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Learn the future progressive tense

Date: Mar 11 2011

Themes: News

Grammar: Future Progressive Tense


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Revolutions don’t always make life easier or better for those involved, at least not overnight. But they do remind us of just how strong the will of the people can be.

Since late 2010, massive protests have taken place throughout North Africa and the Middle East. In Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya, the protests have led to revolutions. Kuwait, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, and Bahrain are just a few of the other nations that have seen major demonstrations in their public squares.

No matter what one’s political beliefs might be, it’s impossible not to be amazed by how many people and nations have joined in the protests. Hear Jason and Amy’s thoughts on these demonstrations.


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Jason:  How closely were you following the Egypt saga?

Amy:  Pretty closely, I mean, I sort of feel like we’re really witnessing a historical moment as it’s happening. Like something that, you know, we’ll be reading about in history books.

Jason:  It seems like all of these countries who are dissatisfied with their rulers are taking a cue to start their own protests.

Amy:  I know. It almost seems like there’s nothing you can’t do if you just keep asking for it loudly and long enough.

Jason:  But it didn’t work in Iran, you know, right after their election.

Amy:  That’s true.

Jason:  I think you have to have huge, overwhelming numbers.

Amy:  Right. Well now that there’s been this change of government in Egypt I just hope that the new government or the new system that comes out of it is better for everybody there.


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Amy and Jason have both been paying attention to the protests in the Middle East and North Africa. Amy feels amazed to be witnessing so much historic change. She hopes that life will be better for people in Egypt and the other nations involved as a result of the protests and revolutions.

Jason is impressed by how many countries have started their own protests. He points out that protests aren’t always successful in creating change. But he, too, hopes for the best for the people of North Africa and the Middle East.

If you could change one thing about your country, what would it be?



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Massal protest is only a way to express dissapointed that occur globally in our environment. If we can face it positively, we 'll know that so many unjustice thing happen in the world. I hope that protest echo will make us aware of our environment, not just care of we self. Don't just trust what media says, because media opinion not always right. Some media should obey what the birocrate want, then they pushed to serve untruth news to the public. Let make our environment better with more care with our family, friend and neighbour. So we can make a better solution for this world.

03:06 AM Mar 25 2011 |




‎19 March 2003 Iraq

19 March 2011 Libya… woow how interesting. ?  this is "Great Middle East Project"

07:54 PM Mar 24 2011 |




arabs dont know mean democrasy… u.s. spys using them… this is american project. for oil. I also supporting democrasy but this is not democrasy :) this is so stupid :) weapons dosent bring democrasy. never. usa forces and france bombing now libya. gadhafi want dialog but usa dont listen. How democrasy this? tis is not for democrasy. this is only for oil. american dont care with libya. america only care with oil. all liar. they are baby toys. Also Hamas only want freedoom…

07:50 PM Mar 24 2011 |




Hamas propaganda blamed Israel for causing civilian casualties in Gaza in IAF strikes that were carried out after Hamas escalated its illegal terrorist attacks on civilian population centers.
Hamas propagandist Sami Abu Zuhri denounced Germany and Britain for their statements affirming Israel’s right to defend itself. “We see the German foreign minister as complicit in the killing of children,” he told reporters.
Germany voiced support Tuesday for Israel after a flare-up of fighting with Hamas, German news agency DPA reported.
“We condemn the massive missile bombardment of Israel from the Gaza Strip in the strongest terms. We demand that Hamas cease such acts of violence immediately,” said Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle at a Berlin news conference.
“Israel has the right to protect its citizens against terrorist activities like this. A new spiral of violence must be prevented at all costs.”
Similar words were uttered by a British diplomat. Britain’s Minister for the Middle East and North Africa, Alistair Burt said: “I condemn the barrage of mortars on southern Israel from Gaza in recent days. The indiscriminate targeting of Israeli citizens, as they celebrated the Jewish festival of Purim, is unacceptable.”
“The firing of over 50 mortars in the space of a few hours, as well as a Grad rocket on Ashkelon that caused injury and damage, signals a further, worrying escalation in the situation at a time when international efforts are focused on getting Israel and the Palestinians back to the negotiating table,” he said. “Hamas must halt these strikes immediately, and rein in other militant factions in Gaza.”
Hamas is a terrorist group that openly calls for Israel’s annihilation. It has carried out countless deliberate massacres of civilians and taken pride in such barbaric attacks. It holds an IDF soldier, GIlad Shalit, in captivity, and does not let the Red Cross visit him. When attacked by Israel it uses its own civilians as human shields.

10:52 AM Mar 23 2011 |



Well, if I could change one thing about my own country, it must be to promote better education. Good education can encourage people to create good ideas or concepts, which is the most important element for changes or revolutions. I just think that it will be good for the world. 

04:02 AM Mar 15 2011 |



Russian Federation

People will have better life if will think how to build and make, but any protests and revolutions are only destruction. Why people like wars so much and cannt live in peace? Life is so short and fragile thing… 

09:40 AM Mar 14 2011 |

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jerry bourne


The world is changing everyday!but one thing that will never change is that we hope a better and more free life!best wish for those countries people!

03:40 PM Mar 13 2011 |




God bless all of there!

02:58 PM Mar 13 2011 |




i think despite all this revolutions and protests the change or the developpement in this contries gonna be a tiny one because we need more to change our minds and the way how we manage ourselves then automatically our life can tend to a better aspect , i think those countries who get involved in this wave of protests will remain in a state of mess and no order for example egypt and tunisia its been about several months and still no governement installed wat are they waiting for 

02:44 PM Mar 13 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Iran also include!!! :D
Nice one!

10:17 AM Mar 13 2011 |







 May be Make Good Life

09:50 AM Mar 13 2011 |




protest or revoulation i think both of them the same meaning anyway this proteste kind of say no i wanna change i wanna be better and i want good future to all my country

 thanx god i think in egypt the mateer is gonna be ok and good although i am really sad because of victims but they are in paradise now isa

the best thing in revoution is how people could break  their fear and coward

thanks e.baby for good lesson

02:41 AM Mar 13 2011 |



United Kingdom

hey! I’m new here!!

08:02 PM Mar 12 2011 |


Saudi Arabia

protests people with open mind maybe is good for new life

04:52 PM Mar 12 2011 |




Well , also my country is witnessing one of protests wave, and I think that it will be more violent , and more victims
there are many things we want to change, but all problems  will breaking up after president's isolation. in brief the president is the problem

04:04 PM Mar 12 2011 |



Actually I am Egyptian and we make revolution  … and we know that it have the adverse effects but we will be better  

01:03 PM Mar 12 2011 |





12:32 PM Mar 12 2011 |



United States

These revolt show that people are really of the government and their rule. And they want to change their life for better , and i hope they will witness these changes .

09:12 AM Mar 12 2011 |

tara 25

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

 I think there are some problems with leaders and situation in every countries. sometimes some pepole can not tolerate and start a revolutiion and another are patient.

all of us love our countiries.  I really love iran

05:26 AM Mar 12 2011 |

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