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Check Someone Out

Check Someone Out English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: May 11 2010

Themes: Romance, Work

Grammar: Phrasal Verbs


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It can be nice to be looked at. If someone looks you in the eye as you shake hands, that’s a good feeling. And who wouldn’t want to be so good-looking that as you walk down the street, people turn to look at you?

But there’s a kind of look that, at the wrong time, can be really inappropriate and offensive. It’s the kind of look that implies sexual desire and it’s called checking someone out.

When someone checks you out, they usually look at your whole body rather slowly. In the right context, checking someone out can be a compliment. If you’re out at a party and someone you have a crush on checks you out, it probably means the feelings of attraction are mutual.

But it’s not really appropriate to check someone out in an office. See what happens when Mason notices Jeff checking his coworker Ella out on his way out of the office. Of course, Mason has been known to check out Ella himself. But when he sees someone else doing it, it’s different.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Mason:  Excuse me, friend! Excuse me, a moment of your time?

Jeff:  How can I help you?

Mason:  Yeah, I’d like to know what you were doing checking my friend Ella out?

Jeff:  What are you talking about?

Mason:  I think you know! I saw you checking her out!

Jeff:  Excuse me, let me introduce myself. I’m Jeff with Heathcoat and Silverman.

Mason:  I don’t want to shake that hand, Silverman. Silver fox! I’m not having it! Not until you treat my friend Ella like a lady! With respect!

Jeff:  Are you accusing me of checking that employee out?

Mason:  I am absolutely accusing you of checking that employee out! Looking her up and down! Giving her the once over!

Jeff:  I haven’t the slightest what you’re talking about.

Mason:  Gazing with a sexual intent? I mean what else would you call that other than “checking someone out”? Huh? I’d like to know!

Jeff:  Hey, we don’t have to take it there. This is a professional environment, I think we can talk this out.

Mason:  Oh yeah?

Jeff:  However I can make you feel at ease in this situation.

Mason:  Oh! That sounds great! You know what makes me feel at ease? Stay the heck away from her.

Jeff:  We’re working out a deal so you’re going to be seeing a lot of me around here.

Mason:  Oh really?

Jeff:  Yes.

Mason:  I’m a janitor, my friend. You don’t want to know what I’m capable of.

Jeff:  I’m at a loss for words here.

Mason:  Oh yeah? You’re at a loss for words? I’m at a loss for hat now, friend! It just got serious up in here! If I see you checking out my friend again I’ll see you in court! Hats off!


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As he’s leaving the office, Jeff pauses to check Ella out. Mason notices and follows after him. He’s angry and tells Jeff not to check Ella out again. Jeff denies that he checked her out and says he has no idea what Mason is talking about.

It sure did look like Jeff gave Ella the once over, but Mason might be particularly sensitive about it because he has a crush on her. Do you think Mason is overreacting? When is it OK to check someone out?



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Come on Mason , you were blowing this matter out of proportion, you have had a jealousy  fit , if not , why were you putting  up this scene  . Best of luck with “your” Ella, otherwise, you better start sending out job applications or move to another office.  

05:29 PM Nov 28 2011 |



Syrian Arab Republic

i think when  Ella doesnt wear such cloths ,the misundersatnding will fanish and every thing ‘ll go right.i mean Mason and Jef ‘ll be friendsWink

04:13 PM Nov 28 2011 |


Russian Federation

Of course, if man looks at woman too narrowly it's roughly.But if he makes it in more appropriate way(nobody notices this) it's OK. Cause every woman and if she is very attractive catches man eye. It's a nature

05:17 PM Apr 09 2011 |

Nagendra Yadav


Phrasal verb are very difficult to understand and learn correctly.

This is very hard in remains. 


09:51 AM Aug 18 2010 |




oh,such a nice friend

i think checking sb out like the jeff guy is so unpolite

that kind of checking isn't  welcomed by women unless they like the man too

and they'll give him the once over in return~

05:21 AM Jun 14 2010 |




Humm I guess yes…It is true that he tried to defend his friend Ella,but they are not dating! And it is hard for us when we like someone and other people look at the person we like with desire! But it doesn't give the right to Mason to have the reaction he had :P

08:04 PM Jun 10 2010 |



woow I'd like to check someone out like that girl

..... I love it >>>>>>> lol

05:48 AM Jun 04 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

it is very bad habbit of some men , ofcourse it is not acceptable for no one . then i really hate this habbit .


12:09 PM May 29 2010 |


Dominican Republic

if i see a beautiful woman in front of me is  something  normal that I m going to look at   her   because in man is something normal we cannot let pass the oportunity to check out up and  down a sexy lady 

12:53 AM May 26 2010 |



I really hate when older man is standing and starring at me. I feel embarrased and a bit confused, but to be honest- I agree with some people who says it was because of my appearence- clothes I have put on. Anyway sometimes older guys could stop looking at my legs cause it's really disgusting. What about checking up and down? Everyone does it, but I think it's rude and shouldn't be so casual. It depends on the situation, but I like checking some handsome guys out in a bus sometimes.

I agree withsmb who said what checkingpeople out is our nature. ;) Human nature.

07:36 PM May 24 2010 |



oh man People check others out all the time … sometimes they pretend like they don't do that but all like to check people out coz we all are very curious naturally.

09:05 AM May 19 2010 |


United Arab Emirates

I learned something new "Silver Fox"!, well checking someone out is not that bad if the other person likes it! but you know it is embarassing thing when someone checks me out and flirt with sweet words I just become at loss for words! "especially if he is a fox" Cool. But Overall, its not a good thing! Its embarassing.

08:07 AM May 15 2010 |



he is reallyu checking her out, i think the guy is 'stylish'


05:06 PM May 14 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

this is not respect if the man looking always in weman … we are in the good live there are aroll of it but what we doing this person like that man are play in our live and we just look for them without defense about our live


>> he is very sad :)

12:33 PM May 14 2010 |



i adore that side

08:27 AM May 14 2010 |



Russian Federation

Mason is overreacting. If Ella was his significant one in that case his behavior would be right. In other way he's wrong.

04:15 PM May 13 2010 |



it's been very nice to study on this website!

02:27 PM May 13 2010 |



I learned something new today againSmile

12:57 PM May 13 2010 |

Sweet DreamsSuper Member!

Saudi Arabia

In all over the word , checking someone out is considered as inappropriate manner, because it is a matter of personal  ethics and values that all people have in their soul ever since they born ,which mean  it is not connected to a specific culture.

11:58 AM May 12 2010 |



South Korea

it's so great nobody checking me out.

11:58 PM May 11 2010 |

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