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Date: Feb 18 2010

Themes: Food, Hobbies

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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Good cooks make it look so easy. Using simple ingredients, they can whip up a delicious meal, bake a beautiful dessert, or create a gourmet snack. But we can’t all be gifted chefs. If you are not a good cook, putting food on the table every night might seem like a real chore. That’s when you end up having frozen pizza, cold sandwiches, or takeout every night.

In English, when someone is a really bad cook, we say he “can’t boil water,” since all that takes is some water, some heat, and a pot. For someone who’s that bad in the kitchen, even a cookbook isn’t much help. Find out if Marni and Dale know how to boil water.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Dale:  So, Marni, do you enjoy cooking?

Marni:  You know, cooking is something I’m just not very good at. I can boil water, but that’s about it.

Dale:  You don’t try? Are you not experimental?

Marni:  I feel like I’m always in a rut. I’ll get excited about something and it’s like I just go back to what I know. Like I can saute some onions, boil some water, make some pasta, and it just becomes the same old thing. I’m eating the same thing every night.

Dale:  Do you not like those cooking shows that are on TV, and kinda learn from them and get hungry, watching them cook this fabulous dinner?

Marni:  OK, well here’s the interesting thing about a lot of cooking shows, you know like the reality shows, they don’t really show you how to cook anything. It’s all like fast-paced, like making a meal. So I think cookbooks are a better resource.

Dale:  Do you use cookbooks?

Marni:  No. I should though.

Dale:  Cooking for me is like the most relaxing time. For me it’s more like an art feeling. I can step back, use all my senses at once, taste, smells, sight. Just the whole feeling about it.

Marni:  Do you use a lot of fresh herbs? Do you like to dice and chop and all that stuff?

Dale:  Yes. I love to do all those things. I think that’s the way that cooking should be. Nothing frozen, everything fresh.


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Dale loves to cook. He considers cooking an artform and finds it relaxing. He enjoys being in the kitchen where he can smell the food cooking and see the beautiful ingredients. For him, it’s important to use fresh, healthy ingredients.

Marni is an OK cook, but she often just makes the same thing. She isn’t very creative in the kitchen, and she doesn’t find cooking shows or cookbooks helpful. Cooking to Marni is something she only gets excited about sometimes. Usually, it is more of a chore for her.

Do you enjoy cooking, or is it just a chore? What are your favorite foods to cook?



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well… i like cooking sometimes but not very often!! its boring dont you think? lol..

12:56 AM Jan 29 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

mmmmmmmm cooking depends on moods, I guess.

if I was in mood that day, I would cook the best meal ever. If I wasn't, I would cook the worst ever. LoL


09:39 PM Jan 28 2010 |




I don't like cooking, I think cooking is boring. I cook pasta very often, almost everyday. It's delicious and doesn't take much time to be done with it.

08:31 AM Jan 28 2010 |





Cooking is an interesting thing. I like  to cook but just on a special occasion, for instane, birthday dinner or a bantquet for visitors. If I have to cook everyday, hum, I think it was just like Marni said it is a chore.

12:06 AM Jan 28 2010 |




So if i have to cook everyday or for people often, it looks a chore for me. Though, i like to do something different or delicious once in while, like sweets.

11:32 PM Jan 27 2010 |




Fortunately, i have a mum who can making the most delicious food:)


08:27 PM Jan 27 2010 |



I think cook maybe is a favorite thing for me !but sometimes,cook is a boring thing.so cook like my mood,sometimes good,sometimes bed.

06:57 AM Jan 27 2010 |



i think that the most delicious meal for me is "coscos" ,it is very famous here in morocco ,really i like it

06:51 PM Jan 26 2010 |

glassy heart

Saudi Arabia

i see my mom as a best cooker, she cooks special meal every day


04:54 PM Jan 26 2010 |



Cooking is a kind of art, especially in China. It focuses on not only the taste, but also the color and so many things. Wish u to taste the real Chinese food and enjoy it.

i like cooking, but i'm only an ok cook.

02:56 PM Jan 26 2010 |




cooking is interesting and relaxing. it's wonderful to enjoy the food done by yourself.

12:39 PM Jan 26 2010 |

rebel lee

rebel lee


I like cooking.You can cook whatever you want to eat,that is wonderful.And it's kind of achievement to cook.

But nowdays I am very busy,I do not have time to cook,that is sort of pity.

My favorite dish is "tomato and egg soap".Very very very decilious.

12:59 PM Jan 25 2010 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of


12:15 PM Jan 25 2010 |

Esra Y.

Esra Y.


I like cooking.But  I'm not skillful about the topic :) I prefer my mum's cooks :D

10:42 AM Jan 25 2010 |


Russian Federation

I like cooking, especially 'healthy' dishes, like low-fat, veg, etc. Sometimes they turn out 'too healthy' Foot in mouth and inedible…

09:57 AM Jan 25 2010 |



Russian Federation

I am much enthusiastic eater than cook Smile I am lucky that my bf doesn't mind to prove men cook and bake better than womenLaughing

05:29 AM Jan 25 2010 |


United States

I'm a good cook. I especially enjoy cooking desserts. Tonight I made cookies. They were plain, except for a mint flavored chocolate candy on top.

01:54 AM Jan 25 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

i like cooking  im saudi so my favorite  tradionnal meal is Kabsa

06:41 PM Jan 24 2010 |

s id

Saudi Arabia

 i don`t like cooking so much . but i have to cook every day for my family .  my family like my cooking v much . in weekend i cook a special dish for them 

06:18 PM Jan 24 2010 |

Nice shadow

United Arab Emirates

I like eating more than cook. Im not agood cook

06:09 PM Jan 24 2010 |

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