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Last Chance

Last Chance English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Mar 16 2010

Themes: Soap Opera, Work

Grammar: First Conditional


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Ella and Dale may push papers in office jobs these days, but longtime fans of As the World Learns will remember that they used to be detectives. They used to solve mysteries, like who kidnapped Beren. So maybe they can help figure out what is going on with Devan’s company. All the furniture has recently been packed up, but Devan says nothing is wrong.

See how Dale and Ella handle this situation and watch Ella use her psychic powers to figure out what’s going on!

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.







Dale:  OK, Ella. Do you know…I was in the hallway and there was a copier, there was, just, a bunch of office equipment. I don’t know what’s going on, but everything is going.

Ella:  Are you sure?

Dale:  I am positive. I think everything is going. This is mine and this is staying here.

Ella:  I think that’s…Oh.

Dale:  No, this is staying here.

Ella:  OK.

Dale:  Well…

Ella:  You know what, I’m gonna start using some of our old detective stuff. I’m gonna feel it out. We’re gonna figure this out, OK.

Dale:  OK, figure it out.

Ella:  Yeah.

Dale:  I’m gonna take this one, too.

Ella:  Oh, sorry.

Dale:  Can you go figure it out?

Ella:  OK.

Devan:  Hey, Ella. How’s it goin’?

Ella:  Hey, Devan. What’s happenin’?

Devan:  Oh, you know, just taking some business notes.

Ella:  Where’s your chair?

Devan:  I’ve decided to work on my posture, because the chair was making me slouch.

Ella:  Where’s your light bulb?

Devan:  It’s ah…

Ella:  I mean, Dale was saying some funny things, but…

Devan:  No. This is…

Ella:  You’re starting to worry me a little, here.

Devan:  No, no, no. It’s like a Feng Shui thing. Like, it’s called minimalism. It’s all the rage in Manhattan right now.

Ella:  Your stuff is all over there. I mean, you haven’t really got rid of it.

Devan:  Well, it’s, like, the whole “out of sight, out of mind” thing for inner peace, you know.

Ella:  So, the company is OK?

Devan:  Oh, yes. Yes. It’s great. It’s never been better, in fact.

Ella:  Well, I shouldn’t, like, look for jobs or anything like that.

Devan:  No. Don’t you dare. If she goes to work for Marni, I’ll kill her. You are not abandoning me. We’re in this together. I mean, everything is good.

Ella:  So, we’re rising.

Devan:  We’re rising together. Luckily, she doesn’t know about the lawsuit. And the fact that if we lose the lawsuit, we’re gonna go out of business.

Ella:  So, it’s OK if we lose this lawsuit to Marni?

Devan:  What do you mean?

Ella:  As in, the company is going under.

Devan:  How did you know that? I mean…OK. It’s true. If we don’t win this lawsuit, we’re ruined. But you cannot tell the others. Because if they know, they’re gonna freak out and we need to be…

Ella:  Just, stay calm.

Devan:  ...level minded when we go into this thing. No freaking out. OK.

Ella:  No freaking out.

Devan:  Please don’t tell the others.

Ella:  OK.

Devan:  But there’s a lot riding on this lawsuit. So, if you know anyone that knows anything about, you know, like, law or suing or lawyers.

Ella:  Winning.

Devan:  Tell them to call me, OK?

Ella:  OK.


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Dale is scared that the company is closing, so Ella goes to talk to their boss, Devan, to see what she can figure out. Ella used to be a detective, and now she can read minds, so she should be able to get some information.

Devan says the company is doing great, but Ella listens to her thoughts and discovers that she is going to sue Marni’s company, and that if she doesn’t win, the business will close.

Ella agrees to keep Devan’s secret so that everyone will stay calm. You probably can’t read minds, but have you ever discovered that someone is keeping a secret from you?



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I know if someone is keeping a secret. The way they act, they talk and react on something is different; especially when you know that person like the back of your hand. It’s easy to read.

08:03 AM Jul 13 2011 |




Oh yeah sure…I'm a little "sensitive" so I'm able to discover some things that people hide from me,I usually to notice the signs! my intuition is very strong ;)

12:09 AM Apr 15 2010 |




I always know someone is keeping a secret from me.Becase everyone has secret they won't tell others,even your parents,your brothers and sisters,and your husband.So sometimes,we just wait for them to tell you,give them some space

03:40 AM Apr 08 2010 |


Syrian Arab Republic

how are you

06:43 PM Mar 28 2010 |



she really going through bad times they should stay together during this cricies


07:12 PM Mar 26 2010 |




it's about financial crisis

10:28 PM Mar 24 2010 |



Secrets are made to be kept but once revealed it spreads like a virus. However, the girls should trust themselves otherwise theywouldn't go long with the company


07:48 PM Mar 22 2010 |

Basheer Afridi

United Arab Emirates

visit my link http://teamvalue.blogspot.com/ fantastic opportunity

04:45 PM Mar 22 2010 |




Like hundreds times i did so. People like different mysteries and secrets, the question is how far you can go protecting a secret  (The Reader).

01:25 PM Mar 22 2010 |

*butterfly wings*

Saudi Arabia

everyone got secrets and i think it is not wise to tell your secrets to others unless u trust the person you are telling your secret to :)

04:06 AM Mar 22 2010 |



Hong Kong

Save that Fung Shui can arrange the space well, it can also improve our fortune.  I like this topic of Fung Shui very much.  If anyone want to know more about Fung Shui, I can share my limit knowledge with you.

02:52 PM Mar 20 2010 |




i think , devan should talk with the rest of ur crew and put the papars on the table , bcs if she talk with them , may be they can aid her.


10:07 PM Mar 18 2010 |

Lee Daybreak


it is a strange phenomenon.is it  the honesty to her boss?but it's not fair for other co-workers.

09:09 AM Mar 17 2010 |



actually, i am not a good secret keeper. if you tell me a secret , i can not help telling my friends. this is me, i mostly have no secret. so i have never ask anyone else to keep a secret from me.

07:07 AM Mar 17 2010 |




yes, i think some secrets are still kept. well, i cant help, all i can do its waiting for these people tell me the truth.

12:38 AM Mar 17 2010 |



Bosnia and Herzegovina

i like it


09:49 PM Mar 16 2010 |

spong bob

spong bob

Saudi Arabia

i think devan should tell the others about such as this important things because it's serios thing and it depends about how do they will live.

07:47 PM Mar 16 2010 |



This is a complicated situation. I can't hide any secret to anyone. If your company has a problem you'll have to tell to someone. Business is business. I don't agree with Devan, she needs to solve this problem.

04:25 PM Mar 16 2010 |

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