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Speaking Part 1 - Speculating - Future plans

Speaking Part 1 - Speculating - Future plans

Date: Jan 05 2012

Topic: TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge

Author: RichardPH


  • Speculating –Future plans
  • Topics: You/Work and Study/Future  


In part 1 of the IELTS test get ready for the examiner to ask questions about you. They may ask you about your future – in these cases you may need to speculate. When answering part 1 questions remember to keep your answers short and direct, using full sentences and trying to include some words from the question in your answer.


Language focus: Speculating

When we want to say what we think will happen in the future in English, we can either use will followed by the verb without to -

·          “What do you think will happen next year?”

·          “There won’t be a rise in house prices next year.”


- or going to followed by the verb


·          “Next week is going to be very busy, I think.”

·          ""He isn’t going to win the election."


When speculating we can use will and going to and change the strength of our statements by using adverbs:


·          I’m fairly sure I will (weak)

·          I’m pretty sure I’m not going to (weak)

·          I’m reasonably certain I’m going to (average)

·          I’m absolutely certain I won’t (strong)

·          I’m definitely going to (strong)



Q1Do you want to study abroad?


Yes Answer

Yes, definitely. That’s why I’m taking the test. I hope I'll be able to study for my masters’ degree in a British University; I’ll have to wait and see what happens.


No answer

No. I’d thought about studying abroad previously but the economy is improving back home so I think I’ll have a better chance of getting a job back there.



Q2. When do you think you will finish your studies?



I haven’t decided yet.I reckon it’ll be a few more months before I’ve finished here, then I’m going to have to decide what to do next. So maybe 6 months,possibly.



Q3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


Vocabulary and phrases

will probably, likelihood, I would like to imagine, I think that’ll happen, It’s difficult to say



____________. I guess, if I get married then I ________settle down in the UK and start a family but the _______of that isn’t too great. _______that I’m in a management position at work.__________ within 5 years.


Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHIGTUTG9HA&feature=related


In this video we will see an IELTS candidate speculating about her future.


Interviewer: What will you do when you finish?

Sujatha: Well I’m thinking of going into management of landscapes or maybe parks or botanical gardens. I’m more interested in the management side because I wouldn’t have to put in a lot of physical labour into it and just manage people and use my knowledge in the theory instead.


So how well did Sujatha do?


·          ‘I’m thinking of going into’

Here Sujatha makes it clear that she is still considering what she is going to do and is not certain


·          ‘I wouldn’t have to’

Sujatha is able to hypothesise – she says wouldn’t rather than won’t to speculate about the future as she is not 100% certain of the fact but has some knowledge of it.


·          ‘management of landscapes’

This sounds a little unnatural she would be better saying landscape management


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