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rocket science

rocket science

Date: Dec 06 2012

Themes: Tech


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“To write an email is like I am doing rocket science. I am so not into it.”

- Actor Javier Bardem, speaking about his difficulties with technology. (Us Weekly)


- 演员贾维尔·巴登 (Javier Bardem) 诉说自己在写电子邮件时遇到的困难。


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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a complicated thing

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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Designing rockets involves some very advanced scientific knowledge. You need to know about physics, mathematics, engineering, and probably chemistry, too. In other words, if someone told you she had a degree in rocket science, you’d probably think she was pretty smart.

The phrase rocket science has therefore come to stand in for any activity that is very difficult and requires great intelligence. People often use the phrase sarcastically, and in the negative. For example, let’s say I was waiting for my friend to put together a bookshelf, and I started getting impatient. I might say, “What’s taking you so long with that shelf? It’s not rocket science!”

Javier Bardem, however, sounds pretty sincere when he describes his difficulty with technology. When he says that doing email is, for him, like rocket science, he means that it is as difficult for him as advanced physics and engineering might be for most people.

Have you ever struggled with something that others found easy, but you felt was more like rocket science?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“It’s so easy to make cookies. It’s not rocket science, you know. You can do it.”

“I know that for some people setting up a DVD player might be easy, but for me it’s like rocket science. I just don’t get it. “

“Ah, I’m getting so frustrated with this math problem! I know it’s not rocket science, but I just can’t figure it out!”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

 julito a knowledge that goes beyond our comprehension.
by julito
Nabilo Difficult and complicated task.
by Nabilo
dearpesar something hard, difficult, uncomfortable to do
by dearpesar
Manu4 Too difficult or complicated
by Manu4
nino-nino to do something that is really hard/difficult to do for you, doing something that you don't know how to do.
by nino-nino
a2020 It means it's difficult for him.
by a2020
Englishty It means you're not familiar with doing something because it's difficult.
by Englishty
aria8111 Doing any thing that is not in your ability and you going to be failure. Reading some math books for me is doing rocket science. I always failed in math exams in school days.
by aria8111
Julissita It's something too complicated.
by Julissita

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All exact sciences have been more like rocket science for me since the first day at school :) I find humanities “easy-going” ;) though I know there are plenty of people who consider humanities like a rocket science. To each his own! ;) 

In my country the synonyms for rocket science are: 

- the chinese grammar (Julito has already mentioned it);

- the dark forest

and other but I can’t remember them at the moment  

When we use those phrases it means we are far away from the understanding.



for me i have studied computer science, physics, maths, chemistry and much more like this, there is nothing i feel complicated or tough. but but but there is a thing i feel is rocket science for me, we all say it life. its so lengthy to study if i got finished a chap there’s always another ahead more hard more time taking and so on. i dont know about its depth and dont even imagin. we use to attempt its out of course quries and we can’t raise our voice against. we are doing it frantically. we are gasping and hauling but can’t utter a yelp because we have to get it. there are no prophecies buy ushers just a great quest. but we are humans the most powerfull creature of Allah almighty, he has blessed us with brain and we are not lame ducks we ll tweak its odds and sort it out. because we are real hardies. a writer said ’ life is a series of problem solving situations’ i think he was asking about rocket science;).

11:51 AM Dec 06 2012 |




rocket science is  so complicate. only a few countrys have this science. foe example unaited state- Germany ..

this scince depended on  high tech and investigate. this is so expensive. i hope our planet exsist forever that we have not to leave.


10:59 AM Dec 06 2012 |




I love listening to music but I am not into making it and even if I would try, I will surely fail. I know some people who find that easy. I find the principle is simple and to get it is realy not like rocket science: the earlier you beginn to be fiddle and concerned with something, the better you become at it. The good mathematicians, musicians and soccer players have surely not begun with the age of 15 years…

09:56 AM Dec 06 2012 |




a task whih is given muh more diffiult for someone.

08:25 AM Dec 06 2012 |




I’m with Javier Bardem. Especially after his Skyfall part. In reallity he’s much much handsomer, but not into technology apart from his acting in James Bond. He is a mighty hacker there:) What is a rocket science for me is Math. I’m not a Math person, but if I put my mind into that, I’ll crack it. But it doesn’t go with me with the flow like languages that you kind of getting by intuition and don’t think much while talking :)




 I have a   friend that is Head of the Department in charge of engineering  rocket technology  to launch  satelites to orbit around earth.    As rocket science  is like chinese to me ,he prefers to cut down  our conversation  to more mundane   discussions. :))))


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