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Get Your Head Out of the Sand

Get Your Head Out of the Sand

Date: Apr 17 2013

Topic: Idioms and Slang

Author: andylu2


This is one of my favourite phrases in spoken English.  My dad used to tell this to me all the time.  The basic meaning of the phrase is: "you need to face reality". 

There are some large birds who put their heads in the sand when they believe danger is coming; like another animal trying to eat them.  They can't see or hear when their head is in the sand, so they FEEL safe.  Of course, the danger is still there, they just don't notice it.

If someone is scared to go to the doctor because they are afraid the doctor might tell them they are very sick, they "have their head in the sand" because they are afraid of what MIGHT be true.  They are afraid of reality.  This is a wonderful phrase and here is an amazing video that teaches this phrase and some similar ones.  Enjoy :)

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Viet Nam

Thank you for that phrase. I am a person who has my head in the sand very often. For example I was pretty scared when I was injected. I didn’t dare to look to the nurse. I always turn my head away or close my eyes and then all of my fear seem to disappear completly. 

So thank you again. I learned a new thing from you. 

04:06 AM Apr 20 2013 |





11:00 PM Apr 18 2013 |

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