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Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love

Date: Oct 06 2010

Themes: Travel

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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Most people have probably fantasized about leaving everything and running off to a foreign country. But few actually do it. Eat Pray Love is the true story of one woman who realized how unhappy she was in her current life and decided to divorce her husband, leave her home, and spend a year traveling the world in pursuit of joy and fulfillment. She traveled to Italy, India, and Indonesia, all in the hopes of finding…well, herself. Find out if Devan and Marni ate up Eat Pray Love.



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Marni:  So Devan, I recently went and saw what you might consider a super chick flick, Eat Pray Love. Have you seen it?

Devan:  I haven’t seen it. Did you read the book before you went and saw it?

Marni:  I did indeed, I read the book, and I really liked the book. It spoke to me in, you know, certain ways. So I had a lot of expectations, and I was a little unclear about the casting of Julia Roberts ‘cause she’s just so different from the woman who wrote the book. But I have to say, it was decent. It wasn’t amazing, but they did a good job.

Devan:  So, the reason I’ve been kind of turned off about wanting to see the film or read the book is because I get the impression it’s about an independently wealthy woman who goes through a divorce and then travels the world, and I feel like I couldn’t really connect to that idea of being rich and traveling, like, how is that supposed to…you know, how am I supposed to connect to that on an emotional level?

Marni:  Yeah, that’s perfectly valid, and I…You know, she was a writer and obviously made her living as a writer. And ironically, the book actually helped her become so wealthy and successful. But it was a quest for her to find herself, find her identity. And she wrote this memoir about her year of travel. And I think, you know, people connect to certain parts and people might be put off by certain parts of the text. And I certainly think your argument is valid. It’s like, so you got to travel for a year, how sorry am I supposed to feel for you?


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The book Eat. Pray. Love. was a huge success and now a movie has been made from it starring Julia Roberts. Marni enjoyed the book, but was worried that the movie would disappoint. However, she was pleasantly surprised by how much she liked the film, even if it was a chick flick.

In the movie, a woman who is unhappy with her life decides to spend a year traveling in order to try to find herself. Devan thinks this is a hard story to relate to, since most people can’t just run off to a foreign country whenever they’re feeling dissatisfied with their life. Marni agrees that it isn’t easy to feel sorry for someone who has enough money to spend a year traveling the world.

If you could spend one year traveling, where would you want to go?



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I would go to Great Britain !!  <3

09:06 AM Oct 09 2010 |




I would go to USA, after to Europe… Italy, Spain… preferably with a very nice person!!!

08:17 PM Oct 08 2010 |




i'd like to visit all the places here around my contry. 

Mexico is the most beautiful country in the world 

11:40 PM Oct 07 2010 |




all around the world to take a spirit tour. human s need travel to find themselves.


01:19 PM Oct 07 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I like to go to USA.

12:19 PM Oct 07 2010 |


Viet Nam

It would be great to become a independently wealthy man. Traveling all over the world is a good choice. People will travel to the place that is not familiar to them.

 With me, I will travel to quest all kind of the girl all over world. And I will make to diary detail book for that. Hihi Laughing

09:29 AM Oct 07 2010 |



starting for argentina after to mexico,usa,canada,ireland,uk,france,portugal,spain,italy,germany,poland,russia,china,japan and australia =)...but it's only a dream of course im not  bill gates' son ;P

10:08 PM Oct 06 2010 |



starting for argentina after to mexico,usa,canada,ireland,uk,france,portugal,spain,italy,germany,poland,russia,china,japan and australia =)...but it's only a dream of course im not  bill gates' son ;P

10:08 PM Oct 06 2010 |



 Interesting! I'm not sure if the book is available in my country!( I'd read the book rather than watching the movie)  I'd absolutely go and buy it..looks really worth reading!...I have seen an interview of the Author of the book with Opera Winfery! she was very inspiring and full of brilliant ideas ! she was able to come over her problems and the obstacles throughout her personal, financial and social life!...she is a woman one of its kind!
Certainly, she is a very brave woman, and her life could be a good lesson to anyone ( especially) who have a great deal of depression, pain and pessimisim in their life!
It;s the time to take the initiative and change ur life!

10:06 PM Oct 06 2010 |



Eat – Pray – Love – Travel 

What else can anyone dream for?

I had a feeling I would enjoy this but did not know how much. From the beginning to the end this movie was enjoyable from all the gorgeous food to all the meaning in the story. Queen of Romantic comedies – Julia RobertsKiss (her  lips fill the screenFoot in mouth).Nice to see Julia in India :D

09:02 PM Oct 06 2010 |

laura, baby!


If Icould spend one year traveling I would like to go…everywhere!

I think that every place has its own charm,starting here is easier, make a tour for all Latin America,  and then go around the world, hypothetically of course hahaah I don´t have so much money

But some day, go country by country, it could be real

08:52 PM Oct 06 2010 |




one of the best comments about thiss movie was for (aaron in korea)

you really give it the RIGHT & CORRECT feedback about this movie.

and one more thing….... drop off the 1 you have in rating to be 0.5/10 

08:18 PM Oct 06 2010 |



If I could reeeaaallyy spend one year traveling, i would want to go to so many countries but my favourites are USA, Thailand and Australia ya it would be lovely!

06:14 PM Oct 06 2010 |



United States

going to watch it….really wondering about the book and film…

05:33 PM Oct 06 2010 |




Italy, France, Holland and Germany…

05:16 PM Oct 06 2010 |



Russian Federation

If could spend one year traveling I would go to Europe or USA… Thats a pity I have no time at all (((

04:50 PM Oct 06 2010 |




I haven't watched this movie or read its book, but the story seems interesting. If I could spend a year traveling I would love to go to London, Australia, USA and Europe.

03:14 PM Oct 06 2010 |




I would like to go to Europe and South America   


02:31 PM Oct 06 2010 |




tiland,france,usa,if i could have time and money

02:12 PM Oct 06 2010 |



I haven't watched the movie neither read the book, but I like this kind of story, you know, like "leave everything behind and go find yourself".Most people wanna do it once in the life (so do I). But of course it's difficult, sometimes impossible, because not everyone is wealthy… You have to work to get some money and then you have to pay the bills and whatever, so you don't have money enough to travel around.

But, if I could, I would travel to Japan, USA and Scotland…

Maybe I should start saving money =/ 

12:39 PM Oct 06 2010 |

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