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all bets are off

all bets are off

Date: Feb 14 2013


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“Kids should be kids for as long as possible. When she gets into her teens, though, all bets are off.”

- Actress Drew Barrymore on whether her daughter will wear makeup from her new line of beauty products. (Us Weekly)


— 演员德鲁·巴里摩尔 (Drew Barrymore) 谈论她女儿是否使用她新推出的产品系列化妆。


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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have no way of predicting the outcome

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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Do you know anyone who loves to gamble? Real gamblers will bet on anything. They’ll bet on horses, or dogs, or fighting roosters. They’ll bet on cards and dice, and baseball and football and basketball. They’ll always try to figure out the technical details so that they can make the most educated bets and win the most money. But even for the most dedicated gamblers, sometimes something happens that makes them feel as if they can’t possibly predict the outcome. When that happens, they put their money away, and all bets are off.

Even if you don’t bet money on games or events, you probably still try to predict the outcome of events in your life. You guess what your mom will give you for your birthday, or whether you or your spouse will get home from work first. But sometimes something unusual happens, and you no longer feel that you can predict these regular behaviors. Then all bets are off.

Drew Barrymore knows that she’s not going to let her daughter wear makeup when she’s young. She thinks she should behave like a little girl while she still is one. But she knows that things get crazy when a girl becomes a teenager. She can’t possibly predict what will happen then. When her daughter enters that unpredictable time, all bets are off.

Do you gamble? Do you predict events in the day-to-day? Can you think of a time when an unusual event prevented you from using your powers of prediction?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“I think Jerry has a good chance of winning the race, but if “Speedy Steve” enters, all bets are off.”

“I’m good at playing music in the key of C, but once you add sharps or flats, all bets are off.”

“She’s pretty shy when she’s sober, but when she starts drinking, all bets are off.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

goodmahsa the situation has changed completely.
by goodmahsa
Lily86 every thing is changed .
by Lily86
nothing could be predict
by Rododendron
a2020 It means nothing can change the situation.and there is no provision for that.
by a2020
idoya From my point of view, all bets are off means that anything can happen as result of outcome from a situation of which, we know its possible variables but we don't know the probability of each of them...so, any ending can take place.
by idoya
Nabilo Everything will be possible because the situation has been changed by one factor.
by Nabilo
redemptor It means that anything can happen, you cannot take anything for gtanted.
by redemptor

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I thought to “guess what your mom will give you for your birthday, or whether you or your spouse will get home from work first” was called intuition:)

So now it means when intuition doesn’t work out it’s called “all bets are off”

09:37 PM Mar 27 2013 |



United States

It’s like things can not fit for something any more. 

01:14 PM Feb 24 2013 |



logically u could be right, but u can’t predict the outcom.

07:21 PM Feb 16 2013 |




Thanks God I’m far away from Las Vegas or I would be homeless If  lived closed by. I’m an addicted gambler.

11:50 PM Feb 14 2013 |

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Ya Nina


Fortunately, I’m not a gambler. Certainly, sometimes I can predict the outcome of future events. Though I prefer to consider it not as prediction but as intuition or supposition.
I’m sure that it is intuition is quality that we need to develop. Rather often before some event in our life we feel some feelings that can’t explain. It is our intuition. The most interesting that the thoughts of our brain very often are different from the thoughts of our intuition. These last thoughts are true. We couldn’t analize it, couldn’t explain it, but we feel (somewhere very deeply in our soul) that these feelings much more important and real. Very important to hear it and listen to it.
For example, a man who rejected to fly on the plain that finally was crashed. What it was? Someone answer that it was fate, others – happy chance. I suppose it was our saving intuition that help to change fate and give life.

06:07 PM Feb 14 2013 |




i must confess that  if I had a weekness  was gambling .My experience is that  is  a sure ticket to hell.If we persist, in the long run    we`ll ending up  broke  emotionally, financially and  socially. I have tried my luck in Las Vegas  and other casinos  and rarely I have seen gamblers coming out  with a happy face. Besides, easy comes , easy goes. 

05:38 PM Feb 14 2013 |



i used to gamble on football scores but i no longer bet on it,in fact there is manipulation on every single matches this is my opinion also gamblers who bet on football matches they all know something is going wrong end of the match.this is not fulfilling our expected award.that’s why i quit betting.i dont support betting.it makes you broke and unhappy

01:38 PM Feb 14 2013 |




all possibility are open for any changes

12:54 PM Feb 14 2013 |




I never gambled but sometimes I can predict in my common sense what will happen if I do so and so, mostly I get it right. Now a days my common sense does not help me much, whenever I put plan for my day or my week, the plan has to be changed or twisted.  Therefore, it is better to think about the present and leave the future until it becomes present..

10:35 AM Feb 14 2013 |

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i Think; excess of everything is harmful. over-indulging in gambling,while trying to gain some money maybe become cause to lose everythig that we have. God bless all of us harmful habits…...

10:09 AM Feb 14 2013 |




I think everyone has a general prediction for his/her life, we are a bit sure about what’s gonna happen in our lives, what will you work, what are your plans in the future and so on but often things happen and your plans change completely and you may get upset but sometimes after a while you find yourself so grateful for these changes, for me a lot of things happened to me in the past that i haven’t predicted some of them i’m aware now why they happened and some i’m not so let’s see.

09:28 AM Feb 14 2013 |

Ngubo Sixtus

South Africa

you can’t predit what gonna happen 

04:43 AM Feb 14 2013 |

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