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Sure Signs

Sure Signs English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Mar 09 2010

Themes: Romance, Soap Opera

Grammar: Zero Conditional


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How can you tell if someone is interested in you? There are lots of ways, but it can be confusing. If someone likes to laugh and joke with you, there might be something there. Of course if someone ignores you and is a little mean to you, it might mean they’re actually hiding feelings for you as well.

It gets even more confusing if you’re trying to tell if someone you like also likes you. You’re likely to see what you want to see, or miss a good sign because you’re afraid.

Mason has a bit of a crush on Ella, but he can’t tell if she likes him back. Help Jason help Mason figure it out.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jason:  So, do you remember, like, the other day when we were sitting here?

Mason:  Yeah.

Jason:  And we were talking about how you liked Ella and then, like, everyone showed up and we started singing.

Mason:  Mm-hm.

Jason:  That was awesome.

Mason:  I know, right. That was a…I didn’t even know you could do stuff like that. I thought it was just Disney movies.

Jason:  Totally.

Mason:  But, you know, speaking of Disney movies, there’s always some pretty clear signs that, like, a girl is into a dude.

Jason:  Right. So, you think she’s into you, too?

Mason:  I mean, I think so. Like, I definitely have noticed her, you know, red in the face a lot around me. And, you know, she definitely seems kinda awkward, like she doesn’t know what she’s gonna say because she’s probably too choked up with emotion, right, and she doesn’t know how to act around me and that would explain the weird distance that I feel.

Jason:  Does she ever, like, touch you casually if you make a joke or something and she’s laughing?

Mason:  I mean, she pushes me a lot, which I always interpreted…That’s like playground love, right. Like, if someone punches you, then they’re into you, right?

Jason:  Right.

Mason:  Because she gave me kind of a charley horse the other day that’s still hurting.

Jason:  Really?

Mason:  From…yeah.

Jason:  What prompted the charley horse? That sounds pretty flirty.

Mason:  I mean, I don’t know. I was just there staring at her, you know, midriff and I think she was just showing her appreciation for that gesture. I don’t know.

Jason:  It sounds like maybe she was just wanted to punch you in the arm because you’re staring at her.

Mason:  Because she wanted to see how strong I am and if I could take it. Because she needs her men to be strong protectors. Right?

Jason:  Maybe. I don’t know, man. Does she…

Mason:  Well, what are your…Like, what are the signs that you pick up? Like, traditional…Like, this is the green light.

Jason:  If you can kind of riff with someone. If you, like, make a joke and then they make a similar joke back and you just kind of go back and forth. And, um, just them kind of making excuses to be near you physically. Like, sitting down next to you when there’s a space available that’s not next to you. Stuff like that.

Mason:  Yeah, that doesn’t happen. And so, maybe I just haven’t been leaving enough available space. I like to sprawl. I’m a sprawling kind of guy. So, maybe I just need to, like, leave a spot.

Jason:  It is tough to tell, though. It’s tough to tell, so…

Mason:  OK.


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Mason likes Ella and he thinks she likes him back. She pushes him and punches him just like little kids on the playground do when they like each other, so she must be into him.

But Jason asks Mason if he and Ella joke around together or if she ever touches his arm or sits close to him. Those are a couple of things Jason thinks you can pick up on if you’re trying to see if someone likes you.

What do you think? Is Ella being flirty and giving Mason the green light, or would she prefer if he left her alone? What do you think is the best way to tell if someone likes you?



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United States

I think that he really likes Ella, but he has stop talking with his friend and find out what she thinks about him. He can invite Ella to a special dinner and show signs of interest for her, so that way she might do something too.

good luck Mason. Don't forget to bring flowers!

11:48 PM Apr 08 2010 |




Hummm I don't know…She behaved a little strange because she was in strage situation,do you remember? She was having a type of "astral projection" and she was afraid and He appeared in an out of turn…To me is clear when a girls is into me so the gestures are reciprocal and the stuff flows ;)

07:47 PM Apr 06 2010 |



If someone really like you, they would really care about you and everything about you. So you can tell form their speakings and behaviors.

03:50 AM Mar 20 2010 |



It's good.I like learing english very much!However,my english is bad,I need help from others!

02:02 PM Mar 16 2010 |




duo of goofy , why u are spending the time taking abt speculations . come on guys . dont be like u are .. (shy , silly ,so on ) if u want to conquer a beautiful girl like ella , u have to be like u are , do u best , dont speculate abt the future , pls guys.

12:51 AM Mar 16 2010 |

Mebal Lee

Mebal Lee


the sure signs thing is difficult to detect….why don't they tell out? i think the best way is to write letters, hahaha~~ or invite others to wander around. Love will come in time.

10:00 AM Mar 14 2010 |




that was so fast for me to follow the conversation

03:10 AM Mar 14 2010 |




in fact anyone cant make sure if other person like him or no ,so if she is interested in him she would tell him sooner or later or she is not she wont tell him.

in love world there is not exact judgement so guess guess maybe your guess come true maybe come wrong is as lottery.

11:39 AM Mar 12 2010 |




I´m quite sure she don´t like him… (agreeing with candycandice note)

07:26 PM Mar 11 2010 |



The most interesting part in love when it comes to your closest friend and advisor.

You will have a kind of discussion Jason and Mason had. And she/he is going to provide some advices ,suggestions and feedback and it depends on her/his level of expertise in this field. There are two possiblities for these kinds of persons either they help you achieve your goal or mess up the stuff. Usually they mess up!

07:26 AM Mar 10 2010 |

laura, baby!


well I think she doesn´t like him in that way, it could be, I don´t know, her  signals are not very clear. For me the best way is say your feelings directly and see what happens, and maybe receive a no.

07:57 PM Mar 09 2010 |



cool but some people hide their feelings so U cant know if they have a crush in u or not  .... but it's better this way ,u r wondering if the other person likes u or not then u gotta find it out  haha …..

03:53 PM Mar 09 2010 |



guessing if someone likes you is an uncertain business :D

there's actually no clear signs. for it depends on the person ,some people are so comfortable they act with much ease and openly  so it's all the same for them but some people can misinterpret some of their moves or gesture , so to know if someone like you you have to know if he's doing something special and unique with only you i mean the way he talk to you and stuff…

even though it's as mick said embarrassing to misunderstand someone ..and trying hard to be close to them when actually there's nothing there so for me the best thing is just wait for the word " I LIKE YOU " to come directly with no doubts and headache :D

11:51 AM Mar 09 2010 |



Russian Federation

Yeah, it's interesting topic! :) And I agree that the matter is to interpret those signs correctly!

 could anyone write some more 'signs' that can help to understand what's on their mind? ;)

11:00 AM Mar 09 2010 |




lol yeah, it's really hard to tell if someone has a feeling for you, it's tough to conclude 'cause sometimes it's embarrasing if you misinterpret their actions, you thought he has a crush on you but the truth is there isn't really. I've also noticed that, when my crush is around me I'm not comfortable especially when he sit right next to me and most of the time I can't ride on their(friends) jokes.I get blush easily as well, which is so I don't like:(

I think Ella has also a bit of crush on Mason:) or maybe she's just that sweet or comfortable of doing stuff like that 'cause they are close friends.

08:51 AM Mar 09 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

ok. that was good but lil be fast.i did catch their words, but some i didnt

08:41 AM Mar 09 2010 |



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08:03 AM Mar 09 2010 |



Syrian Arab Republic

I try to focuse my mind to get Mr.Mason but he was so fast speaking

06:19 AM Mar 09 2010 |

Ahn Soo-hyun

South Korea

It is hard to hear this conversation. Without introduction, I can't understand what they said. Maybe it was the subject I like 'love', but I didn't understand well. Anyway, have a happy day!!!

05:13 AM Mar 09 2010 |

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