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Shopping with Your Significant Other
Shopping with Your Significant Other

Learn the Passive Voice

Date: Apr 16 2012

Themes: Fashion, Romance

Grammar: Passive Voice


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We all want to look good for our significant other. But that doesn’t necessarily mean we want to take our significant other shopping with us. Some people like to try on clothes and get their boyfriend or girlfriend’s opinion before buying them. Unfortunately, not all boyfriends and girlfriends know how to give constructive criticism...or take it. When in doubt, just say, “You look great!”

Hear Jason’s advice to Amy about taking her significant other shopping with her.



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Amy:  How am I going to get my boyfriend to come shopping with me this afternoon, Jason? I mean, I really just want his opinion on my new spring clothes. I don’t understand why he doesn’t want to offer his advice and tell me what looks cute.

Jason:  Wow, I don’t know. That is a typical sort of disagreement couples have. How do you tend to react when he gives you his opinion?

Amy:  You know, it’s hard because sometimes I think that guys just don’t get women’s fashion, in a way.

Jason:  Yeah. I know that I don’t, actually.

Amy:  You don’t?

Jason:  Yeah. I think that I sometimes know what I like and don’t like, but I don’t know why, so I don’t know how to fix it.

Amy:  I guess it depends on the person, partly. Like, you have to know what looks good in general, but also, what you like on your girlfriend or what looks good on her.

Jason:  It’s true, but sometimes things take getting used to. I’ve both come around to certain items of clothing and been like, “Oh, I actually do really like that,” and at first I thought it was really weird. And I’ve also been convinced to buy something that I didn’t think would look very good, and then eventually, I am convinced that it does, on me.

Amy:  Really. On you. So you’ll let your girlfriend give you advice on what to wear?

Jason:  Sure. And it’ll be like, “Oh, I think that looks really good.” And I’m like, “Really? OK…” And then, you know, after I’ve worn it a few times, I start to agree.


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Amy asks Jason for advice. She wants her boyfriend to come shopping with her and give her his opinion on some new clothes that she wants to buy for herself. But he doesn’t want to go.

Jason asks Amy how she reacts when her boyfriend does give her his opinion. She admits that sometimes she thinks he just doesn’t understand women’s fashion.

Jason says that he doesn’t really get women’s fashion himself. Sometimes he likes something but doesn’t know why. His girlfriend must understand men’s fashion, though. She gives Jason advice about what to wear sometimes, and he usually ends up liking what she picks out, even if he isn’t so sure about it at first.

Do you like shopping with your significant other? Do you and your boyfriend or girlfriend ever argue over shopping or clothes?



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kane charles


it is so pity that i have no significant other…

06:10 AM Apr 27 2012 |




08:04 PM Apr 20 2012 |




In my two cents, men just not into shopping, But I have seen some men really hang out in mall with their significant others, But I’m doubt if they really like to go shopping with girls as Julito said in previous comment. One thing that really attracted my eyes was the man carrying the girl’s bag, it seems becoming new habit or common seen now days, I wonder if in your guys country also like that? 

I admit, I like to do shopping with my friends, but I also enjoy doing it alone, quickly go and get what I want and go home, so I don’t have to spend so much of my time just looking at one thing, or otherwise I might buy those little things I saw which actually I don’t need them at all. Cool

02:26 PM Apr 20 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

it is so interesting.

06:55 PM Apr 18 2012 |



for me shopping is a fabolous habit. i  do like shopping every weekend with my best friends. during terrific time, we really enjoye dressy and fashionable things.  After shopping all of us feel ourseleves more beautiful,atracctive and cute. sometimes if i have rough times i just go to the shopping and i feel myself confidently.

10:03 AM Apr 17 2012 |



I like shopping with my significant other.

I like to get some advice for wearing clothes.

my significant other can know how suit i wear the clothes.

09:37 AM Apr 17 2012 |


tar_banSuper Member!

Saudi Arabia

I actually hate shopping with my siginificat other .

we are in saudi arabia no need significat other advice .

09:22 AM Apr 17 2012 |




OMG I love shopping so much. and I love to go shopping with my hobby too, I think it’s too cool and so much fun. but sometimes I also enjoy shopping alone so I don’t need to worry about the time I spend shopping I can go wherever I want and do whatever I wanna do because I don’t need to worry about anything.

12:42 AM Apr 17 2012 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

Actually this topic very nice mostly of women will like it , For me I have never go with any woman for shopping , I have been seeing some of couples were argue when they decided shopping , I guess the shopping is very useful for ourselves It. s make us feel Excitement in our lives . 

I don’t know If we know what the woman feel when she wants buying some things or clothes , I’m confident the shopping is one of the most thing nicer in her life .

If I want to decide shopping with someone I will go with my dearest freind , we usually go with each other .

I prefer shopping clothes ,Specially when I have some new ideas about fashion ,Really I love my reaction when I get on new clothes It.s makes me seem attractive I care of my appearance 

Finally shopping express of the entertainment for us . 

10:56 PM Apr 16 2012 |

Irene Forever


Shopping is not entertainment for me. I can’t say, I enjoy doing it. I rather do it  because I need to eat something or to buy some new clothes. I never wander about the shop just for “injuring” my eyes if I don’t  have money or without necessity to buy a thing. I have a wonderful ability to spot the thing I need from the first sight and it will be just what I wear with pleasure. It’s a real time saving. I also feel tired of seeing and feeling so close to me the croud of people which moves as if you were not among them stepping on your foot and pushing you forward. ActuallyA bargain is something you can’t use at a price you can’t resist.” as  Frankin P.Jones said. I don’t like to do shoping with another person but as a nessesity I always do it with my friend who has a car and he helps me to  convey my purchase home.:)

For  my shopping I prefer large supermarkets as I can buy all I need there beginning from the pin  and ending with an elephant.:)

09:23 PM Apr 16 2012 |

jossef 002010


Yeah, i think that shopping is one of things that men don’t understand, especialy when it comes to buy something to a girl (friend of sister) or even to give an advice ,so women just need to know that if a man kept an advice for his self , because he just poor in such things, i mean in women’s fashion , he may knows what looks good in general , so each one of them has to buy what looks good for him/her and it’s ok to give an opinion , and i want to piont out something that i always see and it makes me wonder ! why women spend all day long in shopping to buy one piece or sometimes with out buying anything ?!!

09:21 PM Apr 16 2012 |

1 person likes this




I like to go shopping wiht my boyfriend 

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

06:43 PM Apr 16 2012 |

cheer manal


i like today´s topic i fervently read the comments.

i´ll never get bored to spend hours if not the whole day doing shoppingLaughing. it doesn´t bother me at all to accompany a friend or whoever to do shopping even though i don´t set out to buy anything….but for men do they like to go with their significant other for shopping? it´s too good to be true. it´s an exhausting process that there maybe fewer who go against the grain.

thanks buttafly for sharing the video,yes women torturing men while shopping i would  sypmathize with men who miserably stand behind their wife or girlfriend untill she is done with her shoping,and carry loads of shopping bags :)

04:45 PM Apr 16 2012 |




Anja , how do  you get to know  all these funny videos  ,so appropiate  here.  :))))).  True, I have been many times  in those huge malls :  Macys, Nordstrom ,JCPenny , i consider them “a jungle of attractions”       Credit card  ,watch out !!!!!!   danger, danger…... Yell

03:56 PM Apr 16 2012 |




I really like to go shopping with my girlfriend. She will give me her opinion what look good on me  and which one I should buy. She will help me to make decision. And it’s very happy when I go shopping with her.

02:52 PM Apr 16 2012 |

Slavic miracle

Russian Federation

I hate shopping, so I sympathize with Jason in this question. I like shopping alone, because if I start to seek clothes, I know what I want, and nobody is able to change my view =) And I never get my BF to shopping, I think he can find more useful pastime. He trusts my choice.

But when I’m going to buy undergarment… there is no doubt to get BF to come with me. I need to try it on and to hear significant other’s opinion =) 

02:40 PM Apr 16 2012 |



South Korea

It’s really nice to go shopping with my significant other. That makes the shopping more fun than being alone. It would also be really helpful for him to give me his opinion on what to wear and what looks good on me because ultimately I just want to look cute and pretty for my boyfriend.

02:01 PM Apr 16 2012 |



Hi, I think I can give my opinion about clothes in general but If had significant other, It would be different ‘cause I always going to say you look really pretty..

01:20 PM Apr 16 2012 |

1 person likes this




how i wish i have someone to argue with :D i think it would be fun

12:54 PM Apr 16 2012 |




Anja, I’m looking forward to watch the link you all are talking about. Wink

12:51 PM Apr 16 2012 |

1 person likes this

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