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the more the merrier

the more the merrier

Date: Oct 18 2012


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“I don’t feel any competition with Britney. I’m like, come on, the more the merrier.”

- Singer Christina Aguilera denying a rivalry with her fellow singer and reality competition judge Britney Spears. (Parade)

“我不觉得自己和布兰妮 (Britney) 之间存在任何竞争。我的感觉是多多益善。”

— 歌手克里斯蒂安娜·阿奎莱拉 (Christina Aguilera) 否认与同行歌手、真人选秀比赛评委布兰妮·斯皮尔斯 (Britney Spears) 存在竞争。


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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it is better to have more of something, such as people

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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To be merry is to be very happy, and in the mood to celebrate. At Christmas time, people say “Merry Christmas!” to wish others a happy holiday season.

Having more of some things in your life, like a cold, or a flat tire, might not make you happy. But how about having more friends, or, if you’re an animal lover, more pets? If you’re having a small party and another friend asks if she can join, you might tell her, “Sure! The more the merrier!”

Christina Aguilera realizes that some people might think that she doesn’t like Britney Spears. However, when she says the more the merrier, she’s expressing that she thinks it’s great to have more female pop singers around.

What are situations where you think the more the merrier applies?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“When it comes to parties, my philosophy is the more the merrier.”

“My husband doesn’t want to get another cat because we already have three, but I say the more the merrier.”

“Of course you can come over! The more the merrier!”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

cubi1604 More people more fun
by cubi1604
sadafh used to say that you will be happy & have more fun if more people join you in what you are doing and
by sadafh
Julissita More people, more fun.
by Julissita
Wfernando I'd think it's: The more people go, the best and more interesting it'd be... :D
by Wfernando
dilek23 It means " the more, the better". That is to say, If you have a lot of things, you will have more chance to experience."
by dilek23
Orchestra it's like... the more people are in the place the cooler stuff is going to be
by Orchestra
Englishty It means the more there are a lot of talents the better it would be.
by Englishty
dearpesar the more people there are, the happier the situation will be
by dearpesar

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Jay chen

Jay chen


I like to know all the people across the country because the more the merrier. Ehehehe

10:59 AM Oct 29 2012 |

La Princesse de la vie


A week ago, we had a concert at the university and an Egyptian famous singer came,  but I felt that only few people shared him singing, so I wanted to say loudly “come on people, the more the merrier” :)

09:55 PM Oct 28 2012 |

Mr. Learner


When is comes to gaining knowledge, I’d say the more the merrier.

03:26 AM Oct 23 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

It means the more people there are the happier the situation will be ,it is good to be used for events where number  of people increase importance of that events .for a competition numbers of rivals and quality of them is important .

07:12 AM Oct 20 2012 |




it sounds so sad yollgezer

01:46 PM Oct 19 2012 |




Not always, sometimes i fell more lonely in crowd. Always alone only alone

11:31 PM Oct 18 2012 |




it depends, let me explain…

 have a drink, the more the merrier

do jogging : he more the merrier

watch  a film: he more the merrier

my children are sleeping, have a drink with my wife, better we alone;

do running (a race): better alone

whatch the film in English language: better alone


08:03 PM Oct 18 2012 |




Ryo is simply my great friend Ryo, deep heart and confuse mind…

07:55 PM Oct 18 2012 |



United States

I love to live new and beautiful experiences with my family and friends! the more the merrier!!

07:28 PM Oct 18 2012 |



there are lot of situtaions and things makes me more then merrier. in rutine life its when i spend time with my family, when i achive my goals, when i do good for others, when i make others happpy, when i share my stuff with my own Allah Almighty so there is a long list actuly. thing is i always thank to Allah for all the blessings whom make it more then merrier. so i think i ll be more then merrier when i ll pendown a beautiful doxology for him.

04:37 PM Oct 18 2012 |

Irene Forever


While doing something that needs much efforts and certain skill or experience, the more the merrier.

If the task is too important, I prefer doing much of it myself and keep it under the control.

If I’m present at a cheerful party, the more the merrier.:)

If it’s the matter of my private life,  the less people in my appartment, the better. I don’t like when the place I live reminds an anthill  where I can’t find a place to stay alone. That’s why, my favorite time is night.

03:20 PM Oct 18 2012 |




Oh… I’ll start using it with my friends when we go to a party in a night party here in Bogotá :D

02:56 PM Oct 18 2012 |



In parties, friends and family gatherings, social meetings, even in competitions, it makes me happy to compete with lots of people, it becomes more challenging.

02:08 PM Oct 18 2012 |

2 people like this




I think when i do any charity, it would be the more the merrier for me….

12:25 PM Oct 18 2012 |




The number of employees in my company increased from 10,000 to 12,000. To me: the more the merrier

09:05 AM Oct 18 2012 |




For me i have alot of things make me happy in my life, for example, watching good movie, reading, getting to know new places and new people, learning new things, meeting an inspiring, strong and optimistic people, talking and playing with kids, laughing with my family. These are the situations that make think The more The merrierSmile

08:52 AM Oct 18 2012 |




The more we love people, the merrier life is :)

And to love is to forgive.

08:26 AM Oct 18 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

more peopel, more communications;the more the merrier

08:25 AM Oct 18 2012 |



For me, I would be happy when emptied of problemsLaughing

07:41 AM Oct 18 2012 |



it means having more fun

06:42 AM Oct 18 2012 |

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