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I'm Calling My Lawyer

I'm Calling My Lawyer English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Dec 01 2009

Themes: Soap Opera, Work

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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Mason did his best to make his company look good when he ran into Marni last week on the Ebaby! soap opera. He discovered that her rival international dating website is doing so well that she had to lease more space…in the same building as Devan’s company. Watch as Mason approaches Devan to tell her the bad news about her rival’s success.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Mason:  Oh my God, Devan!

Devan:  What’s goin’ on, Mason?

Mason:  I bumped into Marni outside, like, the other day.

Devan:  And…

Mason:  Stuff is goin’ down. OK. She says business is going awesome for her.

Devan:  You mean awful?

Mason:  No, I mean great as in, like, really good. She’s got way more than five members on her dating site. OK? I mean, she’s blowin’ us out of the water.

Devan:  Well, what else did she say?

Mason:  She said she got, like, accolades. I mean, she’s getting awards.

Devan:  What!?

Mason:  She won, like, an Oscar and a Drammy and, like, maybe a MacArthur grant. I couldn’t keep track of them all. There were so many.

Devan:  Getting a Drammy was my dream.

Mason:  I know. What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do?

Devan:  I should sue her.

Mason:  You could. But, I mean, didn’t you take her idea? Wasn’t this kind of her idea?

Devan:  Yeah. Her idea that she gave to me and then stole. And when people steal, you sue them.

Mason:  I see where you’re goin’. I see where you’re goin’.

Devan:  I should sue her.

Mason:  There’s just cause there.

Devan:  Maybe we should settle out of court, you know? Like, we don’t even have to win.

Mason:  Yeah, yeah, yeah. We could, like…We could serve her with a summons. I mean, she’s liable to be liable for something. You know?

Devan:  OK. Go find me a lawyer.

Mason:  Done!


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Mason comes into Devan’s office to tell her that he ran into Marni and her business is going so well that she has rented some space in Devan’s building. Marni’s company is even winning awards. Amazingly, she’s won some entertainment industry awards that don’t even make sense for an international dating site.

The awards are too much for Devan. She decides to sue Marni for copying her business model. Mason reminds her that a dating site for international students was Marni’s idea in the first place. But Devan says Marni gave her the idea, then stole it back, and asks Mason to find her a lawyer.

Have you ever sued anyone or been sued? Do you think Devan has a case?



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Russian Federation

I have never sued somebody, and never was sued ,thank God!!!!!!!!!

08:16 AM Sep 03 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Marni is very dastard

07:30 AM Aug 22 2012 |

desert swimmer

Saudi Arabia

Money makes the world go round. It is dumping friends and wiggling moods and emotions.

I think they should come up with a better idea to attract more members and get recognized.


06:29 PM Feb 12 2010 |


Saudi Arabia

I think that She has to  make sure that Marny really has done it ! Then she has the ability to sue her in the court.  In my opinion, we can learn from this stroy many things:1- Be aware while you want to explain your idea for people. Don't say what you have for anyone. espeicaly the once that you want to deal with likes idea or secrets.2- Try to be quiet and don't decide immeditally what ever the subject that you deal with.>>   I hope that I have gotten the main ideas !

10:35 AM Jan 11 2010 |





10:09 PM Jan 03 2010 |



Ilove you

12:07 AM Dec 15 2009 |



El Salvador

they don´t have to sue marni, they should care abt working harder and succed

11:17 PM Dec 10 2009 |



Russian Federation

Mason is awesome, the greatest playing in the whole soap opera

10:03 AM Dec 09 2009 |




I think Devan don't need to sue 1st of all the idea was Marni's. I think Mason wants them not to be friends or something like that. I have never been sued and never sued other people. Don't do bad steps think before you step into it. And that's all i want to say!Smile  

10:33 AM Dec 08 2009 |

s id

Saudi Arabia

i think  she shouldn`t  sue marni


08:45 PM Dec 07 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

Sue i never sued anyone in my life and noone sued me every one now that i'm a good man :)

05:15 PM Dec 07 2009 |




Let me think if I have ever been sued…no I don't think so. Once there was a situation close to trial, but it happened to be settled out of court. As for Devan, I personaly think she hasn't a good case. The whole affair is kinda tricky. But as they say, a good lawyer can work miracles, so let's keep track of the soap opera.

08:43 AM Dec 07 2009 |



Maybe settle out of court is the best way to solve it.

03:02 AM Dec 07 2009 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hi it's great

would u plz help me more?

07:59 PM Dec 06 2009 |



Russian Federation

If Devan tried to sue Marny in my country in this circumstanses she would have no chances to win the case 'cause the idea of a website is not an object for the right. Besides it was Marny's idea.

08:36 PM Dec 03 2009 |




i havent sued or been sued for anybody. devan is going way far with her envious from marni's bussiness. actually, if marni had the idea first, she could sue devan by taking her idea.

01:25 AM Dec 03 2009 |



hımmm :DD

02:45 PM Dec 02 2009 |



I haven't come here for a long time ``now,i'm come back

02:35 PM Dec 02 2009 |

Zhixiang Geng


Smile,I want to know the story after this video.

10:45 AM Dec 02 2009 |

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