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shut down

shut down

Date: Jul 22 2010

Themes: Romance


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“I never shut down anyone who’s willing to ask me out unless he’s a total jerk. It takes a lot for a guy to ask out a girl like me.”

- Cameron Diaz on dating. (US Magazine)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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reject or deny

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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Getting rejected by someone you like doesn’t feel good. Sometimes it might even feel like that person flipped a switch and shut you down. One minute you were excited and hopeful, and the next minute, everything turned dark.

Normally, we shut down machines by turning them off. When you leave work at night, you probably shut down your computer. But in the dating world, to shut someone down means something different. Imagine you’re at a bar, and a stranger comes up to you and offers to buy you a drink. Instead of answering him, you just give him a mean look and walk away. You just rejected that poor guy, or shut him down.

You’d expect a beautiful movie star like Cameron Diaz to shut guys down all the time. But she says she’s pretty open minded about dating. She won’t shut down anyone right away, unless he acts like a complete creep. So the next time you see Cameron, go ahead, ask her out!

Have you ever been shut down by someone you liked? Is there a nice way to shut someone down?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“I thought Jaime liked Anna, so I was surprised when he shut her down.”

“Kelly doesn’t know how to shut people down without hurting their feelings.”

“I wouldn’t shut anyone down just based on looks.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

caandrade to reject someone, to reject an invitation
by caandradeSuper Member!
xin7 reject
by xin7
to shut down means to reject someone
by monacovalentina
primula shut down means to forbid or to cease
by primula
chomo refuse
by chomo
nour_2 shut down=say no to someone
by nour_2
I think it means turn down an offer.
by Mr.Bean's wife
Meshaa refuse
by Meshaa
luu.-21 To shut down means ''to refuse, deny or stopped someone to do something''
by luu.-21
engm1 stop some on before saying any thing or doing any thing
by engm1
nono_cute hmmmm embarrassing someone by refusing his invetation
by nono_cute
maybe to blow someone off
by Miss Talant
Turn someone down
by Seven Pounds
jos235 keep someone on a distance, reject somebody?
by jos235
Gellerke reject
by Gellerke
kiri10 shut down here means, to refuse one's offer
by kiri10
angie.liu refuse
by angie.liu
reject; deny
by Bitten by an Arab bug

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shut down means reject someone

02:18 PM Jul 24 2011 |




do not let someone get closer to you and start a new relationship or just don’t allow them being your friends.



07:24 PM May 23 2011 |



it means reject someone.

09:26 AM Aug 20 2010 |




Humm I'm pretty shy so I never spent "ammunition" traying to get closer to someone I think it really hard! :P I'm shy what can I do?! But I'm not so shy to get closer to someone that was reciprocal to me,I'm not a jerk! But nowadays I'm less shy than beforetime so when I see a opportunity I don't waver! ;)

I guess it not exists a good way to "shut down" someone because people always will feel bad ultimately…

07:59 PM Aug 04 2010 |




 i was shut down twice. but i got over it, sometimes its better the person be honest with you than hurting your feelings later.

11:51 PM Jul 26 2010 |



it means to dump someone….

05:36 AM Jul 26 2010 |

Holmes nash phil


Shut down means to reject something.

08:53 PM Jul 25 2010 |


El Salvador

i suggest that you watch some english news channel and you will get familiar with words and sentences. you will notice that your ears will start getting used to english very easily. and you will be surprised how important is listening and speaking… moreover, here you have a link that teach you how to learn english with the news.  check this out http://www1.voanews.com/learningenglish/home/   when you surf this web just click twice on a word that you dont know and it will show you and explain you the meaning in a friendly way… get ready to go pals !!!!

05:46 PM Jul 25 2010 |



Hong Kong

Shut someone down may hurt him/her.  But, it may be a clear cut.  

07:54 AM Jul 25 2010 |




I think shut someone down means stop him before doing anything

11:18 AM Jul 24 2010 |



Without shouting in the nice shot, shut down to total jerks.:D

09:34 AM Jul 24 2010 |




Reject someone

01:48 AM Jul 24 2010 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i think it means  is tell to any one''NO''or dont get appointed him  l  her

03:20 PM Jul 23 2010 |


Saudi Arabia

I know what does shutting down mean .. Cuz Ive tried it befor with my 11 years friend..

It's true taht it HURTS, but teach yiu alot of lessons..

12:49 PM Jul 23 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

I think it means refuse one's saggestion

09:11 AM Jul 23 2010 |


United Arab Emirates

to kick on someone's asss :P

09:54 PM Jul 22 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

I hate to say for anyone this is the word ( shut down ) or any word is a bad.


07:10 PM Jul 22 2010 |




ok , as soon as posible i'll send a twitt to cameron to ask her out Cool

05:49 PM Jul 22 2010 |



to put off some body offer

04:47 PM Jul 22 2010 |

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