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Tag Along English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English with this clubbing English lesson

Date: Apr 02 2013

Themes: Party, Romance, Soap Opera

Grammar: Second Conditional


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It can feel so nice to make plans with a group of friends. You might get together and decide that you’re all going to go out to dinner together, or go to the movies. You feel included in the group, and like you really belong. Then maybe another friend comes up who wasn’t part of the original group. He asks if he can join your plan. He wonders, would it be OK if he tagged along?

A tag on a piece of clothing at the store is the piece of paper hanging off the clothing that lists the price. A tag, in general, is hanging off something else. So when you tag along, you’re joining on to a group. You weren’t originally part of the plan, and the group may or may not be happy to have you join.

Lily, the new intern, has her own set of friends. Find out who wants to tag along with her in this hanging out English lesson.




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Jeff:  Thanks for putting in the long hours, Lily. Usually it’s just me here at the end of the day. It’s great to have some company.

Lily:  No prob. I actually stopped working a long time ago. I’m just killing time until my friends get here. We’re going clubbing and I didn’t have time to go home before, so…

Jeff:  Clubbing? You like dancing?

Lily:  Uh-huh.

Jeff:  Cool. Where are you guys going?

Lily:  Bang.

Jeff:  Bang. I’ve heard about that place.

Lily:  Oh yeah, you know it?

Jeff:  I’ve heard some good things about it. Sounds like a fun time.

Lily:  Their jello shots are good. They also have karaoke.

Jeff:  I. Love. Karaoke.

Lily:  Really?

Jeff:  Do you guys mind if I tag along?

Mason:  Because you go out to clubs on weeknights all the time.

Lily:  You wouldn’t know any of the friends I’m going with, so…

Jeff:  No no no. I love meeting new people! Love it. Not even an issue.

Lily:  Hello?

Mason:  Dude, you gotta just leave it alone, bro. If she wanted you to come, she would invite you. Stop trying to invite yourself and tag along, man. It’s not cool.

Lily:  OK, guys, see you tomorrow. I guess it’s alright if you tag along, man.

Jeff:  Alright!

Mason:  Hats aren’t for everyone, bro. I think she’ll mind you tagging along a little less without this. Knock yourself out, kiddo.


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Jeff and Lily are both working late at the office. Actually, it turns out that Lily’s not working. She’s just hanging out and killing time until her friends arrive. They’re going to go out clubbing together.

Jeff has a crush on Lily, so he wants to come out with her and her friends. He wants to come even more when he finds out that the club features karaoke. He loves karaoke, and he asks if he can tag along.

Mason tells Jeff it’s not a good idea. Lily has her own friends, and doesn’t need Jeff around. But Jeff can’t leave it alone. He really wants to go out to the club with Lily and her friends. Finally, she agrees.

What do you do if you have plans with some friends and another friend wants to tag along? Have you ever felt as if you were tagging along with a group?



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I think the real problem is that Jeff has a crush on Lily, and she knows it. Maybe she doesn’t want to deal with a ’’wet blanket’’ while she’s going out to have fun with her friends!

08:06 AM Aug 07 2013 |

Marcel We

Marcel We


Well, I think I would feel very uncomfortable when I tag along with a goup of some friends who want to be for themselves and so don’t want me to join them. I think it’s also some kind of embarrassing to invite yourself or at least to try it. I probably be ashamed for something like this ‘cause I would risk to ruin their togetherness. I can’t remember that I tagged along someone’s plans “accidentally” (..well, i hope so) and I also think that i would be able to notice if they want me to be part of their togetherness.

11:20 AM Apr 06 2013 |




Feels a kind of uneasy to “tag along” which  means to go uninvited.Maybe also unwanted in many cases.But on the other hand it’s a good oppotunity to make new aquaintances and leave all concerns alone.

06:53 PM Apr 03 2013 |

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If someone want to tag along when i go out with my guys, its no problem! I prefer all my friends join in us when we are going clubbing. its so fantastic.

06:36 PM Apr 03 2013 |



Saudi Arabia

In the fact, when happen like this situation sometimes i agree or i refuse . Mostly , I Haven’t any problem but When someone comes to impose itself without permission , i hate that maybe i agree but inside me unwanted .I think when the person has good deeds and respect all the people love tagging him along .

03:24 AM Apr 03 2013 |

david yun

South Korea

well.. when i see whole my life… Ive never felt like that I wanted to tag along a group of people who didn’t want to go with me. I mean, I can usually feel if people want me or not. I have friends, and they have their own friends so I don’t have to ask if I tag along with them. well..

11:51 PM Apr 02 2013 |




I prefer to ask the rest of the group, if it’s ok with them, it’s ok with me.

09:20 PM Apr 02 2013 |

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I love tagging along with people who know them because it makes me comfy and cool to deal with that. nevertheless, I am not okay to go out to any place that folks are unfamiliar to me except in some significant events with of course an invitation. If I were Jeff and this happened to me, I wouldn’t tag along with those new people and I left her alone. Also, it is a big issue for me if someone wanst to hang out with me and my other friends without any notice. In order to having fun in my spare time, I prefer to accompany my time with people who have the same interest and passion in everything like me.   

08:37 PM Apr 02 2013 |



Well, if I don’t like the person tagging along I don’t think I’ll enjoy my time :/ It’s the same case when my friends invite someone I don’t know, it becomes kinda…awkward!! like you can’t behave freely and say whatever you want, because you have to mind this “intruder”..lol!! Well, I know how the others would feel about it, so I try as much as possible to avoid it, but sometimes I get invited when I don’t wanna go and I can’t refuse, so it kinda feels like tagging along.

07:07 PM Apr 02 2013 |




To be honest, I don’t care because when I have the opportunity I do the same. To tag along for me is “go and have a blast and don’t forget to be yourself”

05:09 PM Apr 02 2013 |

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Ngubo Sixtus

South Africa

i do like this subject, it teaches me a lot. i have never felt tag along with any group so far.

04:58 PM Apr 02 2013 |




Yeah, sometimes I have such situations and it makes me a bit confused because I dont know how people will react on my presence). But when it comes to big events like a music festival or disco club I don’t hesitate and tell my friend that I’m gonna tag along with you guys, it becomes useless to worry about anything cause you are gonna be with a lot of people who cares about you, who want just to have a fun time.  

04:35 PM Apr 02 2013 |




I don’t have a problem if any new friend want to tag along, but for me i can’t ask any group to tag along without inviting me and they have to be so friendly, so in general i don’t like to go out with people who are not my friends at least they maybe my colleagues in order to feel more comfortable.

02:35 PM Apr 02 2013 |




Englishty it is not impressing issuse , it is oki we here live to learn dear , dont bother :d

01:35 PM Apr 02 2013 |




I think that Jeff`s ” auto invitation ”  is  rude, he has put lily in an awkward  position  to have a right to refuse  having him on board  ,luckily for him ,  she accepted tagging him along, although  it appears that she is not happy with  this uncalled for request. I have self-respect,  I don´t like to go where I am not invited.  

12:52 PM Apr 02 2013 |

Ya Nina


Frankly speaking I don’t like if somebody tags along if my friends and I decide to go out. I never tag along with some group even I really want to do it. I consider that it isn’t a good manner if you tag along with somebody when you aren’t invited. For example, let’s imagine situation that the good friends don’t see each other a long time and when at last they can find a time and go out, somebody tags along with them and crashed joy and happiness. So I prefer to be invited at some group that is after I don’t feel any discomfort. 

In spite of that I never show my unpleasure when somebody tags along with our company. Moreover I can say that there are a lot of situations when somebody who tagging along with us to make a meeting more interesting and merry. But anyhow I’m sure that it is better to be invited at some party or meeting than to go there without invitation.



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

-It depends on the occasion, if i couldn’t accept, say it frankly and refuse to go out with each other, in otherwise, agree my friend to be tag along.

-I never like to be tag along  with a group especially when i don’t  know them well, i think may other people be annoyed or can’t be free while i’m there.

10:40 AM Apr 02 2013 |




Actually yes i did it before and it was the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever done, it was so embarrassing and i blamed myself a lot for it, it was shocking even for me cause it’s not like me to tag along with group i haven’t met before. It’s so funny when Lily answered you wouldn’t know any of the friends i’m going with at this point Jeff had to understand he’s not welcomed and she tries to be nice but she doesn’t like him to go with her.

10:15 AM Apr 02 2013 |



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08:17 AM Apr 02 2013 |

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