arab Emirates

I think it's good from Baren to visit her sister after what she had did with her , it means that Baren is a very kind person , so she will forgive her sister and give her a chance to prove that she is a good personSmile

07:21 PM Nov 19 2009 |




yes, family is family, as my friends said below.she cant forget her childhood days with her sister,that memory always keep her motivated to go their.when they were at their childhood they had not thought that some 1 will go to jail,but everything happens in life and every difficult situatiuon teach us 1 new lesson,but it's up to us wht we gain from that.

11:48 AM Oct 19 2009 |

Pedro Chung


Family is family, we can forget that, but at the case of Beren, she must take the issue with care.   People can change for good or evil, it´s a persnal choice. 


02:56 PM Oct 09 2009 |




Everybody  makes mistakes, forget about it, and learn to forgive other people's mistakes.
Beren is a kind-hearted girl, she is forgiving her twin-sister who was kidnapper by her,  we should give people an opportunity to turn over a new leaf…

03:28 PM Oct 07 2009 |

Shinichi Lover


It's complicated poblem for Beren, it's difficult to forgive specially when she do something big like kidnapping and the worst thing when that happen from one whose clouser to you, but if Beren twin take her punshiment it's ok for Beren to visit her sister because they are a family and give her another chance ..

05:21 PM Sep 30 2009 |




wow…very touching!

we have to forgive someone mistakes eventhough it's not easy

good lesson I guess Kiss

10:55 AM Sep 30 2009 |




In my opinion it’s completely ok for Beren to meet her sister in prison and exchanging letters with her. After all it is said that “blood is thicker than water” so no matter how bad one’s own sister or brother but the very bond which exists between them never ends.Humans are emotional beings so they really get sentimental now and then. Moreover it is also possible that her twin has now realized her mistake and she has been realy sorry for what she did to her. So i think its ok for Beren to meet her sister.

05:33 AM Sep 30 2009 |




Cool Whar I understand, is that she's hiding some secret about absence. it was not working but was prisoner, and did not want to tell your friend about it.

01:21 PM Sep 28 2009 |



South Korea

I wonder why beren was kidnapped.

01:04 PM Sep 27 2009 |

marwa saleh


i think she is still her sister what ever she did or will do, they still sisters & Beren must stay visting her sister.

i like it :)

09:58 PM Sep 26 2009 |




 Family is family although what he or she do

12:52 PM Sep 26 2009 |

Bruce zhang


I don't hope Beren to get in trouble.

12:25 PM Sep 26 2009 |




It`s can be understandable.they`re sister.even beren sister kidnapped her before,but now she got the punishment.she stayed in the jail.so beren should be forgive her sister.


03:31 PM Sep 24 2009 |




haha this stort so fun =) and poor

03:48 PM Sep 22 2009 |



mmm…i can't understand ,,how can she know ,,her pen pal is bad ,,?

??? and twin ?

02:17 PM Sep 22 2009 |




Yeah I guess in Turkey kidnapping brides is quite common

05:38 AM Sep 22 2009 |



In that case she is her twin sister, it can be understandable even she had kidnapped by her.

08:44 PM Sep 20 2009 |




So I think,if I had been kidnapped by some relative mine I never would want to meet him again!

02:05 PM Sep 19 2009 |




Hahaha this story is pretty surreal and comedic! hahaha

But,come on…I guess,the evil Baren can't hurt her sister being jailed…

It would be a trouble if evil Baren had a gang out of the jail and if she wanted to avenge her sister's ;)

So I think,if I had been kidnapped by some relative mine I never would want to meet him again!


01:14 PM Sep 19 2009 |




It happens. I know a woman who is married to her kidnapper.

07:50 PM Sep 16 2009 |

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