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Glass Ceiling
Glass Ceiling English, baby! Video Lesson

Simple Future Tense

Date: Jul 12 2011

Themes: Soap Opera, Work

Grammar: Simple Future Tense


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Devan and Marni own a business together. Historically, female business owners are more unusual than male entrepreneurs. In many places around the world, fewer women own businesses than men even though there are no laws or customs that prevent them from starting their own companies.

So what is in the way of equality in business? The glass ceiling. The glass ceiling is a limit that you can’t see and can’t get past. But like anything made of glass, it can be broken. After a business meeting got moved to the salon, Jeff felt left out. But the women of the office are happy to be out together. Watch as they discuss the glass ceiling.


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Ella:  I’m so glad you guys like my ideas for improving the office.

Marni:  I’m so glad we are having our meeting here. This is great! I never get my hair done. We are going to look so good!

Ella:  Yes!

Devan:  But are you guys worried that the guys feel left out?

Ella:  Who cares what the guys think.

Marni:  Yeah, you know who is usually left out of business? Women.

Devan:  What do you mean?

Marni:  I’m talking about the glass ceiling.

Devan:  What?

Ella:  Huh?

Marni:  OK, you know how there’s no law that says women can’t own businesses, but it doesn’t happen all the time? It’s a limit that you can’t really see, but it’s there.

Devan:  I guess it is kind of unusual for two women to own a business like we do.

Marni:  Totally! We are shattering the glass ceiling.

Ella:  You know what would really shatter the glass ceiling? You should make a me a boss too so that way I could be Jeff’s boss.

Devan:  But he already has two female bosses.

Ella:  No fair. You get to be your boyfriend’s boss!

Marni:  Not me.

Ella:  Well, you don’t even have a boyfriend, so that doesn’t even matter. How am I supposed to shatter the glass ceiling with Jeff in my way?

Devan:  But you’re getting quality time with your bosses, aren’t you? I think we should do more of this. We should have a girls’ night out!

Marni:  We are going to be looking really good after this.

Ella:  Plus, this new club that just opened up. I heard they have a glass floor! What? C’mon, you guys.


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Devan, Marni and Ella are friends and co-workers. They moved today’s business meeting to the salon. Devan wonders if the men at the office will feel left out. Marni says she doesn’t care because they don’t have to deal with the glass ceiling.

Ella and Devan are confused, so Marni explains that the glass ceiling is an invisible limit that keeps women and minorities from being successful in business. As female entrepreneurs, she and Devan are shattering the glass ceiling.

Since Devan is her boyfriend’s boss, Ella asks if she can be promoted so that she will be her boyfriend Jeff’s boss. Marni thinks having two female bosses is probably enough for Jeff. The three women agree to go out that night and have fun.

Who is the best businesswoman you know?



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I have just seen a newspaper head line that says that Honda have promoted a women to one of its top executive positions. It indicates that she is the first female top executive in Japanese major corporations (although I know there are some large companies that were started and being led by women). Anyway, the point is that established Japanese major corporations, like Honda, who are known for conservatism, have acknowledged the existence of glass ceilings and started to make conscious changes. I hope this is not just a pose for publicity but a growing trend.  

02:10 PM Mar 04 2014 |



Russian Federation

But she’s convicted due to corruption charges.

11:23 AM Oct 14 2011 |

nelly castillo


hey i got the gift certificate. it’s already paid and i just can’t open it. how can i do it??

can somebody from english baby help me???? !!!!!!!!!

03:18 PM Oct 08 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

of course woman never achieve success unless shatter the glass ceiling 

02:31 PM Jul 18 2011 |





05:32 PM Jul 15 2011 |



 ella and her legs are the charm of the episode

06:18 AM Jul 14 2011 |



Palestinian Territory, Occupied

how can i download the lessons??

04:59 PM Jul 13 2011 |





10:14 PM Jul 12 2011 |




I think you’re all know Uliya Timoshenko…may be it’s not a good example of business woman due to her ‘not fair’ business….. but she’s shown what she can do and how she can do as a woman in politics,in business 

05:45 PM Jul 12 2011 |



I don’t know if Coco Chanel was a successful businesswoman.

04:15 PM Jul 12 2011 |


United States

Ceiling means a barrier or an upper limit. 

03:54 PM Jul 12 2011 |




I wonder what the origin of the phrase is. I understand why glass - it’s something invisible but Why ceiling?

02:20 PM Jul 12 2011 |



12:49 PM Jul 12 2011 |




My boss is a woman, she is very intelligent which to so much an abilities. I like her. She’s very good boss for me.

10:49 AM Jul 12 2011 |




Well,it’s my dream that have my own business when I grow up.I don’t want to be other’s employee,just be mine.CoolAnd now I am tring my best to study hard and realize my dream.

09:55 AM Jul 12 2011 |



Well, at this moment I am a stundet so I cannot tell you but after I finish my school I hope to be the best businesswoman.Cool

09:50 AM Jul 12 2011 |




It’s really interesting opinion… never thought about it… now I can say that it’s a real situation in our country…

08:45 AM Jul 12 2011 |

tanyach1Super Member!


My boss is a woman and to my opinion she is perfect, much better than man, that was before. But she is not a businesswoman, because we are working in the office for municipality.The owner of the biggist bank thre is a woman. She didn’t start business herself, she got it from her father and I hope she is succesful. It is important to me, because I have my account there. She is not successful in her private life. Is it possible to be successful in both areas?

08:23 AM Jul 12 2011 |




Maybe my boss, she’s too nice…

05:53 AM Jul 12 2011 |

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