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The Best Movie Endings

The Best Movie Endings

Date: Jan 13 2010

Themes: Pop Culture

Grammar: Zero Conditional


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Sometimes it just feels great to cry at a movie. Watching movies with sad endings like Titanic can help you let out all kinds of pent-up emotions. And you get to do it in the dark, where nobody can see you. Plus, after the lights come back on and you wipe your eyes, you don’t feel sad anymore. After all, it was only movie.

But a lot of people prefer movies with happy endings. They want to be entertained when they go see a film, not depressed. If an ending is too perfect, however, it might not be believable. Find out if Mason and Ella prefer movies with happy or sad endings.


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Ella:  Disney movies, they always have happy endings.

Mason:  You know, they do, but they always have some kind of sad element in there. Like there was Up, which had like a movie for the first five minutes and that had a sad ending, and then there was the rest of the movie and that had a happy ending. I mean, I gotta say, it’s probably kinda weird but ultimately I think I find sad endings a lot more interesting.

Ella:  I think for me it’s more about being realistic. I would prefer a happy ending ‘cause it still gives hope to what…if you compare it to your own life, you’d rather have a happy ending than a sad ending. But when it comes to movies I’d like it to be realistic.

Mason:  What about more ambiguous endings, you know, like The Graduate and stuff like that, where they leave it more open-ended?

Ella:  I guess it depends on how the movie went. ‘Cause if it’s ambiguous it’s like it’s open up to imagination, you can kind of go with it how you want. But if the whole movie sucked already and then there’s an ambiguous ending, it just makes me angry. What about you?

Mason:  I don’t know, I tend to find that when you shoot for realism, the open-ended ending is the realistic thing. This is something that happened, but it’s not the end of all things.


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Mason likes movies with sad endings better than movies with happy endings, because he thinks happy endings are usually boring. Sad endings are more complex and leave you with more to think about after you leave the movie theater.

Ella likes happy endings, as long as they are realistic. When an ending is too happy and perfect, she has a hard time believing it. But if her life were a movie, she would want it to end happily!

Some movies don’t really end happy or sad. They leave you wondering what is going to happen next, or they end in a way that could be happy or sad depending on how you look at it. Mason likes ambiguous endings and thinks they’re the most realistic.

Do you prefer movies with happy or sad endings? Which do you think are the most realistic? What are some of your favorite movie endings?



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are you looking for a jooob???

04:11 PM Aug 19 2014 |



Viet Nam

Normall movies with happy ending is good, but sad ending always leaves some lingering feeling with us for a while.

07:29 AM Aug 19 2014 |


Palestinian Territory, Occupied

I think the movies with sad ending are more intersting , more emotional and make us think alot and dont forget them easily

03:23 PM Jul 18 2012 |

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07:37 AM Feb 23 2011 |




I m a realist and so I like different endings. Happy endings are associated with fairy tales.

09:17 PM Feb 22 2011 |



Hello. I want to find frends.

02:16 PM Feb 22 2011 |



Hello. I want to find frends.

02:14 PM Feb 22 2011 |



Hello. I want to find frends.

02:14 PM Feb 22 2011 |



Hello. I wont to find frends.

02:12 PM Feb 22 2011 |



It is good thinth

02:10 PM Feb 22 2011 |




Capitals` Love…

you are the passion…

my poetic passion…

you are the life..

my lovely life…

you are the dream…

my all dreams..

you are the love…

my only love…

without you,have no reason to live…

without me,you have no reason to live..

so lets share a feelings…

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06:30 AM Jan 24 2010 |




Humm I don't know about it because I like both…I guess happy endings or sad one are cool make us to think or adapt…But it is important to mention happy endings are usually a little "liars",show us how life is "perfect" and sometimes it isn't :P

04:40 PM Jan 23 2010 |




I prefer movies with good endings, otherwise I feel bad and empty. Of course, if I know that the movie has a bad ending but it's interesting at the same time, I watch it anyway. I like films that make me think a lot. 

02:51 PM Jan 19 2010 |

Amar pandey


I like Realistic movie. It helps me to interpret the complexity of life. After all movies are the mirror of our society. whenever i go to cinema I come with a new thought.

According to me every movie presents an idea and we should try to get it. It does not matter whether it has sad ending or happy ending.

07:56 AM Jan 19 2010 |



i like movies with a twist…^^

07:28 AM Jan 19 2010 |




umm  I prefer movies with happy endings …. like august rush I left the theater feeling happy and the music is amazing. Plus Freddie Highmore is a good actor and i think he has a bright future ahead of him…. it was AWESOME MOVIE  :D:D:D

07:17 PM Jan 18 2010 |




i like both

it actualy depends on my mood what film i`ld like to watch at this moment

it seams to me that in real life can be both happy and sad endings

 my favorite movie endings with intriga

and I also like films with deep ideas.

10:24 AM Jan 18 2010 |



i like this kind of music,feel to me some conciosness, my sister's keeper is good,n have sad ending,but feel to u think'mother love thier children how much'...

05:18 PM Jan 17 2010 |




i like movies with happy ending.real life is cruel.i want to find a balance between dream and reality.

11:10 AM Jan 17 2010 |




I would go with Ella.I prefer realistic movies ,I don't care if it ends happily or sadly.

I like films with deep ideas.

04:17 PM Jan 16 2010 |

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