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straighten up

straighten up

Date: Jun 10 2010

Themes: Sports


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“My dad would be very disappointed in me. I wish I could have had his guidance through all of this to help straighten me up.”

- Tiger Woods on what his father would think of his infidelities. (Us Weekly)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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behave better

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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Even though Tiger Woods recently returned to golf, nobody has forgotten his major scandal from earlier this year. He used to have a clean and wholesome image, but now he seems like someone who seriously needs to straighten up.

The expression straighten up is short for straighten up and fly right. This is an old military saying that means stop messing around, and start acting right.

The word straight is often associated with doing the right thing. If you are straight with someone, you are honest with that person. Someone who is straight and narrow always acts in a proper and morally correct way. You can straighten up your life by improving your behavior, or you can straighten up your room by making it neat and tidy.

Tiger says he wishes his dad were still alive to help straighten him out. We often rely on our parents to keep us on the straight and narrow path.

Do you believe that Tiger Woods has straightened up? Have you ever needed to straighten up? Do you know anyone who needs to straighten up now?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“If Derek doesn’t straighten up, his girlfriend is going to leave him.”

“Tyler’s parents hope that military school will straighten him up.”

“I used to get into a lot of trouble, but after I had my daughter I straightened up for her.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

xin7 to go back to the right way
by xin7
I think it means he wants his father to help him get back to the normal position, or not to commit those mistakes again.
by Mr.Bean's wife
by rmtzn
Ahshan help sb turn to be right,help someone change himself or herself to do something well.
by Ahshan

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The success rate of the students and individuals is taking place and accentuating the space and room for the progress http://writesmyessay.net/ and triumph. It is inquisitive and successive. The roadmap for the triumph is very clear and helpful.

07:40 AM Oct 14 2015 |




Humm I guess everyone deserve a second chance isn't it? Sure,everyone was a "naughty" person or commeted wrong things once right ;)

11:44 PM Jul 14 2010 |




straighten up and never give up

11:09 PM Jun 14 2010 |




instead of this  phrase here in mexico we say "to put in waist". by the other hand in thin tigger was straighten up by his father, remember "Like father, like son"


09:57 PM Jun 14 2010 |



I need to straighten up. totally lost about future

12:38 PM Jun 14 2010 |



Dominican Republic

well, i guess we all need to straighten up from time to time it costs but, at the end ii will worth it.

06:29 PM Jun 10 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

there is no one in this life never do mistakes , but the real mistake is that still do mistakes , always come back to the right and never feel shy.

good luck 

11:10 AM Jun 10 2010 |



Sri Lanka

I think strainghten up  means go right way force to it & honest

10:39 AM Jun 10 2010 |

spider girl


well my perception of this phrase is that…... he desires,  his father was there beside him to help him bounce back to the right track or path of life as usually parents are the first and most honest help to their children no matter what your age is.

06:30 AM Jun 10 2010 |



United Kingdom

wait, what's the difference between straighten up and straighten out? :S

04:29 AM Jun 10 2010 |




nice lesson!nice words! nice terms! nice phrases!i love it!
every single day when you think back all the stuff you do during the day lying in the bed ,you could find out how much you get and what else you need to straighten up,such thing can make you look gorgeous in your everyday life,such thing could lift you up in some aspacts you staying in loop of!
i used to straighten up myself each day! it is a happy life for me ,a wishful life,a hopeful life,a enjoyful life ,totally! a nice life ! hehe ! enjoy it ,cus it worth it all!

03:38 AM Jun 10 2010 |



Who knows, just hoping so, yeah I have once needed straightened up, keep processing now, uummm, I think some people need to straighten up now here… haha..

02:27 AM Jun 10 2010 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


I really dont understand why they made such a big scandal because of his attitude. I am sure there are lots of famous men who have done the same and the media has not focused on it the same way. :S

07:12 PM May 27 2010 |



I can realize it now,thank you for the lesson!

05:42 AM May 27 2010 |



I have been busying for a long time,but ,from now on ,i will study english everyday!come on !

05:39 AM May 27 2010 |

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