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sweet on

sweet on

Date: Jan 31 2013

Themes: Romance


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“They are adorable! He’s totally sweet on her!”

- Singer Solange Knowles, on how her son feels about Blue, the one-year-old daughter of Solange’s sister, Beyonce. (Us Weekly)


– 歌手索兰格·诺尔斯 (Solange Knowles) 谈论他的儿子喜欢上了她姐姐碧昂斯 (Beyonce) 一岁大的女儿布卢 (Blue)。


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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really like; have a crush on

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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Ah, love. It’s such a delicious feeling. But not in the way that pizza is delicious. Or Japanese food. Or mustard. It’s delicious like the most perfect cake, or an ice cream sundae, or a piece of pie. Love is sweet.

That’s why, when you love someone, you might say you’re sweet on them. Being sweet on someone often implies romantic love, but you can be sweet on your friends, too. Often you feel sweet on someone in the early stages of a relationship. It’s like a crush. Being sweet on someone is having all those first, exciting, sugary feelings.

Solange Knowles’ son feels this excited kind of love for his cousin, Blue. You can probably imagine a young kid just being so full of sweetness and love for the new daughter of his aunt, Beyonce. He probably just wants to play with her and be with her all the time. He’s sweet on her.

Describe a time that you were sweet on someone. What did it feel like?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“That boy keeps looking at you from across the room. I think he’s sweet on you!”

“When I’m sweet on someone, I always try to hide it so I won’t get my heart broken.”

“On Valentine’s Day, I don’t care if I don’t have a date. I’m sweet on all my friends!”

“Johnny is sweet on me. He walks me to school every day.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

Yuci to like her very much
by YuciSuper Member!
sveta_p He's enamored of her.
by sveta_p
goodmahsa he is completely in love with her
by goodmahsa
Nabilo the son loves his little cousin
by Nabilo
mad about
by AVATAR girl
Ardista liking or in love with somebody
by Ardista
in love with
by bellaboo2422
Marice.A He literally has great affection for her
by Marice.A
cubi1604 Love someone so much
by cubi1604
Zambuka adores her
by Zambuka
a2020 It means he is totally like her.
by a2020

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if  u r sweet on someone means u just have extremely awesome feeling on them

11:31 AM Jul 18 2013 |



sweet on someone means, they are having some good delicate feeling on others

11:23 AM Jul 18 2013 |



I am sweet on my lovely boyfriend … 

02:10 AM May 20 2013 |




i’m always sweet on my parents ! :)

07:58 PM Mar 25 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i eat them much very much,but after that i brash my teeth and i take care of them;)

09:18 PM Feb 06 2013 |


yuminagaSuper Member!


I like to work out , or It could say :i used to be an athlete  i was good at 200 meters and 400 meters in school-days.however  i rarely did exercise after I started to wokr for some reason .one day since i ran into a coach named Mr.Zhao ,I changed my mind about fitness. now he is not her  anymore ,but I never forget  the time we had together ,I am really sweet on him.

10:45 PM Feb 03 2013 |




This topic reminds me of someone in Australia and just happens to me now lol

The feeling is like.. you really cannot get mad to someone ^^

And that feeling is not over your head, or like passionate Love; it is more pure and you still can think!

It is a ‘gift’ to be able to be sweet on person.

06:07 PM Feb 03 2013 |



I’m sweet on my husband!we are married for 28 yars and I am still  sweet on him.

12:25 AM Feb 01 2013 |

Irene Forever


♥ Exactly! ♥

10:58 PM Jan 31 2013 |

Irene Forever


Dear Seiyf…

I totally agree with both of you. The other one is Oscar Wilde who said lots of wise words.Some of them are here.

“Women are meant to be loved, not  understood.”

  I guess, it’s just what we all need.    


10:52 PM Jan 31 2013 |

Irene Forever


Dear Seiyf…

Oh, my! Rainboy... I rememeber that picture as many others. I also remember  his comments, and the case I obeyed him when he didn’t like the color I used for my picture. I deleted it then. :) Sweet memory, really.”_

I didn’t accept his request because I was jealous and couldn’t bear his giving flowers to any women on his list.:) By the way, he took my black rose. I couldn’t imagine what for, then.:)

Oh no, I must stop. To much was said, indeed.:)

What a subject! Ebaby! You made me crazy! :)

10:06 PM Jan 31 2013 |

Irene Forever


Dear Seiyf, how much I love your words. You are a great writer. What I love most, you always understand women.:) I’m blessed to have a friend like you are. Thanks, my dear. By the way, I still miss Rainboy. Do you remember him? I was sweet on him.:)

09:06 PM Jan 31 2013 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

Mostly of women prefer this topic , specially when want to describe our admire for it , each of us has a sign beauty  , God created us In a good Image .

I like when I tell my fiancee you are my sweety , she likes it , But Not Always from time to time because the Beauty isn’t everything In Our lives , There are many things are Important more than it .

I oppose the cosmetic surgery , Lots of women hide their defects under it , We are adorable and so sweets Because God love us for nothing .

I don’t Know when you ask any woman are you Beautiful she quickly answer you , true I’m the most woman is Beautiful over the world .
on the other hand many woman didn’t have any thing express about the beauty , but when you deal with her you discover How much she is Beautiful , The Beauty is exist in ourselve and souls  not in the appearance  .

08:16 PM Jan 31 2013 |



United Arab Emirates

i am sweet on this site…

07:15 PM Jan 31 2013 |




I’m sweet on someone, i like this phrase and since everyone loves sweet and sugary things so this phrase is so perfect to describe the love, the passion and the admiration to someone, i like it.

06:11 PM Jan 31 2013 |




I am sweet on ice-cream and chocolate  and last but not the least , EB lessons and those who befriendly  me  in this site. :)))   

01:55 PM Jan 31 2013 |




Im sweet on babies. They are cute and adorable.

01:36 PM Jan 31 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

sweet on someone! it is fun terms.I thing I’m sweet on …..yeah…. all of you


12:40 PM Jan 31 2013 |




I liked this slang.Its fine to be sweet on someone and give all your love and warmth to someone who is close to you.

08:39 AM Jan 31 2013 |



I’m sweet on you all …........babies

08:06 AM Jan 31 2013 |

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