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Self-Study English Development Exercises

Self-Study English Development Exercises

Date: Sep 12 2011

Topic: Writing

Author: englishteacher24/7


To improve your English ability requires you to read, write, and think in English.  Therefore, I am starting a new lesson to help you accomplish this.  These lessons will allow you to research a topic and submit your report to this forum.

The first topic is on: The Edmund Fitzgerald

Please include in your report the following items: who, what, when, where and how

Participating in this exercise will reward you with the following:

  1. Help develop your research abilities in English.
  2. Promote your understanding and improve your comprehension.
  3. Improve your reading and writing abilities.
  4. Develop your thinking in English.
  5. Provide positive reinforcement and self-satisfaction of accomplishment.

This will be a good investment of your time to achieve fluency in English!


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United States

Johnandrew, thanks for your suggestion for learning a language.

Susan, it’s good to have another English resource.

10:44 PM Sep 16 2016 |



United States

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12:07 PM Sep 16 2016 |


United Kingdom

To learn a language even by yourself there is a mechanism involved and not to forget techniques plays a vital role too. I myself focus on training myself mentally before starting anything new, you may want to read these; [url=http://www.londonlanguagestudio.co.uk/how-to-learn-a-foreign-language-fast/] interesting techniques on learning a language[/url].

10:01 AM Sep 15 2016 |




08:48 AM Sep 15 2016 |


United States

R_P, I could not agree with you more. The bottom line is the individual must have an understanding of the requirements to learn another language. Furthermore, a word-for-word translation method of learning does not always work but rather can cause confusion.

Concerning learning English from music, I have endorsed as an effective means. However, I’m in agreement with you that it is more effective just communicating in regular conversation and learning phrases along the way.

Thanks for your contribution.

“Heads up” everyone, another “Do you understand this dialogue” lesson should be posted soon. Stay tuned!

06:51 PM Dec 27 2014 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I agree with learning to speak from children, but children who are fluent in their mother tongue are the ones who are gonna communite with a language , therefore the circumstance push them to learn a language and they imitate the words and voices they hear to !

But if that goes to learn a foreigner language, since they know their mother tongue, would become more difficult to learn, becuase when a mind can’t find that particular word or phrase to cmmunicate , returns to that native language , and in my opinion that could be the biggest problem for learning another language!


So, the person should have that enough stimulus to learn languages and that just needs a lot of practices and repeats.

That is why teachers in other countries when they teach e.i english, they ask the students never translate the lines in to their native language , but just use the english to english dictionary !

About lyrics and songs, yes, i think that could be a good way to learn english as well, but its not more affective than the daily conversations  , But trying to memorize the english phrases answers always!


02:36 PM Dec 25 2014 |


United States

Wendynguyen, in my opinion, the most effective method of learning English is through studying the lyrics of songs and imitate pronouncing the words.

How do children learn a language? They hear the words spoken and then repeat speaking them.  Children often are fluent in their mother language between 3-4 years old; they just need to increase their vocabulary.  We can learn from them!

08:17 PM May 31 2013 |


Viet Nam

Im looking for an effective way of learning English. Thank you teacher. This lesson is very good and useful. I ensure these tips will help me do my coming English test better.

02:07 PM May 20 2013 |

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United States

Nijar, keep learning and you will see yourself grow in English knowledge!

02:14 AM Mar 28 2013 |

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I got it,nevertheless it’s still difficult for me to draw it.Let me try one with(Do you understand this dialogue?!)

My teacher’s lessons,Snoppyboy’s comments,Buttafly’s lyrics all these and more Bring down the house.

Everytime scrolling down I feel it there,I learn,I learn…......if you get my drift!

07:40 AM Mar 22 2013 |


United States

The use of descriptive words to make a point is called “imagery.”  Specifically, it is creating a mental picture in the mind of the reader/listener through the use of their imagination.  This is for your information, if you get my drift!

11:09 PM Mar 21 2013 |




These words will keep me in your orbit to hit the nail,my teacher.

07:36 PM Mar 18 2013 |


United States

Nijar, you not only knocked the ball out of the ballpark but now it is in orbit!

03:19 PM Mar 18 2013 |

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It’s difficult to pronounce it frequently,it makes me laugh(complicated sh,s).

About part of speech; 

1-She: a feminine singular pronoun(subject of the sentence).

2-Sells:verb(present simple -singular-tense).

3-Sea shells:a noun(the-direct-object).

4-by the sea shore:prepositional phrase(the sea shore is a noun which is a      part of this phrase)describing the place where the girl sells sea shells.

I hope that I got it my teacher,thanks.

08:17 PM Mar 17 2013 |


United States

Pronunciation and Parts of Speech Identification:

She sells sea shells by the sea shore.


Can you pronounce this sentence and identify the parts of speech of each word?

04:33 AM Mar 17 2013 |

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United States

Irene, that makes my day, thanks for your genuine compliment and expression of appreciation!  Smile

12:15 AM Oct 26 2012 |

Irene Forever


Great lessons from the skillful teacher! It needs some time to learn every piece of information given by you, dear Alston, and I am doing it constantly.

No doubt, you have been doing a priceless job for Ebaby members.

As it was said by Robert Frost: “There are two kinds of teachers: the kind that fill you with so much quail shot that you can’t move, and the kind that just gives you a little prod behind and you jump to the skies.”
Thanks a million, dear Aston, for the gentle prod that carries me a step nearer to mastering English.

11:18 AM Oct 24 2012 |




There are no such environment to learn speaking english. I think that we will improve the speaking very fast if the surounding environment we stay in are speaking english. We Chinese can learn English well on reading and writting but speaking .what do you think so? 

07:51 AM Oct 24 2012 |


United States

Lesya, consider this:

“I can live two months on a good compliment!” – Mark Twain

Thanks!  Wink

08:47 AM Oct 19 2012 |




Forgot to mention, I print all of your lessons  out and  keep them in the special folder.

Your lessons are useful, moreover my children are learning English in school and I see that your stuff can be very useful as for me as for them.

11:01 AM Oct 15 2012 |

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