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Odd Man Out
Odd Man Out English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn Phrasal Verbs

Date: Nov 29 2011

Themes: Friend, Soap Opera

Grammar: Phrasal Verbs


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People are social animals. All over the world, you will find that people want to be included. If something exciting is happening, everyone around it wants to be part of it. But some things require a certain number of people. You can’t put six players on the court in basketball, only five. So if six want to play, someone will have to be the odd man out.

The odd man out is a person left out of a group. Jason and Devan are getting married soon. At a wedding, the bride’s best friends and relatives get to stand beside her during the ceremony. They’re called bridesmaids. The groom has groomsmen. Traditionally, there is the same number of bridesmaids and groomsmen. In these situations, someone often has to be the odd man out. Find out who it will be in this case.


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Jeff:  Hey, buddy, check out what I got. Blazers tickets…

Jason:  No way! Nice.

Jeff:  Yup. Anything for my best friend.

Jason:  OK.

Mason:  Whoa. Best friend? I mean, who came up with the best proposal idea ever? Am I right?

Jeff:  You mean the one that didn’t work out?

Mason:  Wait. Whoa…

Jason:  That was my fault. That was my fault that it didn’t work out.

Dale:  Hey, guess what, buddy. Guess what I got. Blazers tickets.

Jason:  Really?

Dale:  Yeah.

Jeff:  No way. Let me see those. Wait a second. Row J seat 7. These are mine!

Dale:  I was just trying to show my best friend a good time.

Jason:  OK. OK. OK.

Dale:  He’s my best friend, you know.

Jason:  I get what’s going on here. Devan’s got two bridesmaids. I only get two groomsmen, and nobody wants to be the odd man out.

Mason:  That’s totally right, man. We all want to be part of the wedding.

Jeff:  My girlfriend’s in the wedding.

Mason:  The girl that I’m in love with is in the wedding!

Dale:  Oh yeah? Well, I should definitely be a groomsman, because I’ve performed dozens of weddings.

Jason:  Really?

Dale:  Yeah. I’m a Justice of the Peace. Booya!

Jason:  Dale, why don’t you officiate the wedding? That way, everyone can be part of it.

Dale:  Oh, well I…

Jason:  Then no one has to be the odd man out.

Jeff:  Hey, could I be the best man?

Jason:  OK, I guess.

Jeff:  Great.

Mason:  Alright, well, if you’re the best man, Marni is the maid of honor. So while you two are walking down the aisle, Ella and Mason will be walking down the…

Jeff:  No, no, no. I don’t want this guy walking down the aisle with my lady. I’m out.

Jason:  I’ll tell you what. If you take me to the game, I will not make you my best man. How about that?

Jeff:  Deal.

Jason:  Let’s go.

Mason:  So I don’t get to walk Ella down the aisle. But at least I’m not the odd man out, right, Dale? Oh man. Not again. Guys! Do you got an extra ticket?


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Jeff tells Jason that he has tickets to a basketball game. Then Dale walks up and says that he also has tickets to a basketball game. Jeff realizes that Dale just took his tickets. Jason realizes that his friends want something from him. They don’t want to be the odd man out.

Jason will only get two groomsmen in the wedding, and no one wants to be left out. Dale says that he should be a groomsman because he has performed many weddings. Jason asks him to perform his wedding so that no one has to be the odd man out.

Have you ever been the odd man out?



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In my group of friends no can be an odd man out…whatever the situation was we all have to be involved, unless it needed a certain number of persons then someone should stay with the “odd man out” XD

05:38 PM Oct 13 2012 |



i alway be the oll man out ,because i not going well with my friends. 

12:30 PM Jan 30 2012 |

vijay raj

vijay raj



06:51 AM Dec 16 2011 |

1 person likes this



I was always the odd man out. But I don’t want to be.

01:21 PM Dec 15 2011 |

1 person likes this



South Korea

Being odd man out is freaking awful ㅠ.ㅠ It feels so bad… But even if you are odd man out cheer up, next time you won’t stay out, you gotta be on the top. Believe me:)

05:58 PM Dec 02 2011 |

1 person likes this




Rebecca-de  :  start having self-confidence , for what you have  shared with us  , you are very  smart .If they dont´t  (for whatever reason) want to hang out with you  ( sometimes students are very mean) then  go to the gym ,  go to dance  ,whatever, new friends  those that deserve you will come along   best of luck. 

10:43 PM Nov 29 2011 |



I usually am the odd man out! Specially in college, when my classmates want to hang out I stay alone. But when they have a paper or something to present, they all call me becouse I am the one who knows stuff. 

I hate being the odd man out, it always happens to me =\

Sometimes I wonder what my problem is becouse it seems people don’t like me.

10:31 PM Nov 29 2011 |




about Me ??

09:24 PM Nov 29 2011 |



South Korea

In my wedding, my friends sang a congratulatory song for my wife and me. So no one was the odd man out at the wedding.Tongue out

09:20 PM Nov 29 2011 |



Sure in some cases you have to be odd man out. But when you deserve to place in some group but somebody else take place instead of you, you must fight for your place.

09:16 PM Nov 29 2011 |



United States

I think I remember being the odd man out during a basketball game actually. That’s OK. I just waited my turn, or so I hoped. haha

I also found myself the odd man out many times when I was with a group of friends deciding where to go or what to do. Many times my opinion was different from the rest of the group.

09:15 PM Nov 29 2011 |



Nobody has to be odd man out..They could find one bridesmaid more:)

06:09 PM Nov 29 2011 |




nice story) I like these guysLaughing they are funny)))

03:42 PM Nov 29 2011 |




09:34 AM Nov 29 2011 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

it should be not important for any one to be odd man out,because every where u look can see god colors!

09:20 AM Nov 29 2011 |



Russian Federation

really amusing….

09:06 AM Nov 29 2011 |




yes ,just sometimes

08:30 AM Nov 29 2011 |

1 person likes this


selvgaliSuper Member!


Never, i didn’t even know this existed, when I got married the only two people were my wife and I, no bridemaids, no groomsmen, very easy.

05:46 AM Nov 29 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i am born odd man outCry

05:02 AM Nov 29 2011 |



it’s interesting.

03:54 AM Nov 29 2011 |

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