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road rage

road rage

Date: Mar 31 2011

Themes: Travel


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“Driving in LA, I discovered I have a lot of road rage. I get crazy.”

- Actress and comedian Amy Poehler on her anger issues on the freeway. (Us Weekly)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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uncontrolled anger or angry behavior by drivers

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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The actress Amy Poehler is used to making people laugh in movies like Baby Mama. But when she’s behind the wheel, it’s a different story.

Amy says that she has road rage. If you ever see her in a car, it would be best to stay out of her way.

Driving can sometimes be a frustrating experience, especially if there is a lot of traffic, or if you’re surrounded by bad drivers. Some drivers turn their frustration into road rage. They yell, honk, or make rude gestures at other drivers.

Road rage is an especially big problem in Los Angeles, where everybody has to drive everywhere because the city is very spread out and connected by freeways. People spend so much time speeding from one place to another, or stuck in traffic, their road rage often gets out of control. Drivers in LA have a reputation for being extra aggressive. So it’s not surprising to learn that Amy didn’t discover her road rage until she moved there.

Have you ever experienced road rage? Is there a lot of traffic in your city?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“Sarah is usually a calm and peaceful person, but when she drives she gets road rage.”

“When someone cuts me off it gives me road rage.”

“I hate riding in the car with my dad because he has such bad road rage.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

dearpesar driving angrily and carelessly
by dearpesar
Abai aggressive behaviour by a motorist in response to the actions of another road user
by Abai
means she shows a violent behavior in traffic road .
by Najwa Al-harthi
angry behavior or action in driving
by sepideh_saied
sofree get upset because someone else drives bad
by sofree

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Najwa Al-harthi

Saudi Arabia

 finally I won ….lol

>.< HAAAPPY thanks English BabY!

08:52 PM Apr 01 2011 |



United States

Road Rand simply means Getting Mad and like Crezy while driving. That Mad happen upon driving badly.

The city in which I live we have a lot of trrific gam that get people mad thus the got road rage.

07:08 PM Mar 31 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

angry behavior or action in driving.

05:04 PM Mar 31 2011 |




When so many guys drive, they get such a bad anger mood… and so Is it not better to give some lessons in their driving courses on time for all drivers have a bad road rage?

04:28 PM Mar 31 2011 |




yeah there is lot of trafic in my city too,it is a problem that we face especially at prime time this gets me road rage too,it is one of the reasons that makes poeple stressed in my city.

03:10 PM Mar 31 2011 |




Well, in Taiwan, there are few these kind of situation, at least in my memory….....

02:02 PM Mar 31 2011 |


United Arab Emirates

I'm trying to be cool every time but some time it's really tough

01:59 PM Mar 31 2011 |




I already had this experience. And it's repeated every day. It's a good way to increase and improve your patience. Isn't?!
Our actions not always show what we really are, but our reactions.

If there are rats in a cellar you are most likely to see them if you go in very suddenly (C. S. Lewis).

12:35 PM Mar 31 2011 |




The city I am living does not have major issue with road raging.Most people here are calm and drive between the links and always try to keep it safe. Therefore, even for beginners it is easy to take a driving lessons on the street without fearing of having road rages from other drivers. It really makes you think about how fortunate you are to live in such a beautiful city with big hearts.

12:25 PM Mar 31 2011 |



ın my hometown; there is a lot of traffic. generally I am a calm person; but in traffic I have bad road rage because of bad drivers. when ı was a child; ı didnt understand why my father was angry as a driver. But now; I understand him exactly…

12:04 PM Mar 31 2011 |


Viet Nam

Yes, certainly. The traffic in my country is so terrible. Everyone has a lot of road rage. So aggressive people go into fighting because of road rage.

10:06 AM Mar 31 2011 |



Sometimes I get road rage, especially when somebody's driving very slowly.. too slowly. I also don't like traffics but who likes ? there are  so many situations which can make us to get road rage… unfortunately … 

08:19 AM Mar 31 2011 |



South Korea

normally, I can drive gently, but when I have to get someplace in time,  I may have road rage, espcially overspeeding.


06:50 AM Mar 31 2011 |



Viet Nam

Amy should move to HoChiMinh, VietNam and compare the traffic between the 2 places. I believe that she will be mad within 24 hours . In the other words, no way for any one to run with full throttle in HCMC.

06:29 AM Mar 31 2011 |




There're too many traffic jam in Shanghai, but no road rangers, because everyone's get used of it, LOL~~

05:24 AM Mar 31 2011 |

Ali Imran

Ali Imran


A bad habit that I have. Whenever I get on the road it usually happens all the time. But I have gotten a lot of control over it now because now I know that it could be very dangerous. I advise all of you to drive calmly and always wear your seat belts.

03:43 AM Mar 31 2011 |



I think this is one of a bunch of reasons my daddy never let me drive alone, fortunately I never met such a road rage on my way. In my hometown there are not too much traffic except on weekend. But in a big city like Jakarta, traffic you can meet almost every hour.

03:13 AM Mar 31 2011 |

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