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(II) -The Common Mistakes Concerned With Using a Wrong Prep.

(II) -The Common Mistakes Concerned With Using a Wrong Prep.

Date: Nov 13 2009

Topic: Grammar

Author: firar


Common mistakes can be based on misused forms. Misused Forms are usually concerned with using a wrong preposition because “using prepositions” is a difficult topic. This lesson main purpose is to help to correct the common mistakes about using prepositions.


The second eleven prepositions  “C ” 

Lets go on correcting our mistakes…

1.careful of, not for 

(False) – She is very careful for her health.

(True) – She is very careful of her health. 

2.come by train, air,boat,bus,etc.,  not with train,etc. 

(False) - He is going to come with train tomorrow.

(True) – He is going to  come by train tomorrow. 

(False) - He came with bus yesterday.

(True) – He came by bus yesterday. 

3.complain of, not for or to 

(False) -He complains for heat.

(True) - He complains of heat. 

4.comply (with sth), (not for or to sth) 

(False) –We will comply for request. (True) – We will comply with request. 

5.composed of, not from 

(False) The committee is composed from doctors.

(True)The committee is composed of doctors. 

6.confidence in, not to or with 

(False) – She has great confidence to  him.

(True) – She has great confidence in him. 

7.conform to, not with   

(False) – We must conform with the rules.  

(True) –  We must conform to the rules.     

8.congratulate on, not for 

(False) – We congratulate you for your success.

(True) –  We congratulate you on your success. 

9.consist of, not from  

(False) – A year consists from twelve months.

(True) – A year  consists of twelve months. 

NOTE :Great Care must be taken never to use “consist” in the passive voice. 

10.covered with, not by  

(False) – Mountains are covered by snow.

(True) –  Mountains are covered with snow.  

11.cure of, not from 

(False) – Helen was cured  from  her illness.

(True) –  Helen was cured of her ilness. 

NOTE: the noun “cure” takes “for”.

-      There is no cure for that disease.  

To be continued…           


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El Salvador

i likk your lessons, you must be the greatest teacher in your spot, wherever you work

03:28 AM Apr 22 2011 |




Great job! Very comprehensive and explicit!

11:34 AM Nov 19 2009 |

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