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How to Use the First Conditional

Date: Jul 19 2021

Themes: Travel

Grammar: First Conditional


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As fun as it is to travel and see new places, it can also be stressful. Finding the perfect hotel is one way to cut down on the stress. It’s nice to have a comfortable room to come home to at the end of a long day of sightseeing.

But the perfect hotel often doesn’t come at the perfect price. In fact, paying for a place to sleep can destroy your travel budget if you aren’t careful. Find out what Mason and Jason look for in a hotel.




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Mason:  You travel every now and again, right, for your band, right, Jason?

Jason:  Yeah, and other things. English, baby!, etc.

Mason:  Where do you find you stay most of the time?

Jason:  It’s really random. Sometimes I stay in the cheapest place, like if it’s in a major city, especially, I’ll end up staying, like in Los Angeles, in some out-of-the-way neighborhood.

Mason:  So I’ve done things both ways, like I’ve gotten to go on business travel where I stay at super nice places ‘cause I’m not paying for it. But then if I’m traveling, we stay in hostels, still. But we want the private room, you know, it’s not like total $15 for a bunk bed kind of thing.

Jason:  Shared bathroom?

Mason:  Shared bathroom, for sure. But it’s also like, I’m not paying to go on vacation to stay in my hotel. I’m paying to just be somewhere.

Jason:  Right. Although occasionally you do find a hotel on vacation that might be worth paying for. Like there was this hotel in Spain that was in this old house, and I was like, “Let’s stay there.” And it was totally worth it, just to feel like you were in the 19th century in the Spanish countryside.

Mason:  Yeah. So what other things do you think are worth splurging on when it comes to your hotels?

Jason:  Possibly location. It might be worth it to stay in the middle of town. And you can’t have a bed that’s too bad. Recently, staying at a hotel made me realize I need a new bed at my house. I was just like, “This is more comfortable than home!”


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Mason asks Jason where he likes to stay when he travels. Jason says that he stays in different places depending on where he goes. When he visits big cities like Los Angeles, he typically stays in the cheapest place he can find, because big cities are often expensive.

When Mason travels for business, he gets to stay in nice hotels. But when he travels on his own, he typically stays in a cheap hotel or hostel. He likes to get a private room, but he doesn’t mind sharing a bathroom. He thinks that it doesn’t matter very much where he stays, because he doesn’t spend a lot of time in his hotel room when he is on vacation.

Jason says that the most important thing to him when looking for a hotel is its location. He also likes hotels with historic atmosphere.

Where do you usually stay when you travel? Describe your idea of the perfect hotel.



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I suggest you visit https://hotelsandresorts.review/  I recomend it to you!!

08:49 PM Jan 05 2018 |



for me, i always come outside with my friends and then in the night, we get a hotel room, because we usually not stay visiting near my house for the common sightseeing. sometimes we get the private large room, but not very often, coz y’know, it cost always very much, almost of the time, we share the room with the double beds, it is cool, when coming to bed, we can also chat with each other and plan for the details of tomorrow where we should go, and what a nice place we’ve visited today.

03:39 AM Jun 15 2013 |


YuciSuper Member!


If I visit foreign country for my first time, I will stay at a comfortable hotel in a safe place.

When I visit again, I will stay at a cheap hostel to talk with other tourists.

04:43 PM Dec 20 2012 |

jamal adem


i use to stay the specialy places like beaches , hotels, and etc , there is a time that i travelled to los angels , i found a good friend called : JOHN , he wellcomes me as his brother , i visit many places that has attracted me when i get them ,

so that was my journey

09:53 AM Sep 13 2012 |




am working at a hotel, good location, fantastic food, of course, guest rooms are also impressive. everyting in the room is high qulity. elegant environment, thoutful service always make guest returned again. if you have interesting, come to our hotel and enjoy your time.

08:05 AM Sep 13 2012 |

1 person likes this



while travelling i prefer to book a unexpensive hotel,for it could be my temporary home,and that  will make me comfortable.

03:22 AM Sep 04 2012 |



United States

I like staying in big resorts because they are very convenient, comfortable, and relaxing. i don’t go to hotels or hostel because the meaning of vacation to me is not the sightseeing, it’s the resorts. I spend most of my time in the  resort, swimming, eating an ice cream bar or drinking milkshakes, watching tv, or sleeping, but I never rent any other thing.  

11:21 PM Aug 29 2012 |




Sure! If I would like to go to sightseeing so must be stay at  hostel so it’s not comfortable  but  im a good sport. I can stay at cheap place , worth it ,bunk bed. I splurge for buy something  which overprice.

06:34 PM Aug 28 2012 |

javad jafari

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i ,Fudmentally ,love trip to pardise or even a blit little like thatWink

07:23 AM Aug 28 2012 |



Viet Nam

I love traveling so muchhh..and of course place (hotel) is the most important factor that makes my trip perfect. traveling always leaves in my mind a huge attraction that i determine it as the final end of my current study…working in a luxury hotel or resort is my biggest dream, and i’ll try all my best to reach my purpose, as well as make my dream come true :)

07:17 AM Aug 27 2012 |

Irene Forever


I don’t like hotels of any kinds. East or West, home is best.:)

But if it’s necessary to live in the hotel, it’s okay for me,  but not for long. I don’t feel comfortable sleeping in somebody else`s bed.

07:28 PM Aug 26 2012 |



My vacation have started but I don’t want to go any where. U know in vaccations, I was going to visit to my grand parents. But, now they have shifted to another country, and I can’t go to that country. because I don’t have enough money to go there. last year I had stayed in hotel, and had a good experience b’coz the hotel was so nice….

06:52 PM Aug 26 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I myself like staying in affordable places, because it think although my place is a improtant factor of my vacation however save money for other stuff.But my family beleive that “If you want to have a good travel you should better to spend more money to upgrade your options and make a higher level of satisfaction for yourself in limit period of time”

But I think choosing the way for spending money in travel depens on you point of veiw and culture

05:05 PM Aug 26 2012 |

1 person likes this



I think hotels must be comfortable and tidy.Moreover,can give pleasure.So that some people who want to relax can be convenient and diverting.

03:53 PM Aug 26 2012 |



in my holiday . the amazing hotel i see ever in my life is mazagan betwen casablanca and jadida . it was so  awsome . i spend there amzing time inside and outside room in hotel . but the most important to me is with who you are in this vacation . familly its means every thing to me i spend with  them amzing time and we enjoyyyyyyyyy in hotel mazagan.

09:21 AM Aug 26 2012 |




I seldom travelling, but If I had to go somewhere on a vacation I would prefer a nice places with good location, like Jason has said it doesn’t matter to stay in a hostel because we spend most of our times outside the room, that’s why location is much more important than the place we stay at night. 

08:45 AM Aug 26 2012 |


MasbararSuper Member!


The hotel must be well placed and comfortable.Generally I chose comfortable hotels even if they don’t have a good location.

I don’t like shared bathroom.I don’t feel comfortable.

And also I don’t like bathtubes in the wardrobe.There are some traditional hotels where traditionally the bathtube is in the wardrobe.One time I stayed for 3 nights and I didn’t have shower.It’s not comfortable at all.

12:49 AM Aug 26 2012 |




for me the stressful is where the hotels is far a way from the beach and supermarket and the centre contry to .. the bast summer is if your windows opning early front of the sound of wave and birth sea ..

07:24 PM Aug 25 2012 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

I never visited any country or somewhere  But If you ask me where do you prefer stay , I prefer  stay near the beach specially at morning the scene sunset  I  .

I can’t Imagine any vacation  without hotel , from the other hand the enjoyment only when you go out alone ,Nobody with you , try to recognize about the culture depending on yourself , got on new ideas about what others people do everyday .

As we know the travel needs lots of money , there’s a big difference If you want to resident in the hotel or you want to resident in anywhere , you should have lots of money , because you are a tourist , you aren’t orginal citizen.

Really the trave is a big enjoy . 

05:02 PM Aug 25 2012 |




02:28 PM Aug 25 2012 |

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