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Tron: Legacy
Tron: Legacy

Learn the simple past tense

Date: Dec 29 2010

Themes: Tech

Grammar: Simple Past Tense


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Have you ever played video games for so long, that your dreams look like one? What if your life became a video game?

In Tron: Legacy the son of a video game creator is sucked into the digital world of video games his dad designed. He must complete a quest or else it’s game over. Find out what Jeff and Marni think about this movie and the disappearing divide between real and digital life as the year 2010 ends. But don’t stay on the computer too long or you might end up like the character in Tron.


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Marni:  Jeff, when I was 7 years old I saw a movie, and it changed my life. I’m dating myself here, because it was Tron, the original Tron that came out in 1982.

Jeff:  We all know how old you are now.

Marni:  Yes, exactly. And it was so awesome. Or at least at the time I thought it was so awesome. And yeah, I don’t know, I’m pretty excited about this new Tron remake. I think it’s a really interesting concept of like, you know, taking his same character, Jeff Bridges, and sort of dating him and seeing what’s happened to him this whole time he’s been locked in this world.

Jeff:  I think it’s kind of interesting how the world has, with that amount of time passing, the world has definitely come closer to what the movie is set in. The blurring of the digital world and real life, it’s kind of…the lines are getting a little hazy.

Marni:  I think it was kind of ahead of its time in ‘82. So I think that this virtual world that they’ve created now, you see that a lot.

Jeff:  Yeah, the advent of the Internet and things like Facebook having sort of an alternate persona in the digital world.

Marnil:  I think originally it took place in an arcade and I thought, “It just doesn’t get any cooler than that,” and I have such high expectations for this film, I’m super excited to see it.


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Marni saw the original Tron when it came out in 1982, and she loved it. At the time, the idea of existing inside a digital world seemed very futuristic. But now, in the age of the Internet, the plot of Tron seems a little more realistic.

Tron: Legacy is the sequel to the original Tron that Marni saw when she was a little girl. In the new movie, a young man discovers the digital world that his father, played by Jeff Bridges, first created nearly 30 years ago.

In what ways do you think we live in a digital world?



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Somehow we are slaves to technology…Big industries make us slaves of internet,sofisticated mobiles,notebooks,tablets,modern video games,anyway,now we need it to “survive”...I guess,even if you wanted to live without them I guess,you couldn’t! :P

11:00 AM Oct 05 2011 |




i was late seein this movie, almost one week after it's premiere in my country. i watched the 3d and…it's amazing, the idea and off cpourse the movie itself. nowdays we live in a digital world, every people on this planet are just one single click away to communicate, even can seeing face to face real time…

i think it just a matter of time this movie would be the reality in our life. 

07:23 AM Feb 04 2011 |




Winchester, hi :).  Trust me, it's a sequel.  I own the first one and have seen the 2nd.  In the beginning of the sequel, he tells what happened in the first film and how it ended to his son (he didn't have a family in the first one).  Flynn enters the computer in the first movie and comes out 24 hours later.  In this one he has been in the computer for 15 years and his son is now 27 and must come find him.  Anyone who says this is a remake simply is guessing and doesn't know the story.  This is a complete sequel.

07:32 PM Dec 31 2010 |



Russian Federation

Actually 4D movies are made already and matrix is everywhere))

08:06 PM Dec 30 2010 |



This movie came out this week here, in Brazil. I've seen some videos on youtube and I thought it would be pretty cool, but… maybe I feel kinda lost when watching it, I mean: some people say it's a sequel and others say it's a remake. 

I have to confess, I don't like digital stuff that much. People seem infected by technology in a way they can't get rid of PC, Ipod, Ipad and stuff like these. I recognize that technology has brought a lot of benefits to mankind, but we must be careful not to let the digital world dominates us.


01:05 AM Dec 30 2010 |




06:43 PM Dec 29 2010 |




Of course Tron isn't actually a "remake".  It is as was also noted, a sequel.  But to say that the Plot of Tron is realistic today is very very silly.  As ridiculous as santa clause.  People can not be placed into a computer and come out and programs don't look like people inside and live out lives as we do.  Your calculator doesn't secretly talk about you to it's bank account girlfriend without your knowledge of it's mysterious world which it came about on it's own.  And Jeff Bridges character didn't initially create the Tron world which involves programs from all over the earth…even in the 1982 film.  He did however, make 3 small arcade games in the first film and then began to alter the Tron world heavily in the 2nd until he was called the creator by one girl for his work.  Basically the school of thought is that any and every program looks like this once you get inside it.  Far fetched, but fun none the less.  I love these movies as well…though this new one seems to me to be more of a mechanized alternate dimension than digitized avatars of each programs user.  (for the record, Flynn only had one program in there (Clu), just like everyone else who contributed to the Tron universe).  The premise of this universe hasn't actually changed…it just feels different to me in this one.  I prefer the first film, but certainly this one was a lot of fun and is gorgeous to look at.

05:49 PM Dec 29 2010 |



i'd like to be sam fisher from splinter cell and kill everybody buahahuashuahauhah

03:57 PM Dec 29 2010 |




hey i kind of like ur comment. and do u think digital world is that much unreal ??

03:48 PM Dec 29 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

hi dear marni how yur age are you old or goung girl.best wish for you

02:34 PM Dec 29 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

why not appeer my comment


02:32 PM Dec 29 2010 |



using it in evrydy life makes me thnk tht we live in a digital world from talkin 2 frnds, buying, selling, cooking, bills, banking, studying to what not! We all r a part of ths digital world.

02:21 PM Dec 29 2010 |



 we are in the technology century which is everything so digital

Tron: Legacy  looks an interesting movie i might watch it :)

06:57 AM Dec 29 2010 |



I think, we live in a digital world when we use Facebook, and we begin to interact with many people, and we can see the personal information, and what the person is doing in that moment, and also we could fall in love in this virtual world.

04:51 AM Dec 29 2010 |

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