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Present Progressive

Date: May 25 2011

Grammar: Present Progressive Tense


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If someone was threatening you, who would you want on your side, a superhero or a deity? Thor is both of those things combined. He’s one of the heroes of the Avengers comic books series, alongside Iron Man and Captain America. He’s also the god of thunder from ancient mythology. That’s not a bad resume!

A new movie brings Thor’s story to the big screen. In the movie, Thor is a god who is sent to live on Earth as punishment for disobeying his father. When Earth is threatened with destruction, Thor has to step up and save the day.

Find out why Mason and Marni are excited about Thor.


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Marni:  I have to tell you, Mason, I’m really excited to go see Thor.

Mason:  Really? I’m kind of surprised. But so am I. So, that’s awesome.

Marni:  I love a big, you know, action film, superhero…

Mason:  Mostly you love the dudes who play the big action heros?

Marni:  It’s probably true. There is some of that. But, you know, I think Thor is kind of an interesting story.

Mason:  I mean, I’m a big comics nerd, what’s interesting to me about Thor is the fact that he’s an actual deity from the Norse mythology, and he’s not just some guy who got bit by something radioactive. He’s a god.

Marni:  Right, right. And he has superhuman strength, and superhuman looks. You know there’s so many films these days, though, that are, you know, just comic book films. They seem like there’s just one after another, they’re just churning them out. What do you think is gonna stand apart from the rest that’ve come out recently?

Mason:  Well I don’t know that Thor‘ll hit the mark, but you know, what I think you’re really hoping for at this point is that… The spectacle of making a superhero comic book real on the screen, they’ve done that, they’ve succeeded at it a lot of times, so that’s not enough. They need to make it about the characters and tap into that aspect of it, because the opportunity to humanize the heroes is something that the movie version has a better opportunity for than the comic books.


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Marni and Mason are both excited about the new movie Thor. Marni likes superhero movies because of the good-looking men who play the heroes. Mason, on the other hand, likes them for the interesting story lines.

Thor isn’t a typical superhero. He’s actually a god from ancient mythology. Because he is a god, he possesses superhuman strength and powers.

Marni says that there are a lot of superhero movies. She wonders if Thor will stand apart from the rest. To Mason, the best superhero movies are the ones that make the superheroes seem like real people with real emotions and problems.

What are your favorite superhero movies? Does your culture have any ancient myths?



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Saudi Arabia

hi mr thor can you talk with me?

07:53 PM May 30 2011 |




when a was a kid ,i was addicated to the mythology . because i was innocent .

unfortunally ,after i grow up ,i don’t believe the superpower or legent .

weel if god is a nerb ,who are our human being.

02:54 AM May 27 2011 |



I have been disappointed with the movies of the comic books, I think those movies could be better

05:18 AM May 26 2011 |

jerry bourne


I love Natlia Portman very very much especially the role in her first film “leon the professional”!!!by the way i saw the film outdoors!it’s a good movie. Natlia plays a very cute and lovely role^^

02:08 AM May 26 2011 |




I don’t like this kind of movies :)

08:58 PM May 25 2011 |


qq_babySuper Member!


I like X-man movies. There are lots of differnt myth stories from my culture. I like listen to them when I was little. One of my favorite is how the animals are ordered for each year in Chinese astrology.

06:58 PM May 25 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

about the film i do not like the part about god at all

because i do not think that it is somthing we can make joks about

it is really biger than that and biger than us

that is my opinion

06:06 PM May 25 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

waw will

actually i have passtion about vampiers

06:02 PM May 25 2011 |




I think this film is funny, because God is being humanized, and he is really social


02:57 PM May 25 2011 |



chapolin hehehe

02:13 PM May 25 2011 |




i think  watching Movies is  better than  reading  Books  to learn  English and Thor  is  the  most  action movie that you will ever see…..

09:17 AM May 25 2011 |



Honestly, I have no time to see “Thor”. BTY, who play the role of “Thor” (I don’t know about him= =)?


08:59 AM May 25 2011 |




I follow this film but I’am sorry to say I dislike it >>

because it was boring action and more things are impossible >>

happy day >>


08:24 AM May 25 2011 |




Smallville, Heroes, Misfits, No ordinary family etc. Basically I like all movies about super power, no matter how they get it, by radiation or natural.

Yes, a lot in ancient Chinese story, too lazy to list…

06:17 AM May 25 2011 |



 what a creative movie is Thor i really do like it eventhough its unbelievable one but very interesting

06:14 AM May 25 2011 |




I like Spiderman.。。Well,in our culture,only too many myths…

04:53 AM May 25 2011 |

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