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Catch Up
Catch Up English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn the First Conditional

Date: Jul 31 2012

Themes: Friend, Soap Opera

Grammar: First Conditional


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It’s nice to see someone you care about after being apart for a long time. There’s so much to talk about!

When you have a lot of new stories to tell someone about your life, it’s time to catch up. When you catch up with a friend, you update him or her about what has happened in your life. You get up to date and current about all the latest news with each another.

Similarly, to catch up on work means to make sure all your responsibilities are taken care of and nothing is left undone. To catch up on a TV show means to watch the episodes you have missed. If someone invites you to something and you say, “I’ll catch up,” it means you will meet later.

Finally, if you are losing a race and then you win, you can say you caught up with the person in front.

Devan has not seen her friend Amanda in years. She is excited to catch up with her.







3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.









Devan:  I’m going to go meet Amanda for a drink. Do you want to come?

Jason:  I wish I could, but I have all this work to catch up on.

Devan:  Really? Are you sure?

Jason:  Yeah, I should really get this done. But I’ll catch up with you later.

Devan:  OK. Bye.

Jason:  Bye.

Devan:  Oh my gosh, we have so much to catch up on. Tell me everything. What have you been up to the last few years?

Amanda:  Oh just like…I invented some stuff, I made my first million, I was on Oprah, but whatever. I actually have something more important that I want you to catch me up on.

Devan:  Oh, you want to know about the wedding? It was so beautiful.

Amanda:  That’s great. I’m sure you were a beautiful bride and everything, but I was thinking more about Mason. Does he have a girlfriend?

Devan:  Mason? Yeah, he has a girlfriend. Oh, this is actually a really funny story.

Amanda:  OK, tell me.

Devan:  So we didn’t know for the longest time that she even existed.

Amanda:  OK.

Devan:  And then she came with him to the wedding and…

Amanda:  So, the wedding, I’m sure it was really, really pretty, and you know what? Sometime I’d love to sit down and grab coffee and look at some pictures and stuff, but can we maybe home in on Mason, and…Is she hot?

Devan:  Who?

Amanda:  Is she thin? Is she tall?

Devan:  Is who hot?

Amanda:  Mason’s girlfriend. I mean, what else are we talking about?

Devan:  Um…

Jason:  Hey, how was it? Did you and Amanda catch up?

Devan:  No. I tried to ask her about what she’s been up to, and I tried to tell her about starting the business and our wedding, and all she wanted to talk about was Mason and his new girlfriend. It was weird. I feel like we didn’t even get to catch up at all.

Jason:  I’m sorry. Well, if you hire her, you’ll get to catch up.

Devan:  Well, that’s true.

Mason:  Who are we gonna hire, guys?

Devan:  Amanda.

Jason:  You didn’t hear?

Mason:  You…You’re gonna hire Amanda?

Devan:  Yeah. I think so.

Mason:  I…Is it really hot in here?


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It has been several years since Devan has seen her friend Amanda. In that time, she started her own company and got married. They have a lot to catch up on.

Devan asks Jason if he would like to join her and Amanda. He says he has too much work, but he might catch up with them later.

Amanda asks Devan a lot of questions about Mason’s girlfriend. She doesn’t seem interested in anything else. When Devan gets back to the office, she tells Jason that they didn’t really get to catch up at all. He says they’ll have plenty of time together if Amanda comes to work for Devan.

Mason is surprised to learn that there is a real chance that Devan might hire Amanda, who is his ex-girlfriend. He faints.

Do you like catching up with friends and family? Who do you need to catch up with?



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just one word good

05:49 PM Mar 16 2013 |



yea I do, the longer the period the more is there to tell. I actually prefer to know about them and not talk about myself, because nothing really interesting happens in my life :/ I always catch up with my cousins, they tell all about my “big family”, because we’re living in different countries.

05:19 PM Nov 14 2012 |

marija luiza


Yes, I do. It is something increible, to talk how his or her life is going. That moment is one of the best in life, because you can discover, what was happen whith everyone in the past or in the present. 

07:47 PM Aug 05 2012 |



catching up means to friends you take care of them


11:37 PM Aug 04 2012 |



Saudi Arabia

get up to date =get up to speed…

03:08 PM Aug 03 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

sometimes need to get cach up makes me fool!

somtimes this feeling changes my times!

12:20 PM Aug 03 2012 |

La Princesse de la vie


Guys, there’s something wrong here.. I tried to listen to the auditory recording and watch the video but it didn’t work..

Can anyone help work out my problem??

11:31 PM Aug 02 2012 |

La Princesse de la vie


Yeah, I like to catch up with my family and my friends, actually it may take me hours when I try to catch up on everything I missed, especially with my friends, you know girls when they talk to each otherLaughing ...

I really miss so many people, and if I meet one of them, I will seize all the opportunities to catch up with them on everythin I missed..

11:27 PM Aug 02 2012 |

1 person likes this



Catching up with family and friends is always a good idea, but sometimes depending on the subject or the area of interest I resort to TV news and also  videos from the internet. As for the Olumpics, for instance, I always catch on through websites forums and videos available on the net.

03:02 PM Aug 01 2012 |




I have to reply a ton of cusotomers’ letters to catch up my job.

09:52 AM Aug 01 2012 |



Catch up what?

In my dream,I ran quickly and tried to catch up something. When I  woke up from the dream,I always got confused by myself.I have the same dream time by time,why?I seem to catch up something,but what is the something?

05:33 AM Aug 01 2012 |



United States

These days, my best friend hasn’t been picking up her phone when I am calling her.

she hasn’t been replying my emails. I think something is up with her. Soon, she’ll be

running back to me and we will catch up.

06:59 PM Jul 31 2012 |




I like this lesson

02:54 PM Jul 31 2012 |




For me definitely my best friend is the person that i’d like to catch up with especially after the college we met each other for the first time in college where we used to see each other all the time and of course both of us now are busy with our lives so we seize any chance when she and i are free to meet and of course to catch up with each other our latest news.

01:51 PM Jul 31 2012 |



its been donkeys of years now i have not been catch up with my friends. i am waiting for the moment when i surprizingly meet one of them someday. the felicity of that time would be wordless. but alass! there are only memories of beautiful days to catch up with. there is another thing too, to catch up, my dreams. i am pretty sure about it, it will come true oneday.

11:22 AM Jul 31 2012 |

konstantin cherta s dva

Russian Federation

I like the reaction of Jason and Devan – Mason faints and they look at him with faces like they think “Uh, okey”, and continue their business. Nothing happened ha-ha)

09:31 AM Jul 31 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

catching up with friends will make us be on good terms with him/her

08:28 AM Jul 31 2012 |

ayman ^_^

Saudi Arabia

hi i’ve to catch up my best friend on 8:00 p.m  we’ve to eat dinner

Laughingbut we didn’t ctch up the resto


07:00 AM Jul 31 2012 |



zeze…I think life is enough.You can live happily when you konw what you want rather than catch up with.

06:29 AM Jul 31 2012 |




lol.English baby has so many interesting stories to telll!girls get somehow nevous when they heard about their exes get a new gf,and then they start to search the couple `s photos on internet,or trying to get news from their mutual friends,But personally speaking,i will never work with my ex no matter for what reasons,because it will just not be comfortable for me . 

03:36 AM Jul 31 2012 |

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