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Jump the Gun

Jump the Gun English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Mar 02 2010

Grammar: Simple Future Tense


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It has been a wild two weeks at the 2010 Winter Olympics for Ebaby! But Jason still has not done what he came to Vancouver to do. Time has almost run out for him to win a gold medal and save his friends.

But Jason won’t give up. He’s as dedicated as any Olympic athlete. He travels to an ice skating rink with the awesome pair of skates he found last week, ready to challenge the first person he meets to a speed skating competition. He’s so eager to compete for the gold, he has to be careful not to jump the gun.

This is Jason’s last chance to save his friends. Find out if he can become the first beginner speed skater in history to win an Olympic gold medal!

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Jason:  Welcome to English, baby! I’m Jason, here at the ice rink at Robson Square at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games. We’re gonna learn today about the phrase “jump the gun.” If you’re a speed skater, you have to start after the signal to start. Otherwise, you’re disqualified. You jumped the gun. So, I seem to have jumped the gun here. I’ve got my ice skates on even though I’m not on the ice rink. If you jump the gun, you do something before you’re supposed to. So, let’s fix this situation and get on the ice.

Jason:  Will you race me?

Competitor:  Sure.

Jason:  Can we race? Alright.

Jason:  What’s your name?

Austin:  Austin.

Jason:  Austin. Alright. Austin and I are gonna race.

Jason:  One, two…

Jason:  False start. I didn’t…I didn’t really beat you. I only false started.

Jason:  Austin is the winner! I false started. I jumped the gun. If you start too soon, you lose the race.

Jason:  English, baby!

Jason:  Are you from Canada?

Austin:  Yeah.

Jason:  Alright. Good job, man. Canada wins the gold in speed skating. English, baby! has to try another day.

Jason:  Man, I came all the way to the Olympics, it’s almost over, and I can’t believe I didn’t come away with a gold medal.

Jason:  Yeah? For me? Oh, wow!

Audience:  Yeah!

Jason:  Oh, wow. This nice Canadian woman just gave me a medal. What’s your name?

Suzy:  Suzy.

Jason:  Suzy, what’s my medal for?

Suzy:  Skating.

Jason:  Skating?

Suzy:  Yeah.

Jason:  I got it for skating after all! I got a gold medal! Thank you!

Suzy:  Canada!

Jason:  So, as soon as I got the gold medal, I came right back to the bowling alley to save my friends. And there was their kidnapper, waiting for me. I did it! I did it. I went to the Olympics and I brought back a gold medal. Now give me my friends back!

Kidnapper:  Let me see this.

Jason:  As soon as I presented the gold medal, the kidnapper realized it was fake and snapped it in half. But all of the experience I gained at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics was too intimidating, and the kidnapper left, and I set my friends free. Everything I learned turned out to be as good as gold .

Jason:  Yeah.

Jason:  Now get out of here! Because everything I learned at the Olympics was as good as gold!


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The Winter Olympics have ended, and Jason is ready to come home. But he would be jumping the gun if he left Vancouver without a gold medal.

When you jump the gun, you do something before you’re supposed to. In speed skating, the gun is the signal that the athletes can begin skating. If they start before the signal, they jump the gun. A speed skater can get disqualified if he jumps the gun in a race.

Jason jumps the gun and loses his race against Austin. Fortunately, Canadians are a very friendly bunch. A nice woman named Suzy gives Jason a gold medal just for trying. Jason goes right to the bowling alley to save his friends. The medal turns out to be fake, but Jason is still able to save the day. His experiences in Vancouver were as good as gold, even if the medal wasn’t.

Have you ever jumped the gun? What experiences have you had that were as good as gold?



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Good job, Jason! 

01:14 AM May 11 2010 |




Sure,who have never acted prematurely? Sometimes we jump the gun but if we think a little before we act like that we will able to avoid certain embarrassing situations if it occurs,in the other words "put their feet by the hands" ;)

08:57 PM Mar 31 2010 |



Syrian Arab Republic

i am always hurried so , i like to jump the gun .

but in many times it's not good because you will be a loser and false

my advice is don't be always rushing and chose the right time to go

manage and controll your self

05:00 PM Mar 15 2010 |

funda bulut


l think jason determined to save his friend and last he managed….....he was good at this action

07:57 AM Mar 10 2010 |




congratulations jason !!!


02:10 AM Mar 10 2010 |




I like it!

03:33 AM Mar 08 2010 |

sorry rgws

sorry rgws


ha,it seems so interesting.how i wish i could go there to feel the atmosphere of being a champinWink

04:05 AM Mar 06 2010 |



I want to jump the gun  Cool

10:14 AM Mar 03 2010 |



United States

@saeid_e I do not want!

09:23 PM Mar 02 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I have jumped the gun for living! I prefer to sleep some decades before coming back to life! Is there anyone who like to be in ?!!

08:12 PM Mar 02 2010 |




slm arkadaşlar ben ingilizce öğrenmek ve karakteri kişiliği yerine oturmuş,bilgi birikim ve donanım adına kendini yetiştirmil insanlarla tanışmak istiyorum …..

07:26 PM Mar 02 2010 |




Great lesson.

I don't remember whether I have jumped the gun. I compete rarely in this kind of sports.

01:02 PM Mar 02 2010 |



No, I haven't. Well, When I lived in Santa Barbara, California it was as good as gold. I learned aboud american culture, I travelled around California. I went to Florida. I visited Orlando, Miami and Orlando. I knew places, made friends and I could improve my English.

12:39 PM Mar 02 2010 |



          Well, I really liked this video and subject. I agree with Jason, his experience in Vancouver was as good as gold. I had an experience like that When I studied in California – USA it was as good as gold. I learned a lot about american culture and improve my English.

12:22 PM Mar 02 2010 |




thanks for these Vancouver Olympics lessons, I have learned alot about the Winter game from themSmile

12:04 PM Mar 02 2010 |

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