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play hard to get

play hard to get

Date: Aug 11 2011

Themes: Romance


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“My friends are always telling me I have to play hard to get because I’ll pretty much say, ‘I like you. Let’s go hang out.’ But they think I shouldn’t do that.”

- Actress Emma Watson talks about her dating style. (Us Weekly)

女演员艾玛·沃特森 (Emma Watson) 谈论她的约会风格。


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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pretend not to want something that you actually want

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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When you like someone, you should tell him, right? How else will he know how you feel?

Actually, there are a few different ways you could go. You could flirt with your crush, or try to show your feelings in subtle ways. Or you could be direct by telling your crush how you feel, or by inviting him or her to hang out. This is what Emma Watson, the star of Harry Potter, usually does. But her friends think she needs to try a different approach. She needs to play hard to get.

When you play hard to get, you pretend not to like someone even though you really do have romantic feelings for that person. This might seem like a crazy way to try to get your crush to like you back. But the idea is that by playing hard to get, you’ll make your crush long for what he or she can’t have. Soon you’ll become the one being chased, instead of the one doing the chasing.

But playing hard to get isn’t always easy. Some people have a hard time hiding their true feelings. And not everyone likes it when others play hard to get. Some people appreciate someone who is honest and straightforward, rather than someone who plays games.

Have you ever played hard to get? Do you think that playing hard to get is a good way to get someone to like you?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“I don’t know why Sarah’s playing hard to get. I know she likes me, but she won’t call me back.”

“I hate it when guys play hard to get. They should just be upfront and honest.”

Playing hard to get is fun. I like getting attention from lots of different guys and not telling any of them who I like the best.”

“Don’t try to play hard to get. I know you love me.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

Bojana to pretend that you're less interested in someone, as a way of making them more interested in you
by Bojana
Whitney S Play hard to get means she should make it hard for boys to get a date with her
by Whitney S
pretend not to want something that you actually want
by Bitten by an Arab bug
 julito not to show her real interest at the begining
by julito
sb pretended that he/she was cold or a snob.
by loklokloklok32
camillagm pretend you are more difficult...
by camillagm
Talia Do pretend not to be interested or attracted by someone, usually to make the other person increase their efforts.
by Talia Do

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Dont like to play hard…

12:04 PM Jul 04 2013 |



if a man plays hard to get me and after that I know,  even if gentleness and consideration, I also do not care him. I think that is a stremely emotion person, that’s very fear.

09:14 AM Apr 10 2013 |



females  always like play hard to get to, becuase of the idea the men have to take initiative, whe we can doit as well

01:28 PM Nov 17 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

my languag so bad :”(

I really want lern :”(

but i dont now :”(

i dont stand any ting wirit her 


I stand so word only :”(

12:58 AM Nov 09 2011 |



they say,no pain no gain,if you want to get more,you should be pain more ,that’s menas you should play hard to get more,you know ,the enerage is balancing in the world ,how much you will get decide how much your pay the efforts.

12:28 PM Sep 27 2011 |




There is an advantage and disadvantage in playing hard to get. The advantage is you’ll know who really loves you. Guys who don’t really like you will back off that easy but if the guy really likes you he will do everything just to have you. The disadvantage is you will end up regreting if the guy back off easily, especially if you like that guy more than he did. At least that’s what I think heheh.

11:31 AM Sep 27 2011 |



Russian Federation

Playing hard to get is one of the way to make someone interested in you, particularly a man. This kind of behavior evokes a hunter’s instinct.

08:40 PM Aug 16 2011 |

1 person likes this




I hate this way ,I prefare to be straitforward, to be myself . 

09:10 PM Aug 15 2011 |



how to say i love you in romantic way

01:52 PM Aug 15 2011 |

1 person likes this

Learner of Life


What I said through my words is not really what I mean, I just played hard to get. O_o


02:34 AM Aug 15 2011 |



playing hard to get is some sort of reverse psychology method of girls/guys, to get more attention from their target.  And it really works huh…! 

01:19 PM Aug 14 2011 |

lover life

lover life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

i hope to be  agood speaker English please?

10:29 AM Aug 14 2011 |



Viet Nam

i like honest man who can say with thier true feelings :D

but i’m a girl , I always play hard to get :))) mha ha ha

07:30 AM Aug 14 2011 |




i never play hard to get , i guess it is not a good way i prefer honest and straightforward  especially when talking about relationship

09:47 PM Aug 12 2011 |



playing hard to get is a good way to get someone to like you,actually the chinese people always do like this

07:28 AM Aug 12 2011 |



El Salvador

I hate to play hard to get! It’s not logical. But how I’d love she invite me to hang out with her straight forward natural style!! lol

11:40 PM Aug 11 2011 |




nice phrase! playing hard to get is not a straightforward way to get!

11:05 PM Aug 11 2011 |





this game is Girls field, they really like to be HARD TO GET, while in fact they can’t live without us, and unfortunately we can’t ignore them.

11:01 PM Aug 11 2011 |




until now no but this idea “try hard to get” seems nice

09:28 PM Aug 11 2011 |

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