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Check Someone Out

Check Someone Out English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: May 11 2010

Themes: Romance, Work

Grammar: Phrasal Verbs


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It can be nice to be looked at. If someone looks you in the eye as you shake hands, that’s a good feeling. And who wouldn’t want to be so good-looking that as you walk down the street, people turn to look at you?

But there’s a kind of look that, at the wrong time, can be really inappropriate and offensive. It’s the kind of look that implies sexual desire and it’s called checking someone out.

When someone checks you out, they usually look at your whole body rather slowly. In the right context, checking someone out can be a compliment. If you’re out at a party and someone you have a crush on checks you out, it probably means the feelings of attraction are mutual.

But it’s not really appropriate to check someone out in an office. See what happens when Mason notices Jeff checking his coworker Ella out on his way out of the office. Of course, Mason has been known to check out Ella himself. But when he sees someone else doing it, it’s different.

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Mason:  Excuse me, friend! Excuse me, a moment of your time?

Jeff:  How can I help you?

Mason:  Yeah, I’d like to know what you were doing checking my friend Ella out?

Jeff:  What are you talking about?

Mason:  I think you know! I saw you checking her out!

Jeff:  Excuse me, let me introduce myself. I’m Jeff with Heathcoat and Silverman.

Mason:  I don’t want to shake that hand, Silverman. Silver fox! I’m not having it! Not until you treat my friend Ella like a lady! With respect!

Jeff:  Are you accusing me of checking that employee out?

Mason:  I am absolutely accusing you of checking that employee out! Looking her up and down! Giving her the once over!

Jeff:  I haven’t the slightest what you’re talking about.

Mason:  Gazing with a sexual intent? I mean what else would you call that other than “checking someone out”? Huh? I’d like to know!

Jeff:  Hey, we don’t have to take it there. This is a professional environment, I think we can talk this out.

Mason:  Oh yeah?

Jeff:  However I can make you feel at ease in this situation.

Mason:  Oh! That sounds great! You know what makes me feel at ease? Stay the heck away from her.

Jeff:  We’re working out a deal so you’re going to be seeing a lot of me around here.

Mason:  Oh really?

Jeff:  Yes.

Mason:  I’m a janitor, my friend. You don’t want to know what I’m capable of.

Jeff:  I’m at a loss for words here.

Mason:  Oh yeah? You’re at a loss for words? I’m at a loss for hat now, friend! It just got serious up in here! If I see you checking out my friend again I’ll see you in court! Hats off!


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As he’s leaving the office, Jeff pauses to check Ella out. Mason notices and follows after him. He’s angry and tells Jeff not to check Ella out again. Jeff denies that he checked her out and says he has no idea what Mason is talking about.

It sure did look like Jeff gave Ella the once over, but Mason might be particularly sensitive about it because he has a crush on her. Do you think Mason is overreacting? When is it OK to check someone out?



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11:09 PM May 11 2010 |




I think so kkkk

06:03 PM May 11 2010 |




First of all… that hat is a weird one… that was funny… lolollol

And clearly everyone can see that mason is obviously overreacting… But, come on, that is totally understandable when the person has a crush with other…

And think when we check someone out, it's just because we feel sexual attraction by…

But at the other side I believe that is a bit embarassed to who receive that looked up and down…

well, that happens everytime… it's not a big deal rsrs,

otherwise, it's hilarius at many moments… rsrsrs… mainly if who looks give too a pickup line… for sure something good to see and laugh… :)

05:32 PM May 11 2010 |

munhozsonecaSuper Member!


The way that Jeff checked Ella out was a bit rude.

In my opinion if you check someone out in a discrete way it is ok for me. If you think an woman is attractive why not check out? But you can't do it every time, there is some inappropriete places to do this! For example, not in a work environment!

And I agree with abracadabra if you check someone out in a gentle way, it can improve the person's mood!


05:30 PM May 11 2010 |




I agree with everything what kobiet.ka wrote. ;))

05:12 PM May 11 2010 |



Oh, i think there's a really fine line between just looking at someone and checking someone out. However, as long as the way of checking you out is not rude, we should be happy we are attractive and we draw others attention! ;D

04:48 PM May 11 2010 |




it doesn't matter whose crush is on whom!!. but Checking someone out is totally a wrong act !!..

04:02 PM May 11 2010 |





03:57 PM May 11 2010 |




That girl is dressed like a clown.  And Mason is clearly insane. That's probably why he chose that hat actually.

03:42 PM May 11 2010 |





03:34 PM May 11 2010 |




things that happen!

03:10 PM May 11 2010 |



if i have got a girlfriend, i donn't allow someone to check my girlfriend out.

01:47 PM May 11 2010 |




The scene is so amazing! I appreciate it ! I am alway on the back of ebaby cast!

            now i have a vivid imagine about the phrase "check some out" in my heat,i am sure i will not forget this phrase, and i know how to use it!

now i make a sentence : please mind yourself ,do not check somebody out in your way ,maybe you will get a slap from the person you gaze on!

          if i was checked out i would be nerous, cus i did not sure if something was wrong with me !

but it is a common scene in any country!

09:03 AM May 11 2010 |



Check someone out is a common human behaviour. However checking someone out in the office premises is not advisable. I think to restrict the tendency watching some one with sexy intention in the office, some dress code should be implemented for gents as well as for ladies employee. The decent dress code may help to restrict the provoking feeling among the staff during office hours. I also feel that some training should be imparted to employee to make them aware how to behave in the office.

In our lesson Mason has developed soft corner towards Ella. Mason himself has been checking out Ella and every buddy is aware about that however he has problem it some one else is doing the same. I think it not wise that Jeff should check out Ella in office premises and also in party or any other places if Ella have any objection.

08:41 AM May 11 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

this video is so funny.i like it…

08:02 AM May 11 2010 |



This video always makes me smile…

07:15 AM May 11 2010 |




Mason is in love with her and explains everything

07:07 AM May 11 2010 |




I understand Mason he is in love with her and it explaince his behavior in this case. But girls why do U constantly complain of being checked out when U are walking in  the streets. U should wear much more modest clothing

07:06 AM May 11 2010 |



I think check someone out is a non-separable phrasal verb.

02:31 AM May 11 2010 |



There is no match between the MP3 and the discussion session, anyway, I think Mason is overreacting, but I won't put all the blame on him cause he got a crush on her, Personally it's OK to check someone out in a public place or in an informal circumstance when you're hang out with your peeps not with your significant other. Innocent

02:24 AM May 11 2010 |

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