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Two and a Half Men
Two and a Half Men

Learn English with this television English lesson

Date: May 06 2013

Themes: Celebrity, Pop Culture

Grammar: Imperative Form


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The sitcom Two and a Half Men is one of the most popular TV shows in the world. The show features two adult brothers who live together. One likes to party, and one is uptight. The uptight brother has a teenaged son, and he worries that the partying brother might be a bad influence.

Originally, the two brothers were played by Jon Cryer and Charlie Sheen. Sheen left the show after some scandals involving drug use and other bad behavior. Now Ashton Kutcher has joined the cast. Find out what Amanda and Jeff think about the new cast in this television English lesson.


起初,两位兄弟分别由乔恩·克莱尔 (Jon Cryer) 和查理·辛 (Charlie Sheen) 扮演。后来,辛由于陷入吸毒及其他不良行为的丑闻而退出该剧。现在艾什顿·库彻 (Ashton Kutcher) 加盟了这部情景喜剧。在本节以电视剧为话题的英语课上,了解阿曼达和杰夫如何看待这个新演员阵容。


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Amanda:  You know what’s really bothering me about Two and a Half Men lately? The newest season?

Jeff:  Man, I haven’t watched it in awhile. What’s up?

Amanda:  Well, I really miss having Charlie Sheen as the lead! I don’t really care about his drug problem or any of his shenanigans, but Ashton Kutcher as a replacement? I don’t know.

Jeff:  Is it not hilarious enough for you, or…

Amanda:  Well, you compare the two actors, right? One actually has some talent, and one is just a pretty face.

Jeff:  Well, I know in real life Charlie Sheen’s pretty hilarious.

Amanda:  Exactly. And since he left the show for whatever reason, it’s just kind of gone down the tank.

Jeff:  Alright, alright, so you don’t like Kutcher. He’s not as good as Sheen.

Amanda:  No, I mean, the concept of the show is good, it’s solid.

Jeff:  Is it still the same? With the new actor?

Amanda:  It’s supposed to be. Exactly. So it’s two grown men who are brothers and haven’t quite grown up, so to speak. One of the brothers, Jon Cryer, has his son full-time. And then the other brother, who was Charlie Sheen but is now Ashton Kutcher is supposed to be this uncle who is teaching him all the wrong ways to live.

Jeff:  I have a few of those uncles.

Amanda:  Oh really? Don’t we all.


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Amanda is annoyed at the new season of Two and a Half Men. She liked it when Charlie Sheen was in the cast, but now that Ashton Kutcher has replaced him, she thinks the show’s gone down the tank.

Jeff wonders if it’s because Kutcher isn’t as funny as Sheen. Amanda thinks it’s mainly because Sheen is a good actor, but Kutcher just tries to get by on his good looks.

The basic idea of the show is still the same, though. Sheen and Kutcher are like the uncle who may be a bit of a bad influence on Jon Cryer’s teenaged son. Those uncles may be a bad influence, but they may also be fun!

Do you watch Two and a Half Men? Who do you like better, Charlie Sheen or Ashton Kutcher? Do you have an uncle or another relative who is a bad influence?



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I like both .. for me is better now.

09:31 PM Oct 26 2013 |




Pretty old news… and Sheen is so far funnier than Kutcher, but the serie is working though.

12:34 PM May 22 2013 |



What’s wrong in having a pretty face ? Kutcher is as funny as Sheen, i think !

03:46 AM May 08 2013 |



i bet Amanda didn’t go to watch the new season before she made this conversation and she was judging the book by its cover, or maybe she just simply didn’t like AK. 

Charlie and Kutcher are two different kind of actors, maybe Kutcher isn’t as funny as Charlie, but he still makes this show a good show. i watch every episode from s8 to s10, by watching it not only can i get to relax, i can also learn a lot of english from it.

11:05 PM May 06 2013 |

1 person likes this




I saw few episodes. I think that sitcom will be less interesting without Sheen.



09:46 PM May 06 2013 |




Mr julito, I completely agree with you, whatever by and large  a lot are not a family  friendly  nowadays !

As an expert about teen world let me say : lots of borders you will put, a lot of prison break will be done… hehe.

I used to watch this sitcom and its episodes on TV-the old collaborated ,their cheers, the cheerleader Sheen and his jokes-after Sheen dumps with Warner for multi reasons a  team with a role model kutcher showed up to set that every episodes show has its glory days which after go down the tank like a zigzag line\/\/\/\/\

Watching a movie ,series and these stuffs for entertainment only , It takes a different shape who can set an example for me-I’m already surrounding with many-I’m a picky person!!  

08:34 PM May 06 2013 |

1 person likes this



haha what a coincidence i was watching two and half men before i looked this lesson. 9th season which Ashton Kutcher participate in this tv serie . i think it was funny but current season is not giving me any joy.Amanda says charlie sheen had some alcoholic issues before .i dont agree with it because he is still performing in Anger management.sometimes i really wanna see Charlie in the serie 

08:33 PM May 06 2013 |




Totally agree with Amanda. Since they replace awesome and always making me laugh Charlie Sheen and put instead of him quite a different personality, dull cutie Ashton Kutcher, the show 100% gone down the tank. Was the director really a ??? in letting his show bland because of Charlie Sheen shenanigans like his aggressivness, tackiness, mood swings, alcoholism. Who cares! He always been my favorite actor and a handsome man! Ashton Kutcher lacks that charisma, that witty humor – he’s like a mannequin. Though people say that he was really hillarious in ”That ‘70 Show”. Maybe the director was following that idea that once being hillarious he’d be successful again. Well, it’s not that easy. He needs to be like Charlie Sheen – badass, cool and hot! ;)

05:46 PM May 06 2013 |

1 person likes this

angel_ eyes


Old news. 

This season has started long ago, but, hey  it’s a  fun show, so no sweat. Well, to be honest, I never find Charlie Sheen funny. I really dunnno why, you know, like boy, I have nothing against him, it was just not funny in a good way. And that is why, maybe  I never liked Two and a half men before, but one day  Kutcher  showed up, the whole show has become so worth watching.

What is wrong in having a pretty face ?

02:52 PM May 06 2013 |

1 person likes this




Love watching Two and a Half Men  :)

12:42 PM May 06 2013 |



I think Ashton Kutcher in the butterfly effct is amazing:D

12:12 PM May 06 2013 |




The king is dead, long live the king !. well, not for me, I prefer to stick to  the replays that everyday Warner channel is airing  casting Charlie Sheen. I consider this sitcom a little risqué ,I wouldn´t advice to watch it in the company of a minor, I am not a moralist, but obviously at some point the dialogues and images  are crossing the line  and could be a bad influence on a teenaged son or daughter.     

11:05 AM May 06 2013 |

2 people like this



Syrian Arab Republic

yes i watched it a lot but i didnt had yet the oppertunity to watch the new season with Ashton Kutcher

but in general i loooooooove this sitcom and i used to see Charlie Sheen in it

and i think it must go down the tank if any one of the three actors has been replaced not only Charlie Sheen

10:22 AM May 06 2013 |




I havent seen this film and can say nothing of these actors.I dont let nobody to have a bad influence on my kids and try to keep them away from such men.

10:13 AM May 06 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i like this film.i think its nice:)

09:50 AM May 06 2013 |




I haven’t seen this sitcom before,but I heard a lot about it.Maybe after finishing Community I will see it.I know in Chinese it is called “好汉两个半”.

My little uncle and brother always go to play outside with their friends and go to bars for fun.I don’t think they are bad influnences to me.Everyone has different personality and I can accept this phenomenon.

09:19 AM May 06 2013 |

join liang


i am sorry i have not seen this series, er.. may be i should see it firstly,then can compare them .

08:03 AM May 06 2013 |



I like it.Both actors are my favorable men.I have two uncle,and they are good men.

05:03 AM May 06 2013 |


Russian Federation

I didn’t know that Charlie left it.. I’ll try to find new series to watch Ashton. But it’s hard to imagine that he can replace Sheen :D

04:58 AM May 06 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hahaha…It seems that i must be completely out of the loop about TV-Shows, never mind, let me tell you a joke i read recently:

First day back at school in Birmingham, England – The teacher began calling out the names of the pupils: “Mustafa Al Eih Zeri?”  -here  ”Achmed El Kabul?”  -here “Fatima Al Hayek?” -here  ”Muhammed Bin Kadir?”  -here  ”Ali Son al En?”, silence in the classroom, “Ali Son al En”, continued silence as everybody looked around the room, the teacher repeated the call. A girl stood up and said: “sorry teacher, i think that’s me. it’s pronounced Alison Allen” :D

02:34 AM May 06 2013 |

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