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Learn English in this wedding English lesson

Date: Nov 02 2012

Themes: Romance

Grammar: Simple Past Tense


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Getting married is one of the biggest events of anyone’s life. While being engaged can be fun, many couples face religious and cultural expectations for a wedding. It can be tempting to run away and get married in secret, or elope, especially if you dislike or can’t afford a traditional wedding ceremony.

A bride and groom can elope all by themselves. Some couples invite a small group of friends and family along on a wedding trip. Learn English and hear Mason and Vanessa discuss some friends who eloped in this wedding English lesson.




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Mason:  So, I had some friends who recently eloped.

Vanessa:  Really?

Mason:  Yeah, and that was a first for me.

Vanessa:  Did they tell anybody or was it a surprise?

Mason:  It was a total surprise. I knew they were engaged, and I think they were thinking of doing a real wedding- and then there were pictures, and “Hey! We got married!” on Facebook.

Vanessa:  Wow! Just ran off and got hitched.

Mason:  And even better, they went to Vegas. They did the true thing, they went and took two friends to Vegas and up and did it.

Vanessa:  I guess that’s a nice way to save money, but, I don’t know, I think it would make me a little sad not to have my friends and family there, and have the ceremony in front of all those people.

Mason:  For sure! I mean, I think, from my wedding, we didn’t do anything extravagant, we had 120 people or so, but we didn’t follow any formal ceremony. We kind of made our own thing and it was super stressful to plan it all ourselves, but my wife gets most of the credit for that. I’d say it panned out in the end though.

Vanessa:  Well, I think I like your wedding better than eloping.


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Mason tells Vanessa that some friends of his recently eloped. They went to Las Vegas and surprised their friends with an announcement on Facebook.

Vanessa thinks it would make her sad to miss having family at her wedding. Mason says his wedding was stressful to plan, but credits his wife with making it a good day.

Do you know anyone who has eloped? Do you want a big wedding, or does eloping sound like fun? If you’re married, how big was your wedding?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i dont like eloping as i usually follow the traditions and the codes of society..but it could be nice

i dont care how big the wedding party will be , i acctually like to be a guest of lavish parties not the owner

08:37 PM Jun 22 2014 |



Russian Federation

eloping is amazing when it is not one’s first marriage, but second or even third…when  a person was hitched once all the other wedding ceremonies seem at least stupid. I would elope and that would be really extravagant!

03:48 AM Nov 13 2012 |




I think, that big weddings are good only for guests, not for a couple. Guests enjoy themselves , but a couple spend much time for preparation, nervous about everything would be good and so on… Better to marry secretly in native country  and then go somewhere abroad for a hunny moon :) 

11:54 AM Nov 07 2012 |

1 person likes this

Masoud M

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

persons that dont want to show their realationship even till wedding,maybe because of money and high cost that they hadto to pay for ceremony

03:46 PM Nov 06 2012 |




I’m not sure about this. Anyway, I’d rather to have a modest party to celebrate my wedding than eloping. It’s sadly to say, that we can’t see our beloved people in our greatest event in our life.

04:38 AM Nov 06 2012 |




I think, if the money lets you make a big wedding, that’s fine. It’s only once or two… in your lifespan. Why not to throw a party in a restaurant or somewhere else outside. All the big wedding parties, I’ve been to, were lots of fun – dancing, drinking, finding new interesting people. Plus, the weds get lots of gifts. It’s like a birthday party but it doesn’t happen every year. Only once! It’s a big event, love is in the air, why not to share your happiness with the rest of the world. Plus, somebody got to catch a bouguet ;)

  Otherwise you’ll always regret after either way- with the good relationship or the ones that got broken up.

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08:04 PM Nov 05 2012 |



it,s just something depends on couple!

07:40 PM Nov 05 2012 |

Mr. Learner


I don’t want to elope, but I don’t want to be extravagant also.
Unfortunately here where I live wedding party costs very much, you’ve to save your salary for 5 years and take a loan then you might be able to make a wedding!
Actually I hate this very much. I’d like to have a simple wedding because love is not about how much I’ll pay for the wedding.
Simple wedding, friends and family all over you, happy. That’s it.

10:04 PM Nov 04 2012 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

Actually I like this topic for many of us looking for marry or engage with his or her lover , but the main thing is the marriage arrangement , For me sometime I’m dreaming in this day All of us looking for got on the happiness , unfortunetly  the marriage here in my country is very expensive , we have an different traditions If you want to marry you should have at least more 30000 dollars , as the same time this is not the end sometimes you should pay moreover , for me I’m looking for the modest marriage , I dislike the formal ceremony , sometime I’m thinking of Eloping  but this is will be the most mistake is silly in my life .

02:50 PM Nov 04 2012 |



I think to engage has gone out of style in my country. It’s common to get married without beeing engaged before.

To elope sounds kind of exciting and a bit crazy to me. I guess I could take pleasure in hitching this way somewhere abroad. I don’t know anybody who has done so by now.

I can also understand when somebody says that he would miss his nearest and friends at their marriage when they would elope.

06:15 AM Nov 04 2012 |




Who wants to elope with me ? :$

01:09 AM Nov 04 2012 |



United Arab Emirates

I don’t know anyone who has eloped
Getting married is one of the biggest events of anyone’s life:)
I wanna big wedding and invite many guests:))))))))))) 

12:03 PM Nov 03 2012 |

1 person likes this



Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

Getting married is one of the biggest events of anyone’s life. so I think sharing my family and friends this event is a great thing,  moeny can be saved  by other ways , I like Mason wedding more than eloping  Smile

10:53 AM Nov 03 2012 |

1 person likes this



I will get recognition of my family before get married.

08:08 AM Nov 03 2012 |




My opinion is, the engaged couple should decide, how they want to spend their “big day”. I can understand both who want to have all their friends and family around and those who want to elope because of different reasons.

And – a small hint  – the stability of a marriage doesn’t depends on the size of the wedding. I am married twice. The second wedding was much cheaper then my first one, but now I know, I am arrived. ;-)

10:48 PM Nov 02 2012 |



Russian Federation

i absolutely support this idea,but unfortunately,my own wedding wasn’t eloping and i really regret that. there were 5 people on my wedding but i was for eloping…

08:29 PM Nov 02 2012 |

tutorheatherSuper Member!

United States

The people I know who have eloped (in the US) do so for one (or both) of the following reasons:

1. Eloping is much less costly and takes less planning. Many people do not have the time and money to plan a big wedding.

2. If the families aren’t getting along with each other, eloping can be a wise option for the couple. No one wants fighting (discord/dissension/quarreling) on their wedding day. 

My parents eloped back in 1958. Eloping was rare that that time, but their families weren’t getting along with each other. My dad got “fed up” (frustrated) with the fighting, so they drove to NY to get married and brought their two best friends. The pictures are still very nice!

Anyhow, no matter how people get married, either by eloping or a family ceremony, it’s the marriage that’s important, not just the wedding. Some people put all of their attention on wedding planning  (and fight the entire time because of stress) and forget why they even decided to get married!

marija luiza


In my personal opinion, this is a big topic to discuss. Firstly, I want to say that parents and realatives needs to understand us, because that’s is one of the resons why people eloping and just go for their happiness. Then, remember that this is a big deccison. Just take it easy and think about it. 

Then do a big party, enjoy and go for the honeymoon, and enjoy the moment :) 

Be happy, and live every second in our life.

06:14 PM Nov 02 2012 |



I actually like the idea of eloping!! XD If I really love my husband I wouldn’t make him spend all his money on our wedding, I want it to be very simple and without any extravagances. The wedding ceremonies here are super pricey, it’s like the couple are declared to be going to heaven not just getting married!!



eloping is a romantic idea. because most of the time you´re planning things thinking in others, what they´re gonna say, if they gonna like and something like that. so elope is donig thing in your own

04:33 PM Nov 02 2012 |

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