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Family Secret

Family Secret English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Nov 10 2009

Themes: Family, Soap Opera

Grammar: Simple Future Tense


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Beren hasn’t been around much lately, and just last week, her friends learned that she actually left town to search for her real father.

Wow, Beren sure has a crazy family life. Earlier this year, she was kidnapped by an evil twin sister she didn’t know she had. After her sister went to jail, she couldn’t help but write to her. She was her kidnapper, but also her sister after all!

So as we see today, on the way to visit her father, Beren stopped by the prison during visiting hours to see her sister in the pen. But as she finds out, her father may not be who she thought he was.

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Beren:  I’m glad that prison was on the way to the Webster Fan Club where I’m about to meet our dad!

Evil Beren: Actually, our dad isn’t Webster.

Beren:  What?

Evil Beren: No. I googled our mom’s name and something else disturbing came up. Our dad is not Emmanuel Lewis. He’s Gary Coleman.

Beren:  Gary Coleman? Are you sure? ‘Cause I get them confused all the time.

Evil Beren: It’s true.

Beren:  That was on the internet? Well, yeah, that probably was on the internet. But google?

Evil Beren: It’s a long, long story and I really don’t have the time because I have to go to the commissary. I got two dollars in the mail yesterday. But I will tell you soon. I promise.

Beren:  Huh. Wait. Do you know, like, where…Like, I’m on my way to see him. Do you know where he is?

Evil Beren: I’m thinking…Well, he’s not in West Hollywood, he’s not in North Hollywood, he’d probably in Arkansas.

Beren:  Arkansas? Really?

Evil Beren: That’s where our grandparents live.

Beren:  Huh. That makes sense. I mean, like you said, he’s probably not still in LA. I don’t know if I can trust you though. You did kidnap me, hold me prisoner, tie me up. It’s a little weird. You tried to steal my life. But everything you’re saying is making so much sense. It’s like big pieces of the puzzle coming together finally and all fitting. OK. I’m going to Arkansas. Thank you.


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Beren had always believed her father was actor Emmanuel Lewis, who played Webster on TV. She was going to meet him at a meeting of the Webster Fan Club and she stopped by the prison on the way to see her sister.

Beren’s evil twin has discovered something surprising about their family. She learned on the internet that their father is actually Gary Coleman, a different actor.

Suddenly, Beren’s plan for her trip changes. She is going to have to find Gary Coleman. But where could he be? Beren’s sister suggests Arkansas, so that’s where Beren decides to look.

Do you think Evil Beren is telling the truth? Have you ever learned something surprising about the history of your family?



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I do not trust devil Beren; she is quite weird. Beren should do investigative reporting by herself instead of trusting a person who kidnapped her.

01:21 PM Nov 10 2009 |




I understood Beren's mother went to bed with a lot of actors…Laughing

01:11 PM Nov 10 2009 |



i gat a frined live in arkensas am sure he can help 

and you grobewurst97 go till your mama

10:56 AM Nov 10 2009 |




look at those comments so interesting  !

10:08 AM Nov 10 2009 |



I love to be gay.

09:28 AM Nov 10 2009 |




I think that Beren should google her mother's name as Evil Beren  did before going to Arkansas.


08:22 AM Nov 10 2009 |




i think they should go to the night club and drink some Tequilas !!!


08:00 AM Nov 10 2009 |



I also do not think she is telling the truth but of course it makes sense.

07:39 AM Nov 10 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

I think Evil Beren is lier , how did she search about her father by the internet? in the internet all information are not truth .

so Beren can go to her grandpa or grandma  or her cousins then ask them about her father .


07:34 AM Nov 10 2009 |



I don't think Evil Beren is telling the truth because she had once lied before. Poor Beren. I just found out that my grandma was also twin, and I got 2 couple of twins of my nieces, that's because I got twin daughters..haha…

03:08 AM Nov 10 2009 |




Evil Beren is telling the truth?maybe or maybe not.About my family, I was told that my ancestor was a general in Yuan Dynasty.lol.I think it is pretty cool.

02:30 AM Nov 10 2009 |

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